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Message from MOG:

The following is offered as guidelines. Not rules set in stone, not the end-all, be-all database of knowledge for our ATF boys. Just as we writers have added and changed the canon of the OW, I would hope that you would allow your Muses free rein to take you where they want to go.

I purposefully left many things vague or just not said at all. Too many rules inhibit creativity and I'm not crazy about being some obsessive-compulsive owner of a universe that feels they must have a say over every microcosm of information.

The sandbox is for all to play in. Now go forth and play.


Superior: Assistant Director Orin Travis
Location: Denver Federal Office Building (that has a Starbucks Coffee kitty-corner to it.)
Floor: 11th
Description of Office: Open office area (no cubicles). Desks face each other with the following pairings - Buck & JD, Nathan & Josiah, Vin & Ezra. Chris has a seperate office, the floor-to- ceiling window is usually covered with blinds that are mostly closed. (The team is notorious for knocking on the door as they're walking in, which drives Chris nuts.)

Denver Phone Book

Map of Colorado

Writer's Resources

Information Please Almanac

Internet Public Library

Law Enforcement Resources

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Legal Information Institute


Very Special Agents
(The inside story of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms)

(Available from

Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook
(Available from

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[In the beginning] [Guidelines] [Dossiers] [FAQs]