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Recently Posted Stories

ATF - stories set in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.

VS - "Virtual Season" episodes

AU - Alternate Universes other than ATF or Little Britches

ADULT titles are not direct links, and you will be given directions for providing an age statement.


Abducted - Tarlan ATF ADULT

The Abduction - IndigoCat AU

Absence of Shadows - Tidia ATF

Absolutely Zero - JIN ATF (sensitive reader warning)

Absolution - Cmurph

About Birthdays - MMW ATF

The Accident - Heather M. LB AU Future LB

Accidental Disappearance - Ladysmiths ATF

ACES IMMORTAL Series: The Tale is in the Telling - Strangevistor7 AU

ACES IMMORTAL (Series): Hell Hath No Fury - Strangevisitor7 AU

Acquisition - Cmurph ATF

Across the Andes - by NotTasha

Across A Crowded Room - Melissa R

Across the Divide: Vin - Sue Bartholomew

Addiction - MMW ATF

Adios - The Neon Gang

The Aerie - Winter AU ("Star Trek")

Afraid - Cass

After Clouds, Sun - Linda B. ATF

After Obsession - LaraMee

After the Rain - Deirdre ATF

Again No Words - A. Stuart ATF

Aftermath: One Day at a Time - Phyllis Loafman LB ATF

Against the Current - Lisa AU

Ailments of the Undead - MMW ATF

Ain't Gonna - Twyla Jane

Ain't No Fun - JJJunky (Crossover "Stargate SG-1")

All Aboard The Seaquest - Tarlan AU ("Seaquest")

All Behind Like the Old Cow's Tail - Hombre ATF

All Good Things - The Neon Gang ATF

All Hallows' Eve - Deirdre ATF

All Hallows Eve - Jeanne LB

All Hallow's Eve - Maggie VS

All I Want - Estee LB ATF

All I Want - Jade

All I Want Fer Christmas - Jackie

All I Want For Christmas Is... - Kathy Teresa ATF ADULT

All I Want For Christmas Is...II - Kathy Teresa ATF  ADULT

All in a Good Cause - Chameleon LB ATF

All in the Way You Smile - Yolande AU

All Saints Day - Sage ATF LB

All That Glitters - Deirdre

All That We're Allowed - SueN ATF ADULT

All Reasons to Win - Amelia

All Wet - Anneack

All Wrapped Up in You - Amelia ATF-LB

All's Well that Ends Well - Julia Verinder

Allies - HF AU (WWII )

Alligator Alley - HF ATF

Alma Mater - HF

Almost Home - Ann Stuart LB

Alone - Dawnsunrise ATF

Alone - Tonny

Alone Again, Naturally - Ice Bear ATF

Alone/Together - HF ATF ADULT

Alpha, Beta, Gamma - Firefly ("Two Blood") AU ADULT

Alright - SoDak7

Alternate Universes - Angie ATF / LB ATF xover

Always The Hero - Winnie

Always With Me - Sue M (Poem)

Amanda - Sulu ADULT

Amazed - Cass

AMAZON (Series) - NotTasha

  1. Down the Amazon
  2. The Ledger
  3. Redbird
  4. Across the Andes
  5. Strictly Business
  6. A Desk of Fiddles
  7. On the Shores of Lake Titicaca
  8. Turnabout (is Fair Play)
  9. An Introduction
  10. Greater Things

Ambassadors - Heather F. AU (Star Trek)

Amber - Linda B. (Eighth of the "Color" series)

Ambush - Aislinn Graves ATF

Amy - Kristen

An Almost Perfect Christmas - Moar Sisters ADULT

An Ancient Gift - Chris

An Awakening Of Hope - Alias

An Ancient Gift - Chris

An Arm's Length Nearer the Sky - Jann

An Innocent Man - JudyL

And a Time to Die - The Neon Gang ATF

And I Know How to Use It - MMW ATF

And a Pale Rider Will Come - Catseye

And On The Way Home - Moar Sisters ADULT

And That's Forever - LaraMee ATF LB

And Then There Was Light - Ice Bear ATF

And Then There Were Seven - Anneack ATF

Angel - Tidia LB

Angel Gets His Wings - Amelia

ANGEL GIRL (Series) - Purple Lacey ATF

Angels Bending Near - Joan Curtin

Angels, Devils and Friends - LaraMee

Angels in the Desert - Robyn

Angels Watching Over Me - Winnie ATF

Anger Issues and Scape Goats - AJ

Angry - Flaw ATF

The Angry Spirit's Yell - Julia Verinder

Another Beginning's End - Iron Butterfly

Another Day, Another Mishap - Brate ATF

Another Day Out West - Carol Pahl

Another Era's Season - Amelia

Another Year - Tonny


Anything - JIN ATF

Apathy - Flaw ATF

Apastapickle - Ruby ATF

Apollyon - Heather F ATF

Apologies - Jean Williams

Apologies and Truths - Wgang

Appearances - Anneack ATF

Appointment at Two Thirty (Tooth Hurtee) - SueM ATF

The Apprentice - Linda T. AU  ("Star Wars")

Arachnaphobia - Muse ATF

Are We There Yet? - Nancy W. LB ATF

Are We There Yet? - SasseyJ

Are You All Right? - Amelia

Arena - Linda T. ADULT

Arrows - LaraMee

As The Saddle Turns Trilogy - Kathy B. ADULT

Ashes and Smoke - SueN. ADULT

Ask No Questions, Hear No Lies - KT LB AU

Assistance - Lyn AU

At Least Until - Mary Ann ATF

ATF Idol - Lyn ATF

Aurora's Embrace - Deirdre

Autumn Haze - RubyJ. ATF  ADULT

Avenged - SoDak7

Average Day of Patrolling - Amelia

Aw Hell - Twyla Jane


Baby Tales - LaraMee LB ATF

Back From Baja - Twyla Jane ATF

Back on the Road Again - Hombre ATF

Back To Normal - skaia7

Back Together Again - Ruby ATF

A Bad Day - Twyla Jane AU (Land of the Lost)

 A Bad Day - Mary Ann

Bad Dreams - Angie ATF

The Bad Element - Deirdre

Bad Girls - Linda T. ADULT

Bad Girls II - Linda T. ADULT

Bad Girls III: Resurrection - Linda T. (follows Arena) ADULT

The Bad, the Good and the Ugly Part 2 - Rowdy Tanner

Bad Turn of Events - Hombre

Back for Good - Raquel ATF

Back To School - The Muse ATF

Balancing the Equation - ElenaRoan AU

The Bandits - Janine

Baggage - Linda B.

Band Aid - Hombre ATF

The Bank Robbery - SasseyJ

Banking Disaster - Phyllis LB

The Banshee - The Neon Gang ATF

The Bar - Amy ATF

The Bar Keep's Simple Request - Kris Mashburn

A Bar Stool at Tenth and Main - Setcheti AU

Barely Buckled - Carole LB ATF

Battle Scars - Cmurph

Be Brave - Cassie ATF

Be Still - JIN

Beast - LaraMee Poem

Beat the Heat - The Neon Gang ATF

Beau's Big Day - KT LB ATF

Beautiful Child - Flaw ATF

Because He Can - Anneack ATF

Bed of Roses - Sablecain ATF

Before The Wind - Kimberly

The Beginning - DebbieP

The Beginning of Friendship - Jensen [ARTWORK]

Beginnings - Elizabeth Sullivan AU

Being There - mcat

Believe Me, Please - Maggie ATF

Below Par - Yolande

The Best Birthday Gift - MMW AU

The Best Christmas Ever - Lynda LB ATF

The Best Christmas Gift - Phyllis Loafman AU

The Best Intentions - Carrie Byrd

Best Medicine - Mel

Best Served Cold - Kathy

Best of Times, Worst of Times - Vin - Stacie

Best of Times, Worst of Times - Stacie ADULT

Best of Times, Worst of Times - Vin - Tarlan ATF

The Bet IV - Luna Dey

The Bet VI - Scotty Scott

The Bet VIII - Luna Dey

Better Off Together - Brate AU (Crossover "Supernatural")

Better than Treasure - JudyL

Betrayal - Leslie

Between Heaven and Hell - PennyM and May Robinson LB

Between a Rock and a Heart - A. A. May ATF

Beware the Ides of March - Winnie ATF

Beyond Dreams - Maggie (Follows A Life For A Life)

Big Brothers, Little Brothers - KT LB ATF

The Big Chair - Sue M. AU

Big Iron - Mary Ann

Big Rocks Keep Falling on My Head - Hombre

Bigfoot - SasseyJ

Big Lie, Small World - JIN

Bikejack - Hombre ATF

A Bird's Eye View - Freespirit ATF

Birthday - Tonny

A Birthday For A Cowboy - SE Haigler

A Birthday In The Present - Mog ATF

A Birthday Miracle - CGSL ATF

Birthday Surprise - Tracy P. ATF ADULT

Birthday Treasures - Raul Sanchez LB

Birthday Wishes - Jeanne LB

Bite the Hand - JJJunky

Bitter Silence - JJJunky

Bittersweet - Janice

Black - Linda (Second of the "Color" series)

Black and Bruises - Pamiekae ATF

Black Monday - Team 7 ATF

The Black Storm - Stormm

Blackfell - Ruby

Black Water - JIN

Black Widow - Deirdre ATF

Blame - Violette ATF

Blanket Security - SoDak7

A Blast From Hell - Winnie

Blaze of Glory - Tannertexaslady

Blazing Their Own Trail - Freespirit ATF

A Bleak Mourning - Suzy ATF VS

The Bleeding Moon - Heather

Blessed Gift of the Heart - TrackerGirl LB ATF

Blind Faith - mcat ATF

Blind Faith - Sue M ATF

Blind Justice - LaraMee

Blind Man's Bluff - Winnie VS

Blindsided - mcat

Blink Of An Eye - Melissa R.

Blink of an Eye - Holly LB ATF

Blood on Blood - Deirdre

BLOOD BROTHERS: All in the Way You Smile - Yolande AU

BLOOD BROTHERS: Young Warriors - Yolande AU

Blood, Sweat and Tears - Tarlan ADULT

Blood Ties - Debra Noellert ATF (Crossover Without A Trace)

Blood Trail - Ruby J

Blowin' Smoke - SueN ADULT

Blue - Linda (Twelfth of the "Color" series)

The Blue And Gray - Tannersgirl

Bombshell - mcat ATF

Bonded - Gray

Bonding - Etakyma ATF

Bonds - LaraMee

Borrowed Time - Estevana Rey  AU(WWII)

Both Eyes Open - Nayna

Bound - Purple Lacey (Poem)

A Bountiful Christmas - Kathy B.

The Bounty - Katrina Sanders

The Bounty - LaraMee

The Bounty (Poem) - Linda

Bounty Hunters - Heather F.

Bounty Hunters - Heather F. ADULT

'Bout All a Man Can Ask For - SBerry

The Boxes - Freespirit ATF

The Boy With No Name - Nancy W.

Boys Toys - Sue M ATF

Brass Ring Part 1 (Series) - KET ATF ADULT

Brass Ring Part 2 (Series) - KET ATF ADULT

Bravado - Mel ATF

The Brave - Rowdy Tanner

The Brave II - Rowdy Tanner

Breach of Faith (The fifth story in the Trail to Tascosa series)

Breaching the Wall - Rhiannon

Break the Fast - AJ

Breakfast in Bed - Susie Burton LB ATF

Breaking Faith - Wendy ATF

Breaking a Man - Angie

Breaking Point - JIN ATF

Breakout - Sasha Martin ATF

Breathe, and Let Heal - AJ

The Brief But Heroic Saga of Ezra and Elijah Standish - The Cohorts

The Breeze - Wen

The Bridge - Desperado's Daughter ATF

Bring on the Night - Ruby J ATF ADULT

Broken - Sarah ATF

Broken Arrow - Beth

The Broken Road - Laurel

A Brother to Count On - Phyllis LB -AU

Brothers II - Sevenstars AU (Old West Alternate Universe)

Brothers Born - Jade

Brothers Broken Apart Part 1 - Wgang ATF (not suitable for all readers)

Brothers Broken Apart Part 2 - Wgang ATF (not suitable for all readers)

Brothers Can Be a Pain - Wgang ATF

Brothers Chosen, Brothers by Blood - Part I - Wgang ATF

Brothers Chosen, Brothers by Blood - Part II - Wgang ATF

Brothers in Arms - Winter

Brothers Need Me Home - Amelia (Poem)

A Brother's Tale - Tracy

Brothers and Thanksgiving - Wgang ATF

A Brother's Vengence - Kim and Mady ATF VS

Brown - Linda B. (Fourth of the "Color" series)

Brule' - Lyn ATF

Brung Ya Spring - Mary Ann

A Brush With Greatness - mcat ATF

Buck's Apology - Jan

Buck's Folly - SasseyJ

Buffalo Man - Tarlan

Buffalo Man - Tarlan ADULT

Building a New Tradition - KT LB ATF

Bullets - (Round-robin with multiple authors) ATF

Bumpy Ride Home - The Neon Gang ATF

Bumpy Roads & Building Blocks - Joy K LB ATF

Bunyip Hunting - Wendy W. ATF

The Burden Of Friendship - LaraMee

Bureau - Ruby ATF (sequel to Apastapickle)

Burning Bridges - Sue Salter (missing scene: Obsession)

Burning Bright - Neon Gang ATF

Burnt Offerings - HF AU (WWII - Sequel to Allies)

But I Thought... - SoDak7

Butterfly - HF AU ("Star Trek") ADULT [In Progress]

By Any Name - Estee

By Any Name - WendyW LB

By Any Other Name - Lissa Grinstead

By Grace Alone - Jin

By My Side - LaraMee

By My Side - Steelknight ATF ADULT

By These Fists Alone - AJ ATF


Cabin in the Woods - AJB ATF

Calamity at Hawks Ridge - Sue M

The Call Home - Sue M (Poem)

Call of the Wild - Annie ATF

Called Up - Tidia ATF

Camelot - HF AU

Camp Night - Sivan Shemesh LB ATF

The Camping Trip - AJB ATF XOVER "Without A Trace"

Camping With The Larabee Family - Wgang ATF

Candy From Strangers - HF ATF

Captive Fires - Kathy B. (follows Prisoner of Desire)

Captives - LaraMee Deux

Careless - The Tanner Triplets

Carnival of Souls - Deirdre

Carpe Diem - Tidia VS

Carving Their Niche - JK LB

The Case of the Golden Blooms - KT AU

Case 'Larabee' - Tonny AU

Castles and Ghosts - Lyn ATF

Castles Built of Sand - Estee LB AU

Cat Burglars - Estee ATF-LB

Cat and Mouse - MMW

Catastropy - Selene ATF

Catch Your Breath - The Neon Gang ATF

Caught Bare-Footed - JudyL

Caught in the Act - MMW ATF

Caught by the Past - Winnie (xover "Navy SEALS")

Cave In - Niteowl AU

Celebrations - Kaed ATF ADULT

Celtic Idol - Lyn ATF

Certain Sure - Derry (ATF crossover Horatio Hornblower)

Celebration - Brate AU

Chains Of Memory - Rita Clark

Chains of the Past (The fourth story in the Trail to Tascosa series)

The Challenge - atolar

The Challenge - HF ATF

Chance Encounter - Mary Ann

A Chance Meeting in Washington - Black Rook ATF (xover "NCIS")

Chance Met - Helen Adams Crossover Bonanza

Change in Plans - Winter ATF

A Change in Plans - Anneack LB AU

Change Of Heart - Kathy B. ADULT

Change of Heart - Winter LB

The Changeling - Winnie ATF (not suitable for all readers)

The Changlings - Angie AU


The Chase - Desperado's Daughter

Chasing Signals - Jackie ATF

Chasses - Aldaj

The Chest - Linda Borchers

A Child's Wisdom - Chris and Laurie Anne AU

Childhood - Chris (Poem)

China in Your Hand - Jackie

Chiseled In Stone - Holly ATF

Chocolate Covered Cowboy - Kaed ATF ADULT

Chocolate Dream Pie - Kim ATF ADULT

The Choice - Rhiannon

Choices - Sue Salter and Heather Hillsden

Choices - Rhiannon

Choices and Secrets - Kathy B. ADULT

Chores and Challenges - WendyW

Chosen Family - WendyW

Christmas Angel - Winnie ATF

Christmas Carol - Chris

The Christmas Carol Story - Amelia ATF

Christmas Eve in the Territory - Jeanne LB

The Christmas Gift - Vin Tanner's Girl ATF

Christmas Memories - Carole LB ATF

Christmas Miracles - Kari

Christmas Miracles and Dreams - Winnie ATF-LB

Christmas Presence - Winnie

The Christmas Present - Ruby J. ATF ADULT

The Christmas Shoes - Amelia

The Christmas Shoes - Joy K LB ATF

Christmas Shootout - SasseyJ

Christmas Star - Amelia LB

Christmas Together - Jan ATF

Christmas Trappings - Angela B AU (Seven Brothers)

Christmas Village - Anneack LB

Christmas Wish: Vin - senorabutterfly

Christmas With Family - Linda Borchers ATF

Church - Linda B.

Cigarette and Ash - Mel ATF

Circadian - Ranger

The Circle - Tidia ATF

Citadel - Linda T. (Follows Tascosa) ATF ADULT

Clearer Vision - Dawnsunrise

Clearing the Air - SoDak7

Clichés and New Meanings - White Raven

The Climb - LaraMee

Climb Every Mountain - Lynda ATF

Close One Door - Dreamer ATF

Close Shave - Kemmae ATF

Close Your Eyes - AJB ATF Contains material which may be disturbing to sensitive readers.

Closure - SoDak7

Clothes Make the Man - Xiola

Clouds of Mystery - KT AU

Coercion - Desperado's Daughter

Coercion - Hombre ATF

Coffee - poyznelf ATF

Cold Comfort - WendyW

Cold Nights - Cheryl W.

Cold Ride Home - Nite Owl ATF

Collecting - Mary Ann ATF

Collecting on a Bounty - KellyA

Collision Course - Kathy B. ATF

Color Blind - JIN

The "Color" Series - Linda B.

The Colors of Love - LaraMee ATF LB

Come the Dawn - Moar Sisters ADULT

Come Home - JIN

Come With Me - The Neon Gang ATF LB

COMEDY CORRAL (Collection) (In chronological order)

Comes a Horseman Cmurph OW AU

Comes the Morning - Jann (sequel to Endure the Night)

Comfort and Joy - Dawnsunrise ATF

The Comfort of Friends - LaraMee

Coming Home - TrishA

Coming Home Again - JK LB ATF

Coming Home Finally - Angie LB

Coming to Terms - LaraMee

The Commandments - Tidia VS

Commitment - Kaed ADULT

The Compassion Trap - Gil Hale ATF (xover "The Sentinel")

Complications - Aldaj

Concrete Angel - LaraMee ATF LB

The Confederate Express - Aramis

The Conference - Kim ATF ADULT

Confessions in the Dark - Angie

Confession is Good for the Soul - Lynne E. Smith

The Conflict - Lilly

Conflicting Details - Kris ATF VS

Connected to You - Susie Burton

Connecting the Dots - JK ATF

Connections and Favors - Black Rook ATF

Conscwhatever - Helen W ATF

Consequences - Allison

Consequences - Anneack ATF

Consider The Possibilities - NotTasha

Constant Changes - Katherine AU (Immortal Seven)

Constantly Uninformed - Ladysmiths ATF

Context - JudyL

Contradictory Intentions - JIN

Convergence - Linda T. ADULT

Conversations - Maygra ATF ADULT

Conversations - Tonny

The Cookie Monster - Winter ATF-LB

Cooking With Chris - Stacie ADULT

Corner - Gray

Cornwall to London - KT AU

'Cos the Grass Ain't Green - Susie Burton

Could Be Luckier - Kris ATF VS

Could I Have This Kiss Forever? - Silver ATF ADULT

Counting My Blessings - Teri ATF

Counting Airplanes - JIN ATF


Countin' on a Miracle - Chris & rosyvin

The Country of the Heart - Charlotte Hill AU ADULT

Courtesy Gibbous - Sealie LB ATF

Cover - Gray

The Cowboy in Me - Heather F.

Cowboy Up - Joy K LB ATF

Cowboys Like Us - Kemmae ATF

CowPoke - Kaed ATF ADULT


Crash and Burn - Jackie

Creatures Great and Small - Nancy W. (Alternate Universe "Star Trek")

Crossroads - Rowdy Tanner

CROSSED PATHS (Series) - Silvia ATF

The Crosses We Bear - Margarett Cassidy

Crossing Paths - CGSL AU

Cruel as the Grave - JJJunky

Cry Freedom - Virginia

The Crying Waters - Kimberly

The Cub and the Kit - Debra Noellert AU (Crossover: The Sentinel)

The Cur - Linda B.

The Cure - The Neon Gang

A Curious Thing - Kathy M

The Curse - SoDak7

Curse of the Red Nose - Mods ATF

If you are looking for a specific story, click on the first
letter of the title (excluding the words "A" and "The")


Titles A - C
Titles D - H
Titles I - N
Titles O - S
Titles T - Z
Recently Posted Stories

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