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Recently Posted Stories

ATF - stories set in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.

VS - "Virtual Season" episodes

AU - Alternate Universes other than ATF or Little Britches

ADULT titles are not direct links, and you will be given directions for providing an age statement.


Table Manners - WendyW

Tag - atolar

Take My Hand - Kaed ATF ADULT

Taken Away - Nancy W LB-AU

Taken by Mistake - Mary Ann ATF (Crossover "Without a Trace")

Taking Annie Home - Laramee LB AU

Taking Flight - Cassie LB

The Tale of a Deed - Auburn

Talisman - Rowdy Tanner

Tangled Web - The Neon Gang

Tangled Web - JudyL ATF

Tangled Web - Tidia ATF

Tanner ANTics - Susie Burton ATF

Tanner Contemplations and Meditations on the Past - Etakyma

Target of Opportunity - The Neon Gang ATF

Tascosa - Linda T. ADULT (Follows "Sins of the Father")

The Taste of Home - Helen Adams

Tea in the Sahara - Tes AU (Casablanca) ADULT

Team Retreat - Heather ATF

Telegram - SasseyJ

Tell Me All Your Thoughts on God - JIN ATF

Temper - JudyL

Tempest - Helen Adams ATF

The Tennesee Stud (The second story in the Trail to Tascosa series)

A Test of Friendship - Winnie

Tests - Cmurph ATF

A Texan Wildflower - Freespirit ATF

Texas vs. Tanner - Susan Macdonald Crossover

Thanks To One - SoDak7

That Which Matters Most - Joy K

That's Family - Anneack ATF

That's Neither Hair nor There - Mods ATF

That's Our Vin - The Drabbling Vinburys

That's What Friends Do - Lynda LB ATF

Them's the Breaks - Aramis ATF

Then And Now - Wen

Then There Were Five - Winter ATF

There In The Darkness - LaraMee

There for You - Rowdy Tanner ATF

There's a Bathroom on the Right - Ruby ATF

There's No Such Thing as Vampires - Brate (Crossover Angel)

There When You Need Them - MMW

These Friends of Mine - Ronnie ATF (A Thanksgiving Story)

These Hands - SueN. ADULT

These Men: VinTanner - Merl

Thicker Than Water - Brate AU

The Thief - Lyn

The Thing About Time - Cass LB AU (Future LB)

Things Better Left Unsaid - Jordy


THINGS WE LEARNED #2: Legends in Litter - Winter LB ATF

THINGS WE LEARNED #5: Cowboys and Trolls - Gina D LB ATF

THINGS WE LEARNED #16: Empty Kingdom - Laramee ATF LB

THINGS WE LEARNED #17: Always Be Mine - Joy K ATF LB

Think on This - Aislinn Graves (Missing Scene "Chinatown")

Thinkin' - JudyL

Thinking Outside the Box - JudyL ATF

The Third Kind - Twig [link inactive]

This Day - JIN

This Is for the Birds! - Anneack LB AU

This is My Prayer for You - Amelia (poem)

This Man's Life - LaraMee

This Man I Know - Sue M and Robijean ATF

This Was Really a Bad Idea - Anneack LB AU

This Side of the Grave - The Neon Gang

This Time - tigs

Thorn In The Flesh - Rhiannon

Those Whom We Serve - Firefox ATF

The Thread - Phyllis

Three of a Kind - Robyn

Through A Child's Eyes - The Neon Gang LB ATF

Thoughts (Or Realization) - Twig [link inactive]

The Thread - Phyllis Loafman

Three Little Words - Kim  ATF ADULT

Three Long Hours - Sue M ATF

Three Stage Attack - JudyL

Thrilled - Silvia POEM

Through the Fire - LaraMee (May be unsuitable for sensitve readers)

Through a Glass Darkly - Winter ATF

Through His Eyes - Kathy Teresa ATF ADULT

Through the Hourglass - Debbi K (xover OW / Dungeons & Dragons A/U) ADULT

Through the River of Fire - Deirdre ATF

Titusville - Kim & Joy K ATF

To Be Seen Through Tears - Xiola LB Future AU

To Those Who Wait - JJJunky

Three Brothers Connected - Mary Ann ATF

'Thumbody' Special - LaraMee LB ATF

Thunder Road - Robin Moore

Thwart And Amend - Kris ATF VS

Tian Heping (Sweet Peace) - LaraMee AU

Tick, Tick, Tick - Kathy Teresa ATF

TIDE AND TIMES - Susan Foster AU (Old West crossover "The Sentinel")
     Part 1
     Part 2
     Part 3
     Part 4
     Part 5

Ties of Friendship - The Neon Gang

The Ties That Bind - Dawnsunrise ATF

A Time to Dance - Beth Green

Tight Fit - Yolande (Part of the Lone Wolf Series)

Tight Spot - The Neon Gang

Tijuana Jail - Twyla Jane ATF

'Til Never - Debbi K.

Till We Meet Again - Laurie Ann

Time Capsule - Kristen

Time Is Eternal - Maggie VS

Time Stands Still - Linda B. ATF

Time and Tide - Susan Foster (Xover "The Sentinel) - sensitive reader warning

'Tis the Season - Sue M  AU

Tit for Tat - Yolande

To Answer the Call - LaraMee

To Die For A Dollar - Suzi Starke XOVER "Fistful of Dollars"

To Heal the Hunter - Joan Curtin (The Legends Born Series)

To Hear the Angels Sing - KT LB AU

To Hold a New Day - Maygra ATF ADULT

To Honor My Father - Kimberly

To the Last Breath - The Neon Gang ATF

To Read, Or Not to Read - Helen Adams

To Ride a Green Horse - LaraMee

To The Place I Belong - Ronnie ATF

To Protect His Own - JK LB

To See the Stars - Carole

To See the Sunrise - Jen R LB ATF

To the Setting Sun - Thalia (Poem)

To Soar Above the Clouds - White Raven

To Touch in a Day - Maygra ATF ADULT

To Your Health - MMW ATF

Today's Yesterday - Amelia ATF

Together - Amelia  (Poem)

Together - Greenwoman

Token - Greenwoman

The Tokens of Friendship - Black Rook ATF

Tongue Lashing - Kaed ADULT

Too Good To Be True - Tiffiny ATF

Too Late - Yolande (The Lone Wolf Series)

Too Many Memories - Maggie Smith

The Too Strange, Very Bad, Right Confusin' Day - LaraMee

Too Stupid To Learn - Rhiannon

The Tooth Shall Set You Free - Brate ATF

Toothless Wonder - Hombre

The Top - Ruby ATF

Trace and Sign - Non Sequitur AU

The Tracker's Unusual Day - Heidi

Tracking Footprints in a Snowstorm - LaraMee ATF XOVER SUPERNATURAL

Tracks In The Clouds - HF

Traditions - Winter & Nancy W. AU (Star Trek)

Traffic School - The Neon Gang ATF

Traffic Stop - Winter ATF VS

Traffic Stop - Winter ATF

Tragedy - Angie LB ATF

Tragic Miscommunication - Deavon ATF

Tragic Mistake - doc

Trail to Tascosa - The Traveling Dime Store Novelist

Train Ride - SasseyJ

The Transitive Property - Strangevisitor7 xover "Make It or Break It"

The Trap - White Raven

Trapped by the Past - Julia Verinder

TRASH (Series) - poyznelf

Travails - Joan Curtin

Travelling Companions - LaraMee

The Travelers - SoDak7

TRAVINER VARIANT - The Connection - Q'Mar AU

Travis Family: What Three Little Brats Can Do - Demaris AU

Treehouse of Terror - Joy K LB ATF

Tree Fall - KT LB ATF

THE TRIBE: Inez - Ryainelf AU

Tricks - Lyn

Tricks of the Mind - The Neon Gang ATF

A Trolling We Will Go - JK and Kerry LB ATF

Trouble Comes to Watsonville - Mallory  & Linda A Murdock

Trouble Times Two - Wendymypooh

Troubled Waters - Mahallette VS

Truce - Nancy W. ATF LB

A True Friend - KT AU

Trust - Linda L. ATF

Trust - Tonny

Trust Proven - Carole

The Truth is in... - ranger and taibhrigh

The Tryst - Cmurph

Tumbleweeds - Janice

Tumbling - Angie LB ATF

Tumbling II - Angie LB ATF

Turkey Hunter - SilverWolf (ATF Crossover "Sesame Street")

Turnabout (is Fair Play) - NotTasha

Turning Point - Rhiannon

Twas the Night Before Christmas - Linda Borchers

Twas the Night Before School Starts - Estee LB ATF

Twenty Years Later - Carole

Twice Around the Park - Sue M LB ATF

Twilight's Last Gleaming - Deirdre ATF

The Twilight Years - Patricia

A Twinkle of the Eye - Twig [link inactive]

Twister - Rita Clark

Twist of Fate - Casey Rice

Twist Of Fate - Trekkieb ATF

Twisted Traditions - Estee LB AU

Two + One = Three - Moar Sisters ADULT

Two of Everything - SasseyJ

Two Full Moons - SoDak7

Two Hearts - Estee LB ATF

Two Hundred Miles - LaraMee ATF

Two Kinds of Duty - HF ATF

Two Men and a Babe - The Muse and LaraMee ATF

Two Souls - Kaed ATF ADULT

Two Strong Men - Sue M  ATF

Two Turtle Doves - Estee (Seven Brothers) AU

Typhoid - Kristen


Uh Oh, Here Comes Trouble - Karen Shannon

Unashamed - Tarlan ADULT

Unca Josiah to the Rescue - Jeanne LB ATF

An Uncertain Future - Kit

Uncle Ezra's Halloween - Helen Adams LB ATF

Unconditional - WendyW

Under the Aegis of Seven - Susie Burton

Under a Killing Moon - The Neon Gang ATF

Under the Stars - Kathy M LB

Underground - Brate AU Xover Supernatural

Unexpected - JudyL

Unexpected Fortune - Loui ATF

Unexpected Treasure - JK LB

Unexpected Meeting - Hunter ATF

Unforgotten - Gil Hale ATF

An Unguarded Moment - TrishA

Unfinished Business - Alias

Union - Helen Adams

United in Caring - Amelia

Unlikely Brothers - Enola and Steve Jones AU (Triad ATF Universe)

Unlonely (Series) - Stacie ADULT

Unsealed - Linda B. ATF

Unseen Force - Winnie and Renegade AU (The Firm)
(Some content may be unsuitable for young or sensitive readers)

The UNOS Project: Let the Children Come - Angie AU [Kidfic]

Unspoken Desires - Kim ADULT

Unspoken Trust - JudyL Epilog to "The Trial"

Until Proven Innocent - Tiffiny ATF

Until Your Dreams Know - JK LB ATF

Unusual Attire - Carole

The Unwanted Gift - KlingonCat

Upon the Midnight Clear - Dawnsunrise

The Upper Hand - Twyla Jane ATF

Urban Jungle - hercat ATF

Ursula - Rowdy Tanner


Vacation - Lyn ATF

Vendetta - Robyn

Vendetta - Helen Adams LB ATF

Vengence: The Beginning - Heidi and Cin AU

Vengeance! - LaraMee [In Progress]

The Vigil - Helen Chavez

The Vigil - Kaed ATF ADULT

Vindicable - Purple Lacey AU

VIN Cloning and Motor Vehicle Title Fraud - mcat ATF

Vin and the Great Big Huge - Kathy M. LB ATF

Vin's Box - Angela B AU (7B-Ranch "Box" series)

Vin's Deployment - Vickie G ATF

Vin's First Thanksgiving - Holly ATF

Vin's Haircut - Vin Tanner's Girl ATF

Vin's Watch - Amelia  (Poem)

A Vin Fix - Kim

Vin and the Month of February - Wgang AU

Vin Tanner - The Hunter - Chris (Poem)

Vin Tanner - The Indian - Chris (Poem)

Vin Tanner - The Outlaw - Chris (Poem)

Vin on a Limb... o.k. a Ledge - deydeal ATF

Vin's Jeep - Freespirit ATF

Vin's Angels To The Rescue - KariKay & Miz Royale ADULT

Vin's Wedding - Robyn

Violations - mcat ADULT

Visions - mcat ATF

Vision's Path - Amelia

The Visit - Crow ATF (some content may be unsuitable for sensitive readers)

Visit in the Night - LaraMee LB

Visits With Dr. Will - LaraMee LB ATF

Vocabulary - Linda B.


The Wager - Kathy B. ADULT

The Wages of War - Phyllis LB AU

Wagon Train: Missing Scenes and Epilogue - Merl

Wagon Train: The Road Home - Jo Ann

Wagons Ho!!! Whoa Boys!! - Kathy Teresa ATF ADULT

Unusual Attire - Carole (Vin, Ezra)

Waiting - Carole

Waiting for a Place to Happen - JK ATF

Wake Me When the Day is Over - TrishA ATF

The Walk Home - Heather

A Walk In The Woods - LaraMee ATF

Walk on the Wild Side - Rowdy Tanner

A Walk Through Hades - Ness Ayton (Vin, Chris) ATF
(Some contented my be unsuitable for sensitive readers)

Walk With Me - The Muse

Walking By Water - HF ATF ADULT

Walking in Another Man's Soul - The Neon Gang

Walking The Roots - Kimberly

Walkin' 'n' Whisky - Gil Hale

Wall Of Silence - Catseye

Wall of Water - Jade ( ATF Crossover The Sentinel)

Wallflower - mcat

Wallflower - mcat ADULT

Walls - Cass ATF VS

Walk With Me - The Muse

A Wanted Man - Chris Noto

A Wanted Man - The Neon Gang

Wanted Revenge - Kris Mashburn

War Crimes - AJ ATF

War Shorn - Princess Nat ATF

Was Once There, Too - Amelia ATF

Watch Your Angle of Approach - Kathy Teresa ATF ADULT

Watch Your Back - ML

Watching - Annie ATF

Watching The Dragon Burn - Tiffiny  ATF (follows Until Proven Innocent)

Way Home - Amelia ATF

The Way of the Jedi - Linda T. AU (Star Wars)

Ways to Honor - Stacie

Ways to Honor - Stacie ADULT

We're Friends - Amelia  (Poem)

Wearing Sheepskin - Enola ATF

Weather the Storm - Sue M POEM

Weathering The Storm - Sage ATF LB

WEAVING: Prophecy or Chance - Farad (not suitable for all readers)

WEAVING: Cause or Cure Part 1 - Farad (not suitable for all readers)

Web of the Wise - TrishA AU (Alternate Y2K Universe) (LINK INACTIVE)

Wedding Bed - Kathy T. ADULT

Weeds - Ruby LB ATF

Weekend Plans - LaraMee LB ATF

A WEIGHT TO BEAR: Vin - Yolande

Welcome to Hell Trilogy - Kathy B. ADULT

The Week After (Epilogue to Friendship) - SasseyJ

Weekend Get-away - Kaed ATF ADULT

Week-end Plans - Kim ATF ADULT

A Weight to Bear: Vin - Yolande

Welcome Home - Lyn LB ATF

Well-Connected - MMW ATF

Wet and Wild - HF (Adult-Slash) ATF ADULT

Whales, Suspenders and Such - SasseyJ

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? - JK LB ATF

What Has Been, Has Been - Dawn Cunningham

Whatever It Takes - Joan Curtin

Whatever It Takes - Holly

What About That Bounty? - SoDak7

What a Dad Will Do - Amelia ATF LB

What Friends Do - LaraMee

What Happens in Paris - Gunney ATF

What Has Gone Before - Suzi

What Hides in the Darkness - LaraMee

What If? - Carole LB ATF

What If? - JC

What If? - Jordy

What If? - Moar Sisters ADULT

What's In A Name, Sis? - Jordy

What the Hell Happened?? - senorabutterfly ATF

What the Hell Is Going On? - Hombre ATF

What Makes A Home - LaraMee LB ATF

What Should Have Been - Dawn Cunningham

What Something Can Mean - Amelia ATF

What To Do On A Rainy Day - Moar Sisters ADULT

Wheels - Winter LB ATF

When Big Brothers are Away - Freespirit

When Butterflies Attack - mcat

When Christmas Comes to Town - Amelia LB

When The Dead Walk Again - Melissa R.

When in Vail - Kathy Teresa ATF ADULT

When Strangers Come To Town - Wolfa Moon (Alternate Universe, xover "Star Trek 2009")

When is a Hero Not a Hero? - LaraMee Deux

When a Man Loves - Kaed ATF ADULT

When My Heart Finds Christmas - Deirdre (ATF/OW crossover)

When Shadows Fall - Desertsage, Deb and Joby

When the Sun Comes Back! - Winnie

Where Angels Fear to Tread - Anita and Muse ATF

Where Heroes Lie - C.V. Puerro ADULT

Where I Belong - MMW

Where's Nathan? - LaraMee

While the Cat's Away - Anneack AU

Whiskey in the Rain - Tannersgirl Link inactive

Whispers in the Darkness - LaraMee (sensitive reader warning)

Whistle - Flaw

White - Linda B. (Eleventh of the "Color" series)

The White - Linda T. AU ("Star Trek")

White Raven - Kathy M LB

White Willow - JjBunny

Whiteout - Teri ATF

Who Is, Who Isn't - A. A. May ATF

Who Needs a Plate? - Sue M AU

Who Says What's Right - Amelia 

Who Will Mop My Fevered Brow? - Hombre ATF

Who Will Sing Me Lullabies? - LaraMee LB

Who You Gonna Call? - Brate AU

Who'd'A'Thunk It? - Zarina ATF

Who's Your Daddy? - Anneack ATF

Whodunit - Hombre ATF

The Whole Pie Factory - Elizabeth Sullivan AU

Why Mr. Chris Wants a New Housekeeper - Pat & Brenda LB ATF

Wild Cards - Carole 

Wild Horses - Stacie ADULT

Wild Kingdom - Twyla Jane ATF

Wild as the Wind - SilverWolf [In Progress]

Wild Night - Maygra and Ruby J. ATF ADULT

Wild Night II: Reckless Control - Maygra and Ruby J. ATF ADULT

Wild Thing - Joy K ATF

Will You Mop My Fevered Brow? - Hombre

The Window to my Soul - Susie Burton (Poem)

Winds of Change - Enola Jones and Tess

Wings of the Morning - Kemmae

Winner Takes All - Winnie ATF

A Winter Stampede - KlingonCat

Wise Choices - Carole LB ATF

The Wish - Linda T. ADULT

Wishing on the Moon - Holly ATF

Wishing on a Star - Jackie (Poem)

The Witches of Wilson's Pass - HF

With Eagles Wings - Deirdre

With Friends Like These - JudyL (Missing scene "Achilles")

With This Ring - Tiffiny ATF

Within Boundaries - Tidia LB FUTURE ATF

Without a Doubt - Kemmae ATF

Witness Protection - Rachel Tanner ATF

Wolves - Brandgwen

A Woman Scorned - Ice Bear ATF

A Wonderfully Wet Weekend - Anneack Future LB

Wondering - Aramis ATF
(Some content my be unsuitable for sensitive readers)

Word - Deirdre

Words and Music - Kaed ATF ADULT

Words Once Spoken Can't Be Taken Back - MMW LB ATF

Worse Than The Cure - The Neon Gang

Worst Case Scenario - The Neon Gang ATF

Worth It - Dawnsunrise ATF

Worth Living - Xiola

Worth Waiting For - Lynne E. Smith

Worth the Worry - SoDak7

Wounds - LaraMee

Wounds of a Friend - The Buffalo Gals

The Wreck - H. Flaherty ATF

Wrestling the Octopus - Joy K ATF

WRITTEN IN THE WIND (Poetry Collection) - Chris

Written on the Wind - Kathy B. [deathfic]

Wrong Place, Wrong Time - mcat ATF (xover Without A Trace)

Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Hombre ATF

Wrong Side Of The Bars - Ladysmiths ATF


X-Magnificence - Rhicy AU (Evolution Series)


A Year to be Thankful For - Robijean ATF

Yellow Bandanna - DebbieP

Yielding To It - Gray ATF

You Drink This Stuff? - Dreamer ATF

You Got a Friend - Dreamer (VIDEO)

You Have to Trust Someone - Phyllis

You Haven't Seen the Last of Me - Amelia

You'll Never Work In Dis Bidness Again - Greenwoman ATF

Young Warriors - Yolande AU (Blood Brothers series)

Your Call - HF ATF ADULT


[untitled] - Heather F. ATF

If you are looking for a specific story, click on the first
letter of the title (excluding the words "A" and "The")


Titles A - C
Titles D - H
Titles I - N
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Titles T - Z
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