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ATF - stories set in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.

VS - "Virtual Season" episodes

AU - Alternate Universes other than ATF or Little Britches

ADULT titles are not direct links, and you will be given directions for providing an age statement.


O Christmas Tree - SueN ATF ADULT

O Holy Night - Lyn

O Holy Night - Dawnsunrise ATF

Oasis - Kathy T. ADULT

Oblivion - Tiffiny ATF

Obsession - Aislynn Carmichael ATF

Obsession - Anonymousisme

Observation - Twig [link inactive]

Observations (Series) - Jilly

Occupational Hazard - Selene & Brate ATF

An October Tale - NotTasha

OCTOBER 31st (Collection) - LaraMee

Odd Man In - Kaed ATF ADULT

Odd Man Out - Tiffiny ATF

Ode to Vin's Butt - Susie Burton (Limerick)

Of Man and Beast - WendyW

Of Mice And Men - SueN ATF ADULT

Of Mist and Moonlight - Deirdre ATF

Of Setting Things Right - Amelia - Amelia ATF

Of Spirits and Visions - mcat

Of Worth Beyond Gold - WendyW LB

Off the Cuff - JudyL ATF

Offside - Nati ATF

Office Party - Kaed ATF ADULT

Office Party - Linda B. ATF

Oh Christmas Tree - Kathy Teresa ATF ADULT

Oh, Good Lord! - Amelia

Oh Lord! - KT ATF

Old Age and the New Magnifcent Seven - Faith Byrd

Old Debts - The Neon Gang ATF

Old Debts and New Friends (The third story in the Trail to Tascosa series)

Old Friends, New Enemies - Debra M.

Old Ghosts - The Neon Gang

Old Story, New Name - Leslie AU

OLD WEST CHRISTMAS (Collection) - Wendymypooh

On a Wing and a Prayer - LaraMee

On a Winter's Night - KT LB ATF

On Any Given Sunday - SueN ATF ADULT

On His Own - Winter ATF

On My Knees - JIN ATF

On Eagle's Wings - SoDak7

On the Outskirts of Tascosa - Sue Bartholomew

On A Raven's Wing - Ithildyn AU

ON THE ROAD TO BAJA Part one: Paper Cut - Twyla Jane AU

ON THE ROAD TO BAJA Part Two: Searching for Something - Twyla Jane AU

ON THE ROAD TO BAJA Part Three: Something Never Comes - Twyla Jane AU

On the Shores of Lake Titicaca - NotTasha

On the Spinner's Wheel - tigriswolf (xover "Supernatural")

On Vacation - Drabbling Vinburys ATF

Once More With Feeling - Ness Ayton ATF

One Bullet - mcat

One Bullet - Bounty Hunter's Lady

One Dark and Story Night - Tiffiny ATF

One Destiny - JIN ATF/OW crossover

One Evening In Eagle Bend - Moar Sisters ADULT

One Fateful Night - Robyn

One Fine Day - Angela B ATF

One Hell Bent Heart - Linda

One Helluva Day - Holly ATF

One Little Word - KT LB

One Man's Poison - Kathy Teresa ADULT

One Man's Treasure - Nomooretears LB ATF

One Night In Purgatory - LaraMee

One Question - Kim ATF

One Quiet Morning - LaraMee LB

One Reason - Kim ATF

One Shot - Kristeen

One Soul (Series) - Mary Ann AU
    One Soul
    The Gift
    Captured (Contains material that may be unsuitable for sensitive readers)

One Texas Day - Rowdy Tanner

The One that Got Away - Helen Adams

One Of Those Days - Linda T ADULT

Only See In Dreams - Amelia

Only the Strong Survive - JJJunky (Crossover "Stargate SG-1")

Only a Today - CGSL (Alternate Universe)

Orange - Linda B. (Tenth of the "Color" series)

Oreos, Whiskey and Rescues - Heather F. ATF

Orphans - LaraMee

Orphans, Mothers and Sons - Sue Necessary

The Other Cheek - MMW

Out of the Past - Rhiannon AU

Outcasts - Jeanne LB ATF

The Outdoors... Great - JudyL

Outflanked - Pat LB ATF

Outlaws - Carol Broyles

Out Among The Stars - Holly ATF

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire - mcat ATF

Out of Our Hands - Sue M AU

Out Of The Past - Marianne

Out of the Shadows - Deirdre ATF

Out of The Woods - Kaed ADULT

Over the River and Through the Woods - Amelia ATF

Owning Vin - The Neon Gang (Crossover "Stargate SG-1")


Pack Your Dinner - Zentry

Pageant - WendyW LB

Pain in the Butt - Yolande (Part of the Lone Wolf Series)

The Pain of Remembering - Peggy ATF

The Pain of Remembering 2 - Peggy ATF

PANTHEON (Collection) - ElenaRoan ATF  AU

The Paper - Wen

PARABLES (Series) - HF

The Pardon - Tracy

Paradise Lost - Tiffiny ATF ADULT

Parent Trap? - SilverWolf LB

Part of the Journey - Zentry

Pascua and Cascarones Too - Kathy M ATF

Passing the Torch - Kati (Alternate ATF Universe)

Passion - Moar Sisters ADULT

Passion And Possesion - Linda T. ADULT

The Past Comes Back - mcat ATF ADULT

Past Debts - Laurie Ann

Past Found - Amelia ATF

Past Presence - Jen R LB Future (Legacy Series)

Past Or Present - CGSL LB

The Past Remembered/The Past Returns - Carla ATF

Payback in Pink - Rhiannon

Payback's a Bitch - The Neon Gang ATF

Payment - CS Shew ATF

Payoff - Sue M.

Peace and Joy   - WendyW LB

Peace and Quiet - Carole

Peace and Quiet - SoDak7

Peace On Earth - Tiffiny ATF [deathfic]

A Peaceful Shower - WendyH ATF

Peach Preserve Us... - Kathy Teresa ATF ADULT

Peaches - Flaw

Peaches Comes for a Visit - Marian LB

Pearls - JudyL ATF

Peer Pressure - JudyL

The Penalty Series - Maygra ATF ADULT

Penalties - Tracy P. ATF

Penance - Desperado's Daughter

Penitence - Derry

Perchance To Dream - Tiffiny ATF

Perceptions - the Moar Sisters

Perceptions - Moar Sisters ADULT

A Perfect Christmas - SueN ATF ADULT

The Perfect Crime - KETanner

The Perfect Crime - KETanner ADULT Version

A Perfect Pair - Anneack AU

The Perfect Place - Toni L. Bourlon

The Pefect Shot - BMP

Perhaps Tomorrow - Wendy ATF

The Perils of Menial Labor - LaraMee

The Permit - Robijean LB AU

Persona Non Grata - Desperado's Daughter ATF

Peso Strikes Again - senorabutterfly ATF

Phenom - Gray LB

Phoenix Sage (Series) - Jen R LB AU

The Physical - Linda. T ATF

The Physical - Linda. T ATF ADULT Version

Phone Sex - Kaed ATF ADULT

Pick-Up Man - Hawk50 AU

The Picnic - LaraMee

Picture Perfect - Spice LB AU

A Piece of the Past - Anneack

Pink - Linda B. (Ninth of the "Color" series)

PIECES - The Neon Gang

Pilgrims, Indians and Family - JK LB ATF

The Place God Promised - Kathy Teresa ATF ADULT

Placing Blame - Ladysmiths ATF

Playing Hooky - KT LB ATF

Presently Surprised - The Drabbling Vinburys ATF

Playing in the Mud - Amelia ATF

Please Be Enough - Joy K LB ATF

The Pledge - LaraMee

Poet's Heart - White Raven

Pocketful of Trouble (The sixth story in the Trail to Tascosa series)

Point Blank Range (Series) - Stacie ADULT

Point of View - JIN ATF

Polite - Mel ATF

Political Suicide - Lyn ATF

Pon Farr - Scribe AU (Star Trek) Sensitive reader warning

Pon Farr - Linda T. AU ADULT ("Star Trek")

Ponderin Friendship - LaraMee

Pondering - JudyL

Ponderings - MMW LB OW/AU

Pony - LaraMee

The Poster - The Neon Gang

Posting the Male - Firefox ATF

The Power of Friendship - Sue M ATF

The Power of Love - Phyllis Loafman LB ATF

Power of the Word - The Neon Gang ATF

Power Play - SilverWolf AU

A Pox Upon Thee - HF ATF

Practical Joke - Tonny ATF

PRECIOUS GEMS: A Precious Discovery - Knoteach AU (Little Vin)

PRECIOUS GEMS: A Birthday Unforgotten - Knoteach AU (Little Vin)

PRECIOUS GEMS: I Sing Noel - Knoteach AU (Little Vin)

PRECIOUS GEMS: Coming Full Circle - Knoteach AU (Little Vin)

Presents and Promises - Barbretta Hayden LB

Prey - LaraMee

The Price - LaraMee Deux ADULT

Price of Valor - Winter AU (Soldier of Fortune)

The Price of a Broken Promise - Winnie ATF

Pride - Tidia LB Future AU

Pride - Mel

Pride And Joy - HF ATF

A Pride of Lions - Deb (Facets Series)

Princes of the Universe - Kathy B. ATF ADULT

Principles of Magic - Linda B

Prisoner of Desire - Kathy B.

Prodigal - Linda T (Follows Bad Girls III: Resurrection) ADULT

Progressions - HF

The Promise - Kaed ADULT

A Promise to Keep - Raquel AU

Promises - Ice Hunter

Promises - LaraMee

Promises In The Dark - Tarlan ADULT AU

Promises Kept - Winnie

Promises Made - Linda B.

Promises Made... and Kept - SoDak7

Proof of Innocence - SLR

Providence and Spurs - LaraMee Deux

Proving Ground - Niteowl

Psychobabble - Katritam ATF

Pueblo del Rosa - Rhicy

Pumpkin Envy - JK LB ATF

Pun Stories (Collection) - Beth Green

Pun Wars - HF ATF

Punching Bag - Raquel ATF

Puppy Love - Angie LB ATF

Pups on Vacation - LaraMee LB ATF

The Punching Bag - Sylvia ATF

Pure Poetry - JIN

Purgatory - The Buffalo Gals

Pursuit - Katie

Put It Aside - JIN

The Puzzle - Stacie ATF ADULT




Questionable Answers - Estee LB ATF

Quicksand - SueN ATF

A Quiet Lesson - SoDak7

The Quilt - LaraMee Deux

Quis Custodiet - Lara Bee ATF


Rabbit - Twyla Jane AU

Race For Life - Sue M ATF

The Races - Vin Tanner's Girl ATF

The Raid - Jeanne LB

Rain - Twyla Jane

A Ranger's Code - Maggie AU (Alternate Old West Universe)

Ransom - Kim ATF ADULT

A Rare Friendship - The Neon Gang ATF

Rattled - Xiola ATF

Read 'em and Weep - Steelknight ADULT

Read 'em Right - Yolande (Part of the Lone Wolf Series)

Reading Between the Lines - Sue M LB ATF

A Real Father - JK LB

The Really Great Day - JIN

The Real Hero - Kim, Shawna, Winter & Tracy ATF VS

Reap a Bitter Harvest - Deirdre

A Reason to Celebrate - Vin's Trio

Rebecca Jane - Robyn

The Reckoning - Linda T. ADULT

Reclamations - Sarah B

Recognizing You - Amelia ATF

Reconcilable Differences - Part 1 - Jean Dockery

Reconcilable Differences - Part 2 - Jean Dockery

Recordkeeping - Amy ATF

Recovery - Vinsmouse AU

Red - Linda B. (First of the "Color" series)

Red Star - Jenn AU

Red, White and Blue - Deirdre

Redbird - NotTasha

Redeemed - SoDak7

Red Zone - Deirdre ATF

Reflections - Catseye

Reflections - tannertexaslady

Reflections - Palaytia Dream

Reflections on Giving Thanks - Jeanne LB

Refuge - C.L. Combs ATF

Refuge - Joy LB AU

Regret and Obsession - atolar

Regrets? - DebbieP

Reign of Terror - Sue M ATF

Reining Him In - Kathy Teresa  ATF ADULT

Relatives - Lyn

Relatives - Moar Sisters ADULT

Remember - Jen R LB ATF

Remembrance - Kimberly

Renegade - Tirya

A Renewal of Faith, Hope and Love - Holly

Repairs and Renovations - WendyW

Repercussions - scgirl_317 ATF (Crossover "Without a Trace")

Replaced - Heather F. ATF

The Replacement - Titan5 ATF

Replacement Killer - Brate ATF

Reports of My Death - The Neon Gang ATF

The Rescue of Red Cheeks - Kim ATF ADULT

Resolution - Tarlan ADULT

Resolutions - Stormm ATF

Responsibility - Amelia  ATF 

Responsibility: Missing Scene From Manhunt - Holly

A Requested Lapse of Reason - AJ ATF

Retliatory Measures - Rhiannon

Return Journey - WendyW LB

Return to Innocence - Deb AU (SG-7) (follows "Open House")

Return Of The Remembered - Desperado's Daughter

The Return of Ursula - Rowdy Tanner

Reunion - Janice

Revelations - Angela Gabriel

Revelations - Angie ATF

Revenge - JK LB  ATF

Revenge - Katie

Revenge is Mine - Winter

The Reverse Side of the Coin - Chris

Rewards - Wen

Rhonda's Revenge - AJ ATF (PDF file. Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)

The Ride - LaraMee

The Ride - Klingoncat ATF (Follows "Discredited") ADULT

Ride Home - Wendy W.

The Ride Home - K Hanna Korossy

Ride the Green Horse - LaraMee

Ride of a Lifetime - The Neon Gang ATF

Ride a Lonely Trail - Rhiannon

Riding For Home - LaraMee LB

Riding Out The Storm - Steelknight ADULT

The Rift I (The Great Divide) - Margaret Cassidy [In progress]

A Right Good Christmas - Spice LB AU

Right Hand - Tonny

The Right Kind of Mirrors - Killash

A Right Pair - KT ATF

Right Place at the Right Time - T. Evans

Right There - Made Man Epilogue - Tidia ATF

Riot Act - Wendymypooh ATF

Rite of Passage - Winter AU (Star Trek)

A Rite of Passage - Sue M

The River Styx - Estevana Rey

The River Wild - Violette ATF

The River Wild - Tonny AU

Road to Damascus - Derry and TrishA AU (Crusades)

Road Trip - Cassie, Mog and Maggie ATF

Rock, Paper, Scissors - Hombre ATF

The Rocker - Joy K LB ATF

Rockface - Sasha AU (Search and Rescue)

Rockin' - Phyllis Loafman LB ATF

Rocky Ground - Hombre

Rocky Road - Sami-j ATF

Roller Coaster Beginnings - Sami-j ATF

Rope - Lynne E. Smith

Rose Manor - Linda Borchers ATF Sensitive reader warning

Rough Stones - Ruby J (sequel to "Blood Trail")

Rumors And Retaliation - Heather F. VS

Run - Jeanne

Run of Bad Luck - Neon Gang

Runners - Gil Hale AU

Running Away - Karen

Running on Empty - Joy K, Winter, Nancy W AU


Sabbatical - ssinco

Sable Skies - Julia Verinder (not suitable for all readers)

Sacrifice - Hombre AU

Sacrifice - Bean

Safe - Amelia ATF

A Safe Haven - Rhiannon

Samhain Night - SilverWolf

Samuel "Kansas" Black - The Neon Gang

Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Nancy W LB ATF

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town - Carole LB ATF

Santa Ez - Pat

Santa Ez Part 2 - Pat Merritt

Santa's Little Helpers - Charli and Andi ATF

Santa's Little Miracle - CGSL AU

Satisfied - Kim ADULT

Saturday Night Life - LaraMee LB ATF

Savage Company - Rowdy Tanner

Savage Duty: Part Four - Spyglass AU

Save Me a Place - shunkaha (deathfic)

Saving Grace - Carrie Byrd

Saving Grace - Maygra ATF ADULT

Saving Vin - AJB LB ATF

Saying Goodbye - Lyn ATF

Scar - Winter

Scars - SueN. ATF ADULT

Scars Of The Heart - Samantha

Scenes of My Life - Raquel ATF

School Days - Janice LB

School Supplies - Jeanne LB

The Search - LaraMee Deux ATF

The Search Ends - Wgang

The Searchers - Rowdy Tanner

Seasons of Love - Mary Ann LB ATF

Second Chance - Katrina Saunders

Second Chances - Leigh Richards

Second Chances - JJJunky LB

Second Guessing - Heather ATF

The Secret Admirer - Team Seven ATF VS

Secret Crushes - Stacie ATFADULT

Secrets - Vickie G

Secrets (Series) - Carla Stinson  ATF [In progress]

Secrets from the Past - Steelknight

Secrets of the Past - Steelknight ADULT

Secrets Worth Keeping - Kim ATF ADULT

Seeing the Elephant - J. Brooks

Seeing Stars - JudyL ATF

Self-Tann[er]ing - HF (Adult-Slash) ATF ADULT

Send in the Clones - Angie ATF [Crossover Stargate SG-1]

Sentinel - Susie Burton (Poem)

Served Cold - The Neon Gang ATF

Settin' Things Straight - Rhiannon

Settle For Less - Wendy W. LB

Settlin' - Helen Adams

7 x 5 x 15: Book 1 - AJB LB (Alternate ATF Universe)

7 x 5 x 15: Book 2 - AJB LB (Alternate ATF Universe)

The Seven Deadly Hangovers - Sue Bartholomew

Seven Hallows' Eve - Princess Nat LB ATF

Seven Minus One - Desert Sage and Becky M.

Seven Men - Lady Larabee & Lady Standish

Seven Years - Estee LB-AU (Future LB universe)

Sevens - Sierra Nevada

SG-7 (Series) - Deb AU (Stargate Universe)

Shades of Grey - Heather Hillsden

Shades of Winter - Winter AU (Dungeons & Dragons)

Shadow in the Moonlight - Joan Curtin ATF

Shadow Riders: Adsum (Here I Am) - Maygra AU mild slash content

Shadowline - AJB ATF

Shadows - Stacie ADULT

SHADOWS (Series) - Yolande

Shadows of the Past - Becky M.

Shameless - RubyJ ATF ADULT

Shared Tradition - MMW LB

Sharing Sunrises - Hawk50

Sharpshooter - Sue Hixon

Shattered Spirits - The Buffalo Gals

She Made Christmas Bright - Amelia

Shelter For the Heart - Mod

A Shining Place Called Hope - Deirdre

Shining With Undying Light - Deirdre

Shirts and Skins - Ice Hunter

Shock - Ronneem ATF

Shop With a Cop - AJB ATF LB

A Short Story - JIN

Shortcuts - JK

Shot at Again, Mr. Larabee? - Hombre

Shot in the Dark - The Neon Gang

Should the Angels Call - The Traveling Dimestore Novelist

Should Have Known Better - Deavon ATF

Should Have Seen That Coming - The Neon Gang ATF

Should've Killed Me First - Amelia ATF

Sick Days - Pat (Part of the Skunk Chronicles series)

Side by Side - JIN

Siege - Linda T. ADULT

The Siege - Ruby J. ATF ADULT

Signatures - Heather F. LB ATF

Silence - LT and Niteowl LB ATF

The Silence - Mods [death fic]

Silence is Golden - Mary Ann

Silent Gifts - Katie

Silent Memories - Violette ATF

Silent Night - SueN.

Silent Night, Deadly Night - Deirdre

Silent Witness - Carole ATF

Silent World (Series)- Tarlan ADULT

Silk and Firecrackers - Ithildyn AU

Silver - Linda B. (Fifth of the "Color" series)

Simon Says - LaraMee ATF

Simple Pleasures - Hombre ATF

Sin City - AJ AU (not suitable for all readers. Story in pdf format, requires adobe reader)

Sin of the Past - JJJunky

Sins of the Father - SoDak7

Sins Of The Father - Linda T. ADULT (Follows "Isis")

Sins Of The Father, Part 1 - Susie Burton

Sins of Omission - The Neon Gang

Sins of the Past: Epilogue - Merl Laurence

Sins of the Writers - LaraMee

Sins Redeemed - SueN ADULT

Sittin' Easy - WendyW

Six Times Vin Didn�t Turn Back - Carole

Sizzle - Charlotte Hill ATF ADULT

Sky Without Clouds - Wolf and Boar

Sleep - Mel ATF

Slip of the Tongue - SoDak7

Slippery Road - Raquel ATF

Slipping Away - Penny M.

Slippery When Wet - Judy Freudenthal ATF

Small Refugees - Pat Merritt LB ATF

Small Sacrifices - J. Brooks

Small Treasures - Nancy W. LB D&D

The Smell of Cheating - Amelia ATF

Smiling - Flaw

Snakebite - Anonymous

Snipe Hunt - Sage ATF

Snow Bound - Anneack LB AU

Snow Cat - Heather F. ATF

Snow Family Christmas - Amelia LB

Snow Shaker - KT ATF

So Far, So Good - Susie Burton ATF

So Far, So Good... - Estee AU

So Much For Easy - SueN ADULT

So That's How... - HF

So You Think You're a St. Bernard - Hombre ATF

Soaring - Anneack ATF

Soaring - Brionhet

A Softer Place To Fall - Ruby J. ADULT

Soiled Dove - Kati

Solstice - Tarlan AU ADULT

Some Things - SableCain AU (Federal Air Marshalls) (Refers to 9/11)

Somebody's Watching - Maggie ATF

Someone To lean On - Kaed ATF ADULT

Someone to Watch Over Me - Firefox ATF

Something Else - jann

Something Blue - Thalia AU (SOMETHING Series)

Something To Be Thankful For - Cass Smith

Something Wicked - Mary K AU

Somewhere Along the Road - LB ATF

Somewhere Only We Know - JIN

A Son's Memory - Amelia (poem)

Song for David - Deirdre ATF

Song for a Winter's Night - Susan Z.

Song You Know By Heart - HF (Adult-Slash) ATF ADULT

Songs Of The Departed - Melissa R.

Sons, Lost and Found - Black Rook AU

Sooner or Later - Ruby

Soul Stealer - Patricia Semler

Soul Mates - C.V. Puero

Soulmates - Sarah Robinson ATF

Soul Searching - mcat

Soul Survivor - Dreamer

Sounds of Silence - Joy K AU

Soundtrack - Mimi ATF

Sorrow - Kimberly

Sorry Vin (But You Knew It Was Coming) - Marianne

Sparklering - Kathy M LB ATF

A Special Day - The Neon Gang

Spectral Shadows - Yolande

Spellbound - Jeanne LB D & D

The Spine of the Matter - ElenaRoan AU

Spirals Turning - Tarlan ADULT

Spirit Bay - TexasAries AU

Spirit of Friendship - JJJunky

The Spirit of a Hero - Mitzi

The Spirit of the Wolf - SilverWolf

Spiritual Thoughts - The Neon Gang LB ATF

Spring Cleaning - The Neon Gang ATF

Spring Fever - Tarlan ADULT

Spittin' Butterfly Smoke - Jackie & Ingunn ATF

Split Second - The Neon Gang ATF

Stacked Between You and Me - Kathy Teresa ATF ADULT

Stagecoach - KellyA

Stakeout and Take-Out - Sue M ATF

Stalker - Jeanne ATF

Stalking Shadows - Yolande

Stampede - Ice Queen ATF

Stand - Sue M ATF

Stand Beside You - Maggie Smith

Stand Firm - Yolande

Standing Outside the Fire - Winnie

Standoff - SoDak7

Star of Wonder - Joan Curtin

Starting from Scratch - Jackie

Starting Over - CGSL ATF

Starting the Year Off Right - Anneack

Stay The Night - Ruby J. ATF ADULT

Staying Afloat - Xiola ATF

Step by Step - Amelia

Step Back and Ponder - Jackie

Sticks and Stones - Linda B.

Sticks and Stones - Roo

Sticky Situation - Amelia ATF

Still Still Still - Amelia ATF (poem)

Still Waters - Tarlan ADULT

Still Waters - Xiola

Stitch in Time - WendyW

A Stitch in Time - SoDak7

Stolen Moment - MMW LB-AU

Stolen Past - Vinsmouse ATF (Crossover with "McKenna")

Stone's Throw - The Neon Gang ATF

The Storm - LaraMee LB ATF

The Storm - Kim, Mady and Winter VS

Storm in the Mountains - ssinco

A Storm in the Soul - The Neon Gang ATF

Storm Shelter - Maygra ATF ADULT

Storm Trouble - ssinco

Storm Warning - Lyn

Storm Watching - Sage ATF LB

Storms of the Past - mcat

Stormy Weather - Wendymypooh

Story of the Demented - Ladysmiths ATF

Stranded - Gunney LB ATF

Stranded - Winnie AU ("The Firm")

Strange Day - Sue M ATF

Strange Little Town - Lyn ADULT

Strangers in a Strange Town - SasseyJ

A Stranger's Protection - Brate ATF

The Strangest Things Keep Happening - Dreamer

Strays - SoDak7

The Street - Maygra

Strength of Our Salvation - JJJunky

Strength Of The Soul - Holly

Strictly Business - NotTasha

Strongbow - Ruby

Stubborn Fool - LaraMee

Stuck In the Middle With You - Gray ATF

Stuck in a Moment - JIN

Stuck On You - Judy S. & Bishonen Chan ATF ADULT

The Stuff of Dreams - Kaed ATF ADULT

Stupid - Clair


Submerged - Hombre ATF

Such a Fair Salvation - Lynn E. Smith

Sugar Rush - Carole LB ATF

Summer Storm - Sue Bartholomew

Sunday Blues - Carla ATF

Sunday Dinner - Carol Pahl

Sundial - Kaed  ATF ADULT

Sunrise - L C Martin [POEM]

Sunset II - Charlotte Hill ATF ADULT

Sunshine and Shadows - Suzi Starke

Surfing - Sue M ATF

Surprise - LaraMee Deux ATF

Surprise, Surprise - S. Larabee Tanner

Surprises - Kim ATF

Survival - Winter ATF ADULT

Sweet Dreams - Ruby J. ATF ADULT

Sweet And Low - Down - HF ATF ADULT

Sweet Relief - SueN ADULT

Sweet Revenge - The Neon Gang

Sweet Treat - Kili Bloom ATF

Sweetest Remedy - SueN ADULT

Sweets in Every Fold - Farad

Swinging Tree - Robyn

Switched at Birth - Jo Ann ATF

Swooshed Away - KT LB ATF

Synchronicity - Charlotte Hill ADULT AU

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