The Dossiers

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CHRIS LARABEE ~ Group Supervisor

VIN TANNER ~ Special Agent
Specialty: Sniper, Limited Undercover

Residence: 3 bedroom (one is a guest room, one is a den), 2 bath Ranch-style rambler on acreage with horses, approximately 40 minutes out of Denver. Residence: Purgatorio; low-income section of Denver. One bedroom apartment on the fourth floor of a six floor walk-up.
Vehicle: Black Dodge Ram 2500, with Cummins 24-valve Turbo Diesel engine (4-door, but not dual cab) Vehicle: Dark blue, beat up, paint peelin', late-80's Jeep.
A 1958 FL Duo-Glide; 4 spd, 74 cu. in. Panhead, Fatbob tank.
Firearm: The HK USP45 and a Colt 1911. Chris shot a .45 in the past, I see no reason for him to change now Firearm:A lot of stories have him armed with a SIG, and I can see that--a SIG 229, perhaps. While the Vinchester cannot make the transition to modern times, I'd like to see Vin own and operate a Desert Eagle in .41 Magnum. It's not a sawed-off rifle, but it's close enough for government work.
History: Ex-Navy Lt. (10 yr stint, joined at 18) He has a 4-year degree in Criminal Justice and served 6 years with the Denver Police Department in Homicide. He was partners with Buck Wilmington and quit after his wife, Sarah and son, Adam were killed in 1993 by a car bomb meant for Chris when he and Buck were extraditing a prisoner from Mexico. He took a position with the ATF 6 months after his resignation from the PD and served two years as a federal agent when he was asked to head up a special operations team. History: An ex-Army Ranger with an Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice which he acquired during his stint in the military. After he was discharged, he worked briefly as a private bounty hunter before getting on as a U.S.Marshal. He served with this federal division until he was also recruited by Chris and transferred to the ATF. Weapons specialist and sniper.Orphaned when he was five, he has no other known living relatives. He was born in Texas, spent much of his youth in and out of foster homes and ran away to Denver when he was in his early teens, living on the streets in Purgatorio, the portion of Denver he still resides in today.
Quirks: Is an excellent wood-worker. Owns every Johnny Cash album ever released (all in vinyl and has duplicated most of the collection in cd). Quirks: Drinks demonically strong, black coffee, has a serious sweet tooth and a reputation as a practical joker.

EZRA STANDISH ~ Undercover Agent
Specialty: Undercover

NATHAN JACKSON ~ Special Agent
Specialty: Tactical Medic, Explosives

Residence: Two-story townhome in a suburb of Denver. Residence: Two bedroom, two bath, with den, two-story 1930's home in one of the Denver suburbs.
Vehicle: 1994 black Jaguar XJS Coupe Vehicle: 1993 brown and beige Ford Explorer
Firearm:The Walther P99 seems like a good choice for the flashy undercover agent. Add a SIG P2340 and Ezra would be dressed for success.The Taurus Police Model 85 is a five-shot .38 that weighs only 13 ounces for an ankle gun. Firearm:Given his practical nature, I'd think Nathan would go for something reliable but not overly flashy--maybe a Beretta 92F. For the gun behind holster No. 2, a Ruger P89. Wondernines for the doc and a Ka-Bar of course.
History: Has a 4-year degree in Psychology and an MBA.
After graduating, he pursued Law Enforcement, working with the Vice Squad of the Atlanta PD before getting on with the FBI. Fueled by a 'wild card' reputation and rumors of corruption, his career was in jeopardy. He was place on 'permanent loan' to the ATF when recruited by Chris. His mother, Maude (Vanderbilt Standish Windsor Simpson Talesian Rosenbaum) Von Hauken, is still living and has had 6 husbands, none Ezra's father. Standish has no other known living relatives.
History: An ex-Army medic with a 4-year degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. He grew up in the southern U.S. and moved to Kansas to go to college. After graduating, he joined the police department in Kansas City where he worked with the Bomb Squad, specializing in Incendiary Forensics before being recruited by Larabee. He recommended Josiah to Chris for the team. Jackson's father died of tuberculosis two years after Nathan joined the team and he has no other known living relatives. Certified at the Federal school for Tactical Medics (trains law enforcent personnel to act as medical aid and back-up tactical for SWAT teams and other special units in which medical service is needed but the situations are too risky for civilian medical personnel).
Quirks: His tardiness to work is overshadowed only by the extravagant excuses he gives. Loves antiques and is a clothes horse. (Shys away from American labels, preferring such desginers as Dolce and Gabbana, Brioni, Zegna, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Helmut Lang...well, you get the idea. ;-) Quirks: Despite the fact he has taken up position as watchdog for the team's health, Nate is a notorious lover of good cigars and steaks, cooked rare.

Specialty: Limited undercover, Explosives

JD DUNNE ~ Special Agent
Specialty: Surveillance, Comm, limited undercover

Residence: A two-bedroom loft condo which he shares with JD. (yes, we stole the layout from 'The Sentinel', but switched out the staircase for a spiral one and Buck's top floor room has full walls and a door.) Nicknamed the CDC, (The Center for Disease Control; a US Federal organization). Shares a loft in Denver with Buck.
Vehicle:We swapped out Buck's old beat up Chevy truck for a red 1957 GMC Pickup.(souped up and chromed up, of course.) Kawasaki Ninja EX500
Firearm: Buck, for reasons I can't explain, screams Glock. That being the case, Buck might carry a Glock 22, which is a .40 S&W model that the FBI has approved for use. Coupled with a S&W SW99, he'd have a nice pair of guns. Firearm: The Colt Defender is a scaled down version of the 1911, and a nice one at that J.D. would have a matched set in .40 S&W, with ivory micarta grips.
History: Has a 4-year degree in History with a minor in music appreciation. After college he joined the Denver Police Department and after 2 years was promoted to Homicide. He and Chris Larabee had been friends since high school and were reacquainted when they were assigned as partners in Homicide. After Larabee left, Buck stayed with the PD until he was the first recruit by Chris for the ATF team. His mother, an exotic dancer, did her best as a single mom to raise her son with high ethics and an equally high regard toward women. He has no other known living relatives. History: A Boston native, he excelled through high school and college with a degree in Computer Science. Originally a beat cop in the Boston PD, he was accepted into the ATF and was well aware of Chris Larabee's exceptional reputation in the Bureau. The death of his mother due to illness sent the young man westward in an effort to start a new life.
Quirks: Is a card carrying Parrot-head (a.k.a. Jimmy Buffet fan). Keeps a rubber chicken in his lower left drawer to shake at people when he's irritated with them (thus preventing him from saying something that will get him in trouble). Quirks: Member of Mensa and probably would have become a hacker if he hadn't turned to law enforcement. Plays a mean game of street hockey.

JOSIAH SANCHEZ ~ Special Agent
Specialty: Criminal profiling, Surveillance

Residence: Very large Victorian-era house that he is restoring.
Vehicle: Early 80's grayish-black Chevy Suburban
Firearm:The Browning Hi Power comes to mind, but in .40 S&W rather than the more traditional 9mm. Keeping with his age and size, if Josiah were to own and operate a S&W Model 657 (.41 Magnum), it would not come as a terrible surprise. At least not to his friends.
History: Has a 4-year degree in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy which he acquired after leaving the service. He is a grad school drop out. He served 5 years in the Army with two tours toward the end of Vietnam conflict. Once he graduated college, he was hired as a Kansas City police officer with Special Crimes as a profiler.He worked there until recruited by Larabee for the team. His father was a missionary, which allowed Sanchez to travel extensively as a child. His dad (with whom Josiah had unresolved issues) died after Sanchez came back from Vietnam. Only known living relative is a younger sister, Hannah.
Quirks: Makes a wicked pot of chili, is the only one who can handle Vin's coffee and though few know it, his life dream is to meet the Dalai Lama.

Other Characters

Orin, ex-Federal judge. An old friend with the Attorney General who established the Mobile Enforcement Teams (and who thought 'the Judge' would be perfect for the position), Orin accepted the title of Assistant Director at the ATF Denver field office.
Mary is an investigative reporter for "The Denver Clarion". Her husband, also a reporter, was murdered while on a story involving corporate land fraud, leaving Mary to raise their son Billy on her own with help from her in-laws, the Travis's.
Rain - Though her position as Managing Director of the Longmont Coalition for Women in Crisis keeps her traveling many weeks out of the year, she and Nathan share a solid, steady relationship and Nate bought his house with hopes that the two of them will one day marry.
Inez manages "J. Watson's" (the bar referred to by the boys as 'the saloon'.) Became friends with the guys after a possessive ex-boyfriend tracked her down and Buck helped her out of said jam.
Nettie - A retired high school teacher. The first to recognize Vin's dyslexia and help him with it, she became a respected figure in his life. He insisted on returning the favors by doing work and odd jobs around the small farm she lives on outside of Denver.
Casey - A veterinary assistant, she and JD are dating casually. They met through Vin because of his relationship with Nettie.
Cuervo (OC - Original Cat) - A well-fed little housecat who cruises the city blocks by day and sleeps curled next to the warm body of a college student named John at night. He is well known throughout the Federal building garage as a scammer of food and head scratchies.

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