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ATF - stories set in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.

VS - "Virtual Season" episodes

AU - Alternate Universes other than ATF or Little Britches

ADULT titles are not direct links, and you will be given directions for providing an age statement.


I Ain't Missin' You - JIN

I Ain't No Horse Thief - Hombre

I Can See Clearly Now - Amelia

I Got Friends'll Come for Me - Chris Gantt ADULT

I Got No Problem Killin' You! - Sassy J

I HATE (Series) - Lu ATF [in progress]

I Just Thought - Ruby LB ATF

I Need a Silent Night - Amelia ATF

I Wanna - Jackie (Poem)

Ice - Heather F.

I'll Be Home For Christmas - Kaed ATF ADULT

I'll Be There - Kaed ATF ADULT

I'll Do Anything - CS Shew ATF

IMMORTAL SEVEN: Immortal Soul - Judy L AU (Highlander Universe)

I'm Fine - Lyn

I'm Game - Amelia (Seven) ATF

I'm Here - LaraMee LB  ATF

I'm Tired - Heidi ATF

In The Arms of a Friend - The Neon Gang ATF

In Between - SoDak7

In Too Deep - The Neon Gang ATF

In the Depths of My Despair - The Neon Gang ATF

It's Off - Tidia

I've Got a Name - Jin

I've Got Ya - Tapestri

I've Got Your Back - Kathy Teresa ATF

I Wished I'd Stayed at the Office - Judith Fruedenthal ATF

Ice - The Moar Sisters (PG13 version)

Ice - Moar Sisters ADULT Version

Ice-Capade - SoDak7

The Idea Of Need - HF ATF ADULT

The Idea Of Want - HF ATF ADULT

If It Were But a Name - Deavon

If Wishes Were Horses - Barbretta Hayden & Pat LB ATF

If You Can't Beat 'em - Winter ATF

If You Love Something... - Winter LB

An Ill-Spent Youth - Julia Verinder

I'll Be Home for Christmas - Amelia ATF

Illusion - Katherine AU

Illusions of Reality - Jade AU (Alternate OW Universe)

Immortal Seven: Keepsakes - Katherine AU

Immortal Seven: Tales Not Told - Katherine AU

In Action - Stan Lee ATF

In the Arms of a Friend - The Neon Gang ATF

In The Beginning - Raven LB ATF

In for a Peso, In for a Pound - SueN.

In From the Cold - Winter  ATF (A Thanksgiving Story)


In His Hands - Winter

In the Line of Duty - SoDak7

In One Word Dead - Stachy ATF

In Plain Sight - Artisan

In Sickness And In Health - Alias

In the Shadow of the Cathedral - Flavia AU

In the Sharing: Josiah - Kaed ATF ADULT

In The Wink Of A Jinx - Kris

In the Year - Series (Alternate Universe)

In Your Father's Name - Carol Pahl ATF

Incidental Memory - MMW ATF

Incidental Memory 2 - The Forty Dollar Question - MMW ATF

An Inconvenience Rightly Considered - Julia Verinder

Indecision - Twig (poetry) [link inactive]

Independence Day - Poyznelf

An Independent Spirit - Jan

Indifference - AJ [In Progress]

Inhibitions - Greta C. ATF

Initial Meetings - Wgang AU

Inn of Lost Souls - Winnie

Innocence - Sami-j  ATF (Sequel to "Rocky Road")

An Innocent Man - JudyL, Sue and Kathleen (3-part Round-robin)

Inside Traitor - Phyllis Loafman ATF

Interlude - Moar Sisters ADULT

Intersection - Brionhet ATF/OW

Intervention - Lisa S (Las Vegas) AU

Into the West - Ness Ayton ATF DEATHFIC

Into The Woods - skaia7 ATF

Intoxicated - Raquel ATF

An Introduction - NotTasha

Investment - Helen Adams

Ipsos Custodes - Lara Bee ATF (sequel to Quis Custodiet)

Irish Lullaby - Amelia (Poem)

Is It Worth the Price - Amelia ATF

Isis - Linda T. ADULT

It Ain't Me Feeling Regret - Amelia

It All Comes Down To... - Tidia

It Don't Make Sense - Sealie LB ATF

It Really Was a Good Idea - SasseyJ

It Sure is a Wonderful Life! - Sue M ATF

It was a Dark and Stormy Night - Kaed ATF ADULT

It Wasn't Supposed to Go Like This - Lyn AU

It Was Just Supposed to Be a Relaxing Picnic - Jan

"It'll Be Fun" - Jeanne ATF

It'll Never Happen - SoDak7

It's the Fall That'll Kill Ya - Brate AU Supernatural

It's a Wonderful Life - Julia Verinder

It's All in the Spelling - SoDak7

It's All Your Fault - Nadine ATF

It's a Kind of Magic - Barbretta Hayden AU ("Harry Potter")

It's a Long Way to Buffalo - poyznelf

It's Never Too Late - JjBunny

It's Not As Bad As It Looks - Phyllis Loafman ATF

It's Not As Bad As It Looks 2 - Phyllis Loafman ATF

It's Not Fair - Joy K LB ATF

It's Only a Week - LaraMee LB ATF

It's Only Temporary - Angie LB ATF

It's the Thought That Counts - Kemmae ATF


Jarred Memories - Joy K. LB ATF

JD's Choice - Robijean

JD's Sacrifice Phyllis LB

Jenny's Chance - JjBunny

The Jess Chronicles - Mel (Alternate Universe)

John Chance - Katrina Sanders

Jokers Wild - JudyL ATF

The Journal of Sarah Larabee - Rowdy Tanner

The Journey - Paula [In progress]

The Journey - Tarlan ADULT

The Journey Begins (The first story in the Trail to Tascosa series)

Journey Home - Winter AU (Dungeons & Dragons)

Joy - Kimberly

Joy For Vin - Beth Green ATF


Judgment Day - mcat ATF

Judgment Day - Mary Ann

Judging the Book - Justice de Winter AU

Julia - Scribe

Jumping to Conclusions - KT

Jumping at Shadows - Yolande (Follows "Spectral Shadows")

The Juniper Tree - LaraMee

The Juniper Tree - Kaed ATF ADULT version

Just a Little More - Steelknight ATF

Just Another Day - Purple Lacey AU

Just Another Day - Bonnie Pardoe

Just Another Day - The Traveling Dime Store Novelist

Just The Facts - Debra Noellert AU xover The Sentinel

Just a Little Longer - LaraMee

Just Need Some Time Alone - Ann Stuart

Just One Morning - WendyW

Just Plain Stupid - Jin

Just Smile - Dierdre ATF

Just A Touch Of (Traumatic) Romance - Twig [link inactive]

Just the Two of Us - Rhiannon LB ATF

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT... (Collection) - Luna Dey, et. al. (Multi-Universe)

Just Words - JIN


Kaboom! - Hombre ATF

Kappy New Year - Kathy B. ADULT

Karaoke Night - Deb (SG-7, follows "Return to Innocence") AU

Karma Killer - Rhicy AU

Keeping Cool - Anneack AU

Keeping the Secret - Amelia

Keeping Watch - Carole

Keepsake - WendyW LB

Kidnapped - Andi and Charlie Charleville AU (Texas)

Kidnapped - Carol (Link Inactive)

Kidnapped - Moar Sisters ADULT

Killers To Go - LaraMee ATF

Killing Time - Joan Curtin

Kin - SoDak7

A Kind of Peace - Tiffiny

Kindness in Another's Trouble - Julia Verinder

Kindred Spirits - Bethy

Kinship and Belonging - Subjective Reality

A Kiss From the Soul - Dreamer

The Kissing Booth - Marilyn Crawford ATF

Kissing Him - Annie ATF ADULT

The Knife and the Bullet - Whiterose

Knight in Suspenders with a Sawed-Off Winchester - Twig (poetry) [link inactive]

Knives and Fiddler's Elbows - Hombre

Knowing - Linda B.

Krakatoa - Nancy W. LB

Kung Fu Fighting - Lisa S AU


Lady Bounty Hunter - Robyn

Landslide - Ruby J. ADULT

Lapse in Judgment - The Neon Gang ATF

A Larabee Christmas - Wgang ATF

Larabee's Lepers - LaraMee AU (World War II)

The Last Buffalo - HF (Link Inactive)

Last Bullet Desperado's Daughter (Added scene after Vendetta)

Last Of A Dying Breed - Aldaj

The Last Few Hours - Estee LB ATF

Last Man Standing - Linda B.

Last Story - Alias

The Last Straw - Tidia ATF

The Last Three Bullets - Kim

The Last To Fall - Joy K LB ATF

The Last Word - Linda

Late Night Encounter - Silver ATF ADULT

Late Night Visitor - Dreamer ATF

Late Night Visitor - KT LB ATF

Lay Down Your Life - The Neon Gang ATF

Lazy Days - Sue M LB

Legacy (Series) - Jen R LB AU [link inactive]

Lean On Me - LaraMee

Lean On Me - Dawnsunrise

Leap of Faith - Brate ( ATF xover "Quantum Leap")

The Learned Heart - Jann

The Learning Curve - Cin ATF

A Learning Experience - Nomooretears LB ATF

Learning to Fly - Heather Hillsden OW/AU (Civil War Universe)

Leave No Man Behind - ReaperWriter ATF

Leaving - mcat ADULT

Leaving Messages - Indra Leigh ATF

Leaving September Behind - Kemmae ATF

The Ledger - NotTasha

LEGACY (Series) - Ace

Legacy Of Fire - Carla

Legend - Winter

Legends - Linda B.

Lend Credence To It (Series): 1. Truth - Faith Byrd

Lending a Hand - Lyn ATF

Lesson - Linda B.

The Lesson Within - Jo Ann

Lessons - Aramis LB

Lessons In The Senses - Leslie AU

Lessons Learnt the Hard Way - Hombre ATF

Lessons Unlearned - Beth Green LB ATF

Let it Snow - LaraMee LB  ATF

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow - Amelia (poem)

Lethal Weapon - Ghost Rider ATF ADULT

Let's Not Go There - TJ [POEM]

The Letter - Tammy ATF


Letter to Santa - Vin Tanner

Letting In the Jungle - Lethe AU ADULT

Lex Talionis - Artisan447 ATF

The Librarian - Aislynn Carnichael ATF

The Library - Angie LB ATF

Life Choices and Mistakes - Robijean LB AU

A Life for a Life - Maggie (deathfic)

Life Left Behind - Mods ATF

The Life of the Party - Linda

The Life and Times of Johnny Larabee - Rowdy Tanner

A Life Worth Living -The Muse

Life's a Picnic - Laramee LB

Life's Gambles - Tonny

Life's Little Stories - Luci Williams

Life's Tokens - Twyla Jane

A Lignt to Guide Me - Jade ( ATF xover The Sentinel)

The Lights - Indigo Cat ATF

The Lights of Town - Clair Beaubien

Like Cats and Dogs - Mitzi

Like Dominoes Falling - Roo

Like Lickin' Butter Off A Knife - SueN ADULT

Like a Tanner - Ronnie

Lines of Drift - Joan Curtin ATF

Listen - LaraMee

     The Big Decision - KT and Sue M
     Settling In - KT
     Friendly Neighbours, and Four for Sunday Lunch - Sue M
     Into the West - KT
     Learning Curve - KT
     School Break, All Hallows Eve, and... Cheese? - Sue M.
     Bangs, Bumps and Burny Things - Sue M.
     Poppies and Poems - KT
     Football, Turkey and Pie... Oh My! - Sue M.
     The Week Between - KT
     The Big Day Out - Sue M
     Dashing Through the Slow - KT
     Very Nearly, Almost, Christmas - KT
     So Here It Is, Merry Christmas - Sue M
     New Year Choices - KT
     Snow Days and a Summons to Duty - Sue M
     Discoveries - KT
     Mad March - Sue M
     Making the Most of Easter Break - Sue M and KT
     Tea and Soldiers - Sue M and KT
     Moments in History - KT
     Big, White Ducks: and Father's Day - Sue M
     Goodbye Hello
          Part 1: Farewell - KT
          Part 2: A Sense of Déjà Vu - Sue M
          Part 3: Family - KT

Little Bit of Revenge - Mary Ann AU Xover Without A Trace

Little Boys and Heroes - JK ATF

Little Britches - J.K. Poffenberger LB

A Little Experiment - JudyL

Little Runaway - LaraMee LB ATF

A Little Souvenir - Estee LB

Live By the Gun - WendyW LB

Live Cams - Ruby ATF

Locomotive Larceny - Hombre

Lone Rider - Amelia (Artwork / Poem)

Lonesome Star - Chris and Laurie Anne AU

The Long Flight - Joy K LB ATF

The Long Night - Carla

Long Pain and Sorrow - Xiola

A Long Remembered Winter - Sue Bartholomew

The Long Way Home - Yolande (The Lone Wolf Series)

The Long Way Home - LaraMee LB ATF

THE LONG WAY HOME (Series) - Yum@ AU
     Book 1: The Soldier's Homecoming 

The Longest Night - Nancy W LB AU

The Longest Trail - LaraMee

A Look into the Past - JjBunny

The Looniest Dream - Dreamer and Stormhawk ATF

Lords of Misrule - Raven LB ATF

Loss - SoDak7

Loss Of One - Melissa R

Lost - Winnie Power AU

The Lost - LaraMee 

Lost - Jann

Lost - ssinco

LOST: 1 Without a Trace - Tonny2 ATF

LOST: 2 The Wheels of Life - Tonny2 ATF

Lost Boys - JIN

LOST BOYS VII: A Spring to Remember - Angie AU

Lost and Alone - Amelia ATF (Poem)

Lost and Found - Silverwolf AU

Lost 'n' Found - Mary Ann Crossover "Without a Trace"

Lost Love - Rhiannon

Lost Loves of the Heart - Amelia

Lost Trail - Ronnie

Lots of Thankfuls - Carole LB ATF

Love Aloft - JK LB ATF

Love and Infatuation - Jenn

Love and Marriage by Dawn Cunningham LB ATF

Love Shack Ba-a-by - Kim ADULT

Love Shows No Bounds - JjBunny

Love Letters - Terrance Harrington

Lovers - HF  ATF (Link Inactive)

Lowilla - Toni L. Bourlon

Loyalties - Katrina

Luck of the Draw - Mary Ann ATF

Luck of the Draw: The Journal - Whiskey ATF

Lucky Day - Raquel ATF VS

Lucky Shot - Alex K.

Lullabies - ElenaRoan AU


Macho Men - Ladysmiths ATF

Made Man - Tidia ATF

A Maddening Affair - KET ADULT

Magic - Debbi K. AU (Dungeons and Dragons) ADULT

Magical Cats and Sewer Rats, Part 1 - Mods ATF

Magical Cats and Sewer Rats, Part 2 - Mods ATF

The Magnificent Fight Before Christmas - Celeste

A Magnificent Fourth - LaraMee Deux ATF

The Magnificent Halloween Trick - Lily


The Magnificent Quest - Nettie Roe AU (Dungeons and Dragons)

Maintain to the Last - Kris

The Majesty Of A Tumbleweed - Needlaine (Link Inactive)

Make a Joy-full Noise - LaraMee Deux

Make Way - KlingonCat17

Make Way for Vin - KlingonCat17

Making It All Go Away - Ruby J.  ATF ADULT

Making Lemonade - Joy K LB ATF

Making Memories - Teri LB ATF

Making Up - Kim ATF ADULT

Malediction - Jeanne LB Dungeons and Dragons

Mama, He's Crazy - SueN. ADULT

A Man Ain't Made of Stone - Cass ATF

The Man Inside - Joy K ATF

Man on Fire - Rowdy Tanner

A Man's Best Friend - Selene ATF

A Man's Father, A Man's Friend - Katrina Sanders

A Man's Harmonica is a Sacred Thing - Tiffiny

The Man in the Mirror - Nancy W.

A Man's Word - Ronnie

The Man With No Name - Debbi K. (xover A Fistful of Dollars)

Manhunt Enhancement - Tannertexaslady

Manifest Destiny - JJJunky

Mark My Words - Beth Green LB ATF

Marked - Tidia ATF

Marked - SueN. ADULT

Mary Sue Does The Grocery Store - Tiffiny AU

Mary Travis And The Cult Of The Staring Eyes - Linda T. ADULT

The Mask Drops - Deb (Part of the Facets Series)

Mater Amata - Desperado's Daughter (Link Inactive)

A Matter of Heart - The Neon Gang ATF

A Matter of Trust - SoDak7

Matters of Coincidence - Mog

Matters Of The Heart - Cass Smith

Maude - SasseyJ

Mauled - Winnie

MCAT (Series) AU

  1. Transitions - tannertexaslady
  2. Connections - Tonny
  3. Decisions - texastannerlady & Tonny
  4. Past Transgressions - texastannerlady
  5. Illusions - tannertexaslady
  6. Additions and Apprehensions - tannertexaslady & Wendymypooh

MCAT II: STRENGTH AND SOLIDARITY: 7. Written on the Wind Trilogy: Part I: Winds of Change - tannertexaslady AU

MCAT II: STRENGTH AND SOLIDARITY: 7. Written on the Wind Trilogy: Part 3: Voices in the Wind - Tannertexaslady and Sue M AU

MCAT III: HELL OF A RIDE: 1. Blood and Roses - Tannertexaslady and Wendymypooh AU

The McDonald's Incident - Ruby ATF

Mean Streets - Violette AU

The Meaning of Halloween - KT LB ATF

Meant to Be - JudyL ATF

Meant to Be - Mary Ann LB (Alternate LB Universe)

The Measure of a Man - LaraMee

The Measure of a Man - The Neon Gang

The Measure of Trust - Linda Borchers ATF 

Mementos and Memories - JK LB

Memories - Anneack ATF

Memories - KT LB future ATF

Memories - Lyn ATF

Memories of Gangrene - Magnolia Belle

Memory - Amelia

Men In Black - Debbie K.

Men of Honor? - SoDak7

Mended Glasses - Jo Ann ATF

Mending Fences: Epilogue to Manhunt - Holly

Mending Fences - Monardia LB ATF

Merging Lives - Subjective Reality LB AU

Merry Christmas, and Chicken Pox to You - LaraMee LB ATF

Merry Christmas, Vin Tanner - Chris [Poem]

Merry Christmas, Cowboy - DebbieP

Merry Chris'mas, Mr. Tanner - Kaed ATF ADULT

The Messenger - TrishA

The Messenger - TrishA ADULT Version

A Midnight Clear - Nancy W LB AU

Midnight Desires - Kim ADULT

Mind the Chandeliers! - Sue M AU

Mind Games - Winnie AU

Mind Games - freeformchick ATF (contains sensitive subject matter)

A Mind of Her Own - JjBunny

Mind Jack - Neon Gang ATF

Mind Matters - Jeanne LB/AU

Mind Over Matter - SoDak7

The Mine - Hombre

Mines and Other Dark Places - Jeanne ATF

Minions of Satan - Stacie ADULT

Miracle on Main Street - Robyn (Tale Six of The Seven Tales of Christmas)

Misplaced 3 - Rowdy Tanner

Misplaced 4 - Rowdy Tanner

Misplaced 5 - Rowdy Tanner

THE MISS JESS CHRONICLES: Meeting Miss Jess - Hunter LB AU


THE MISS JESS CHRONICLES: Best Birthday Ever - Hunter LB AU


Miss Nettie - LaraMee Deux [deathfic]

Missed - Heather F. ATF

Missing Link - Sue M ATF 

Misfire - Sage LB

Misfits - Linda T.

Misfits - Winter & Nancy W.  AU (WWII)

Mishap - ElenaRoan AU

Misperceptions of Justice and Vindication - Silvia and Laurel ATF

Misplaced Guilt - Wgang

Mission Accomplished - Anneack LB AU

Mission of Mercy - The Neon Gang

The Mistake - Wendy

Mistaken Identity - Molly

Mistaken Identity - Raquel

Mistaken Identity - Winter LB ATF

Mistletoe - Helen Adams

Mistletoe - KT LB ATF

Mistletoe Wars - Lisa S AU

Misunderstanding - Robijean

Misunderstanding Justice - Amelia ATF

Misunderstandings - Wendymypooh AU

Mixed Messages - WendyW

MizPrichard - LaraMee LB ATF

Monday's Child: Streetwise - Joy K ATF

The Monster in the Gene Pool - Farad AU/xover "Stargate Atlantis"

The Monster Within - Rhiannon

Moon and the Mare - Eve

Moonlight - Tannersgirl (Link inactive)

Moonshade - Ruby

More Spiritual Thoughts - The Neon Gang ATF LB

More Surprises - Nancy W. ATF (Sequel to "Surprises" by Kim)

More Than a Friend - PC Rasmussen

More Than Friends - Deb AU ("Star Gate")

More Than Words - Chris Gantt ATF (Sequel to "No More Words")

More Than Words - Heather Hillsden and Sue Salter

Morning Patrol - Freespirit

Morpheus At Play - AJ ATF

Most of Me - Barb sensitive reader warning

Mother Hens - The Neon Gang ATF

Mother Love - Rowdy Tanner

Mothers - Flaw

A Mother's Touch - LaraMee (Poem)

Mountain High Revenge - KellyA AU

Moved By Silent Hands - Painted Eyes

Movie Night - KT ATF LB (Alternate ATF universe Crossover "NCIS")

A Mr. Murphy Weekend - Freespirit ATF

The Mule - Hombre

Mumm's The Word - Ruby J. ATF ADULT

Muse of Harmony - AJ

Music Hath Charms - Ruby J ATF

The Music of My Heart - Kim ATF ADULT

Mutablility (Series) - Shifty ATF (Crossover Without A Trace)

My Love, General Lee - Vin Tanner's Girl ATF

My Name is Legion - Sarah B.

The Mystery Seller - Susie Burton ATF


The Name Game - Jody ATF

Naming Ceremonies - Jeanne LB ATF

The Narrow Margin Between Love And Was - Linda T. ADULT

Nature's Fury - Robyn

Necessary Apologies - Wgang

Need - Jin

Negotiations - Sasha Martin AU

Neighbors - Susan Macdonald ATF Crossover "The Master"

Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be - Carole LB ATF

Never Destroyed - Mel

A New Alliance - Nadine ATF [xover The Sentinel]

A New Beginning - Katrina Sanders

New Golfers - Raquel

A New Reason to Celebrate - Klingoncat17 ATF

New Responsibility - S Larabee Tanner ATF

Next Lesson - Linda B.

Next Time - Trish A [deathfic]

New Experiences - Hombre ATF

Night and Day - Kaed ATF ADULT

The Night Before The Trial: Missing Scene - Linda B.

Night Caller - Laramee ATF

A Night In The Rain - Lanette Curington

Night of the Mummy - Pat LB ATF

Night of the Seven - Nadine (Xover Wild, Wild West)

The Nightmare Takes a Twisted Turn - Wgang ATF (not suitable for all readers)

Night Terrors - Wendymypooh AU

Nightmares - Mel ATF (Link Inactive)

No - Ness Ayton

No Cards or Flowers - LaraMee (missing scene from Lady Killers)

No Comparison - Carole

No Excuse - Hombre ATF

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Hombre

No Longer WANTED - Jenn

No Man is Useless While He Has A Friend - Heidi

No Matter What - Sablecain

No More Words - Chris Gantt ATF

No One to Blame - Robijean ATF

No Rain - JIN

No Rhyme or Reason - JudyL Missing scene "Lady Killers"

No, Virginia, There Ain't No Santa Clause - Estee LB ATF

No Way Out - The Muse

Nobody Else But You - mcat ATF ADULT

Nortado - Estee LB ATF

North Pass Ranch: Running Blind - Joy K LB AU


NORTH PASS RANCH: The Reluctant Artist - Joy K LB AU

Not by Bread Alone - SoDak7

Not In Love - Moar Sisters ADULT

Not a Love Story - JIN ATF

Not No but HELL NO!!! - Twyla Jane

Not Ready to Say Good-Bye - Kathy M ATF

Not So Different After All - Jen R LB ATF

Not That Kind of Man - Stormrunner ADULT

Not to Shut Him Up - Amelia (Alternate Universe)

Number 37 - Heather F. ATF

Nurse Tanner - Anneack

Nursery - Flaw

Nursing Insecurities - JK LB ATF

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