In the beginning...

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How it all began

Following the Koresh incident in Waco, rumors circulated about organizing within the ATF four prototype task forces based on the DEA. Groups that would have the ability to operate throughout the U.S.

Led by one Group Supervisor overseeing four to six agents, the teams would each be based out of a different major city covering a multi-state region. But should the need arise, the teams would have the authority to mobilize anywhere in their assigned region to work cases with sister agencies such as the FBI or DEA, or local law enforcement.

ATF agent, Chris Larabee was approached by Congressman Wilky Redd, an influential member of the government and a life long friend of Larabee's father.

Redd was one of the driving forces behind the implementation of the ATF's Regional Mobile Enforcement Team (RMETF, or Remtef) groups. He'd suggested Larabee for the Group Supervisor position. He respected Chris as a no-nonsense agent and as a man.

Larabee's team would be based out of Denver and cover the southwestern United States and Gulf Coast region. The Group Supervisor would be given the authority to pull from whatever law enforcement agencies he saw fit. And that's just what Chris did.

His first choice was Buck Wilmington, Larabee's ex-partner from the Denver PD's Homicide Division. When Chris had made the move to the ATF following the death of his wife and son, Buck stayed behind. But the outgoing detective somehow always managed to keep an eye on his friend - both in the mental and physical departments. Pulling Wilmington onto the elite team was Chris's way of saying thanks.

Larabee called in just about every favor he had on the books to fill the spots on his team, but it had been well worth it.

The Kansas City Police Department allowed him to procure Nathan Jackson from the section of their forensics department specializing in bomb construction and analyzation. And through Jackson, Chris was introduced to a KCPD criminal profiler by the name of Josiah Sanchez.

Chris and Buck had been led to Missouri on a serial bombing investigation which had started in Texas. Larabee recruited both Jackson and Sanchez after being impressed with their ability to catch what others overlooked. And, Chris figured the calm influence the two officers seemed to radiate would be a needed balance to his and Buck's less than passive temperaments.

JD Dunne had been like something out of an old west dime-store novel. A young man in his twenties who headed to Denver to pursue a position that would allow him to work with the best. He'd heard of Chris Larabee, and of the Regional Mobile Enforcement Task Force he was heading up.

It had been exactly one week, twelve hours and forty-seven minutes after his mother's funeral when Dunne heard the last line of a song on the radio. "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

So with the need for a change and a tenaciousness borne of youth, JD bugged everyone he could from Boston to Denver and ended up with one hell of a second family.

Larabee knew what skills would be required for the cases the task force would be handling. So from the FBI he acquired a bit of a wild card in Ezra Standish. And courtesy of coincidence, impeccable timing and the US Marshall's office, Chris rounded out his team with Vin Tanner. And what a team it was…

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