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(Magnificent 7 fiction written by fans in which J.D. Dunne is either the main character, or has a substantial part in the story.)

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ADULT stories are not directly linked due to their mature content. Instructions for obtaining the URL are provided.
ATF stories take place in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.
AU stories take place in an alternate universe other than ATF or Little Britches
VS stories are "virtual season" episodes.


Abandoned by Wendy

Accidents Happen - Sue M AU (Brothers Larabee)

Achille's Heart - Jann

Across the Divide: The 7 Ride Again by Sue Bartholomew

Act of God by Robyn Quincy ATF

Ace in the Hole - Marg Baskin

Adopted Sons by Terrance Keith Harrington

The Affair - Angie Sensitive Reader warning

After The Movie - LaraMee LB ATF

After the Rain by Deirdre ATF

Aftermath by Penny

Alcohol and Pooping Reindeer - Sue M AU

ALPHAS: Aztecs - Nancy W. AU (Kidfic)

All Hallow's Eve by Maggie VS

All I Need to Know by Bunny AU

All I Want for Christmas by Bunny AU

All Made Up by Lofn ADULT AU

The Alley ATF by Shellie

Almost Home - Ann Stuart LB

Alone - Tonny

Alternate Universes - Angie ATF / LB ATF xover

Alone by Cassie ATF

Ambassadors by Heather F. (Star Trek Universe)

An Arm's Length Nearer the Sky - Jann

And for This We Give Thanks - Phyllis Loafman LB

And I Know How to Use It - MMW ATF

And So This is Christmas - Sue M AU

And Still to Love by Ange ADULT

And the Good News Is . . . Sue M ATF

The Anderson Case - Bunny, Angie, Sue M, Phyllis AU

Andolian - ~~~§ara~~{%40

ANGEL GIRL (Series) - Purple Lacey ATF

An Angel to Watch Over Me - Texas Aries (Crossover Touched by an Angel)

An Angel's Wings - Marilyn Crawford ATF

An Innocent Man - JudyL

Anniversary by May Robinson ATF

Another Day, Another Dollar - Sue M ATF

Another Day Out West - Carol Pahl

Another Fine Mess - Elspethdixon

ANSWERING THE CALL: Learning to Live Without You - Heather M ATF

ANSWERING THE CALL SERIES: Though We are Lonely (Part A) - Heather M ATF

ANSWERING THE CALL SERIES: Though We are Lonely (Part B) - Heather M ATF

ANSWERING THE CALL SERIES: Finding the Way Home - Heather M ATF

Answers: A "Love and Honor" epilogue by Katilian

Any Asshole Can Be a Father - Sue M AU

Apastapickle - Ruby ATF

Appointment at Two Thirty (Tooth Hurtee) - SueM ATF

April Fools by CGSL ATF

Arachnophobia by The Muse ATF

Are We There Yet? by Nancy W. LB ATF

Arctic Freeze ATF - Yolande

The Art of Kissing by Valentine ADULT

The Art of Loving by Turtle ADULT

As Long as it Takes - Hurt ATF by Shellie

As Long as it Takes - Comfort ATF by Shellie

As Time Goes By by PenKatt and May Robinson ATF

Ask No Questions, Hear No Lies - KT LB AU

Aspirations - Sue M AU

Assumptions - KT ATF LB

Attack of the Irish - Anneack AU

Audio Evidence - Ruby ATF


Baby Tales - LaraMee LB

Back Then - Ruby ATF

Back to Basics - Sue M AU

Back To Nature - Lisa S. and Sue M. AU

Bad Choices - Shellie ADULT

Bad Days Sometimes Lead to Bad Nights - Phyllis ATF

Bad Hair Day - Sue M ATF

Bad Influence - Magnolia Belle

Bad Mood JD by Linda

Bad Things Happen: A Hero is a Hero by Tiffiny ATF

Bad Timing - Sue M AU (Brothers Larabee)

Bad Weather - NotTasha

The Ballad of Bad-Ass Beamington - Sarah B. .

Banking Disaster - Phyllis LB

Banishing Demons - Sue M ATF

Barely Buckled - Carole LB ATF

The Bar - Tammy AU

Be My Baby by Emerald ADULT

Be Not Afraid by Ryan Lambert ATF

Bearin' The Load by Kristen

Bearin' The Load II by Kristen

The Beast of the Double L - Sue M AU

Beats by Karin ATF

Beau's Big Day - KT LB ATF

Beautiful Dreamer by Aislynn Carmichael

A Beautiful Mess - AJB ATF

Bedside Vigil - River Wolf

Before the Dawn - Beth Green ATF

Before We Sleep - Raven LB ATF

Being Neighborly - Sue M AU (Monarch of the Glen)

Bell, Jingle Bell by Becky Hromiko ATF

Belonging - Sue M AU

The Best Christmas Ever - Lynda LB ATF

The Best Christmas Gift - Phyllis Loafman AU

The Bet III by Luna Dey

The Bet V by Baloo

The Bet VII - Luna Dey

Bet You Could - Mel

Better Than Drinking Alone - Joan Curtin

A Better Gift - Stefanie ATF

Between Heaven and Hell - PennyM and May Robinson LB

Between Heaven and High Water - Heather M ATF

Between Hell and Paradise by Margarett Cassidy VS

Between the Lines - Suzi Starke

Beware of Paybacks - Ace

A Bewitching Moon - Suzy B

Beyond Friendship - Sue M ATF

Big Brothers, Little Brothers - KT LB ATF

Big Lie, Small World - JIN

The Bird Man - Phyllis Loafman LB ATF

The Birthday Cake - Sue M AU

Birthday Surprise by Tracy ATF ADULT

Birthdays, Lies and Wm. H. Bonney - Heather M.

Black Friday - Sue M AU (Brothers Larabee)

Black Magic - Mog and Tidia ATF

Blame - Sue M ATF

Blast From the Past - Angie & Marian ATF

Blaze of Glory - Ruby  ATF

Blazing Their Own Trail - Freespirit ATF

Blind - KellyA

Blinded - Marian (Companion story to "Good-bye Love")

Blind Faith - Sue M ATF

Blood Brothers by The Inkslingers

Blood Brothers - KT and SueM ATF

BLOOD BROTHERS: Young Warriors - Yolande AU

Blood, Sweat and Fears - Ice Hunter

Bluebird by Renee ADULT

Bluff - Sue M ATF

Borrowed Time - Estevana Rey (A Magnificent Seven story set in WWII)

The Bounty by Katrina Sanders

The Bounty - LaraMee

Bounty (The Quicker Picker Upper) by Wyndewalker ATF

Box Series: Buck - Angela B. AU

Boy Meets . . . by JensenRick ATF ADULT

Boys Toys - Sue M ATF

Breaking the Chain by Karin

The Bridge by Desperado's Daughter ATF

Bridge Burning by Kat ATF

Bring on the Rain - sablecain ATF

Broken String - Shellie

Broken Window - Beth Green ATF

A Brother to Count On - Phyllis LB -AU

Brothers by Sevenstars

Brothers in Arms by Beth ATF

The Brush Off - Jann

Build Me a Son - Kat Morgan ATF

Building a New Tradition - KT LB ATF

Bumpy Roads & Building Blocks - Joy K LB ATF

Burden of Friendship by LaraMee

Bureau - Ruby ATF

Busted! by Enola Jones (M7 Rocks! Universe)

But I Thought... - SoDak7

...But I'm Not Stupid by Debby ATF

By A Nose by Turtle ATF ADULT

By Inches - Phyllis ATF


Calamity at Hawks Ridge - Sue M

Came Innocence and She - Julia Verinder

Camp Night - Sivan Shemesh LB ATF

Camping by Katie ADULT

Candles of the Wicked - G M Atwater

Can You Hear Me Now? - Angie ATF

Can't Go Back by Ruby

Captives by LaraMee Deux

The Card - GSister ATF

Careless - The Tanner Triplets

Carving Their Niche by JK LB

The Case of the Golden Blooms - KT AU

CASTAWAYS: Tally Marks - Yolande AU

Cat Burglars - Estee ATF-LB

Caught in the Act - MMW ATF

Cause to Celebrate - Sue M ATF

The Chair by Ruby ATF

The Challenge by Hilary Fox ATF

Challenged - Nancy W.  ATF

Change of Heart by Winter LB

Change in Plans by Winter ATF

A Change in Plans - Anneack LB AU


The Chase by Desperado's Daughter

Chasing A Rainbow by Marg ADULT

Chestnuts by Becky Hromiko ATF

Chicken One Day, Feathers the Next - Phyllis Loafman ATF

The Children of Adam - Angie ATF

Choices and Consequences - LaraMee

Chosen - Sue M ATF

Christmas Eve in the Territory - Jeanne LB

Christmas for Some, Means Answering the Call - Heather M. ATF

The Christmas Joke by Becky Hromiko ATF

Christmas Joy - KT LB

Christmas Memories - Carole LB ATF

Christmas Miracles - Kari

A Christmas Redeemed by Desperado's Daughter

Christmas Reunion by Robyn

Christmas Search - Phyllis LB ATF

The Christmas Solo - Kari

Christmas Surprise - KT LB

The Chronicles: When Angels Cry by Maria Villa

The Circle - Tidia ATF

A Civil Disturbance by Suzy ATF VS

Clockwork - NotTasha

Close Call by Jessie Link Inactive

Close One Door - Dreamer ATF

Close Quarters by Susan Zell

Closet Situations - Jenifer Davis  ATF

Closure by Penny M.

Coercion by Desperado's Daughter

Cold Ride Home - Nite Owl ATF

The Collar by Ruby AU

"The Collector" Missing Scene: JD and Casey by Sarah B. Link Inactive

Come From the Heart - Amber F.

Come Monday - LaraMee ATF

Coming Home Again by JK LB ATF

Coming Home Finally - Angie LB

Coming Out of the Closet by Cecilia Standish ADULT

Common Ground by Karin

Community Spirit - Sue M AU

Complete and Utter Fluff... by Ange ADULT

Computer Solutions - MMW ATF

Confessions in the Dark - Angie

Conflict by Lilly

Connecting the Dots - JK ATF

Connections by Ladysmiths ATF

Consequences by Penny M. VS

Conspiracies by Katie & Carolyn VS

Conversations in Solitaire: Buck by Kat ATF

Conversations in Solitaire: Casey by Kat ATF

Conversations in Solitaire: JD by Kat ATF

The Cookie Monster - Winter ATF-LB

Countdown to Christmas (Series) - Kathy B.

Country Life - Sue M AU

A Cowboy Goes to The Dogs - Cin


Creatures Great and Small - Nancy W. (Alternate Universe "Star Trek")

Crosses We Bear Series: God's Country by Margarett Cassidy

The Cub and the Kit - Debra Noellert AU (Crossover: The Sentinel)

Cult - Winnie ATF

Curious by Tiffiny ADULT

Curse of the Red Nose - Mods ATF

The Cutting Demon - Mog ATF


Dalliance - Sue M ATF

Dammit, Buck! - GSister ATF

Dandelion Memories - Cimmer LB ATF

A Dangerous Liaison - Sue M ATF

Dark Dreams - The Neon Gang

Dark Memories by A. Stuart  LB

The Dark Side - Estee LB ATF

Dark Times and Broken Friendships - Jackie and Lanna

Dark Travels - LaraMee LB AU

Darkest Hours by Estevana Rey

The Darlin Chronicles by Tracy

The Date - Estee and MMW LB ATF

Dawn of a New Century by Carol Pahl

Dawn of a New Century - Part 2 by Carol Pahl

Dawn of a New Day by Maggie

The Day Away - NotTasha

A Day in Dodge - Sue M ATF

A Day Off - Carol Pahl ATF

Days of Fire - Sarah B

Days that Try Men's Souls - Sue M

Daytime Nightmare - Phyllis  LB ATF

Daytime Nightmares Vanquished - Phyllis LB ATF

Deadlier of the Species - 1 by Alanna

Deadlier of the Species - 2 by Alanna

Deadly Games - Shellie

The "Debate" Debacle - Marilyn Crawford LB

Decorated with Love - Carole LB ATF

Dunne Deal - Helen W ATF

Dear Diary - Hercat

Death's Door - Ruby

Deep, Dark Places - KT

Deer Hunting - Beth Green LB ATF

Dear Mother by Cat Standish VS

Death's Shadow by Margarett Cassidy

Deathwatch by Carol Pahl ATF

Deceived by May Robinson

Deception and Dangerous Hobbies - Lisa S. and Sue M. AU

A Decision For A Life by Kris VS

Deja Vu by Cassie ATF

Deliver Us from Evil by Margarett Cassidy

Demands - Ruby ATF

Demons and Lovers by Tipper

Desert Odyssey - KT (xover High Chaparral)

Desolation - Phyllis AU (Seven Investigations)

Despair - Aislinn Graves

Desperate Measures by Maggie VS

Desperation by Tina

Destinations - Trekkieb

Devil's Hand by Cindy Brewer ATF

The Devil's Song by TrishA

Dial M for Murder - Lisa AU

A Diary Entry by Carin AU (Highlander universe) Link Inactive

Die Hand Die Verletz Pt 1 by Kristen Link Inactive

Die Hand Die Verletz Pt 2 by Kristen Link Inactive

Dilemma - Kayim

Diminished by Stefanie

Dinnae Miss Nae Puddles - Kathy M. AU

Dirty Laundry by Jenifer Davis ATF

A Disastrous Turn of Events - Sue M ATF

Discovery - JudyL

Disjunction - Brate AU

Disjuncture (Series) - DeathSprite ATF [In Progress]

Distraction Elimination - Indra Leigh ATF

The Dog House by Turtle ATF

Doggone It - Beth Green LB ATF

Don't Go There, Kid by Linda ATF

Don't Go There, Kid II by Linda ATF

Down Came the Rain - KT LB

Drabbles - Sue M ATF
Drabbles - Sue M AU
Drabbles - Sue M
Drabbles - Sue M LB

Dream - KT AU

Dream Catcher - Kathy M LB

Dreaming of Angels by Barbretta Hayden LB ATF

Drifters Lament - Karen

Drive - JK LB ATF

Dropping In - Sue M ATF

Drummer Boy by Enola Jones AU (M7Rocks! Universe)

Dunne Gunning (Poem) by Ice Hunter

Duty - Sue M

If you are looking for a specific story, click on the first
letter of the title (excluding the words "A" and "The")


Titles A - D
Titles E - L
Titles M - R
Titles S - Z
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