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(Magnificent 7 fiction written by fans in which J.D. Dunne is either the main character, or has a substantial part in the story.)

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ADULT stories are not directly linked due to their mature content. Instructions for obtaining the URL are provided.
ATF stories take place in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.
AU stories take place in an alternate universe other than ATF or Little Britches
VS stories are "virtual season" episodes.


Ma Cullen - Sue M

Made to Be Broken - Sue M ATF

Magical Cats and Sewer Rats, Part 1 - Mods ATF

Magical Cats and Sewer Rats, Part 2 - Mods ATF

Magnificent Chat Room by Cecilia Standish ATF

The Magnificent Hallowe'en Trick by Lily Link Inactive


Magnificent Overdrive by Nancy ADULT

The Magnificent Quest [serial] by Nettie Roe AU

Making Memories - Teri LB ATF

Making Plans and Assumptions by May Robinson ATF

Making Time for the Little Things - Sue M AU

A Man Walks Into a Bar... - BMP ATF

A Man's Word - Ronnie

The Mask Drops - Deb (Part of the Facets Series)

Mater Amata by Carolyn

A Matter of Honor - SueM AU

Matters of the Heart by Cassie Smith

The McDonald's Incident by Ruby ATF

Meant to Be - Mary Ann LB (Alternate LB Universe)

Measure of A Man by LaraMee Deux ADULT

Memories - KT LB Future ATF

Memories - Rikke ATF

Memories and Nightmares - LaraMee LB ATF

Men in Black by Debbi K.

Merry Christmas - Brigitta B

Merry Christmas, and Chicken Pox to You - LaraMee LB ATF

Message Delivered: "Vendetta" Missing Scene - Shellie

Messing With His Head - Sue M ATF

A Midnight Clear - Nancy W LB AU

Miles to Go - Raven LB ATF

Mind the Chandeliers! - Sue M AU

Mind Games - freeformchick ATF (contains sensitive subject matter)

Miracles Do Happen - Sue M AU

Misfits - Winter & Nancy W. AU (WWII Universe)

Misgivings, Misapprehensions, and Missing Persons - Beth Green ATF (xover Without A Trace)

Misplaced - Sue M

Missing Link - Sue M ATF

MISSING SCENES (Collection) - Sue M

Mission Accomplished - Anneack LB AU

Mistakes by Cassie

Mistletoe - KT LB ATF

Mistletoe Wars - Lisa S AU

Mistletoe Wars Part Deux - Sue M. and Lisa S. AU

Misunderstanding - Robijean

Misunderstandings - Sue M AU

Mixed Signals - KT

Mockingbird - Raven LB ATF

A Moment of Madness - Sue M AU

Mona by Shawn Monson ADULT

The Monster in the Gene Pool - Farad AU/xover "Stargate Atlantis"

More Spiritual Thoughts - The Neon Gang ATF LB

Morning Dawn by Cindy L. Combs ATF VS

Morning Off by Kris ATF

Mortuary Follies by Sarah B.

Mothers and Sons by Linda ATF VS

Movie Night - KT ATF LB (Alternate ATF universe Crossover "NCIS"

Mudslide - Sue M

My Brother, My Brother by Linda

My Family - KT LB ATF

My Job is Done by Linda ATF

My Job is Done II by Linda ATF

My Name is Legion - Sarah B.

My Partner, My Friend - Sue M ATF

My Team - Jill ATF


The Name Game - Jody Revenson ATF

Nemesis - Armaita ATF

Never Alone - Tidia LB

Never Too Late - Sue M ATF

New Beginning - Sue M AU

The New Broom - Sue M ATF


A New Light - Ruby

New Pen in Town by Penny

A New Year - Sue M

Night and Day by Not Tasha

Night of the Mummy by Pat ("Little Britches" ATF universe)

Nightfall by Ruby ATF

Nightmares - Sue M ATF

No Glory - Sue M

No Good Going Back - KT LB ATF

No Harm Done - Shellie

No Harm In Remembering by Foggynite ATF

No One to Blame - Robijean ATF

No Place Like Home by Cassie ATF

No Place Like Home - J. Brooks

No Regrets - Kathy

No Rush - Sue M AU

No Way Out by The Muse

Nortado - Estee LB ATF

Not Again by Phyllis Loafman ATF

Not Himself - Sue M ATF

Not In Kansas Anymore - Kathy M ATF / AU

Not Just Us by Tidia

Not No but HELL NO!!! - Twyla Jane

Not the Same by Tiffiny

Not So Harmless Snippet by Shellie

Nothing Nada Jack Zip Zilch - Twyla Jane ATF

Nowhere To Hide - Sue M. AU

Nursery - Flaw

Nursing Insecurities - JK LB ATF


Obsession - Helen Adams ATF

OCTOBER 31st (Collection) - LaraMee

Octogenerians Do It With a Bag! - Sue M AU (Las Vegas)

Odd Occurrences - Angie ATF

Of Age - K Hanna Korossy

Of Guns and Gundams by Hilary Fox Link Inactive

Of Hermits and Crabs - Ruby ATF

Of Loess Piles and Hanging Pallets - Jenifer Davis AU

Of the Night by Bunny AU

Of Worth Beyond Gold - WendyW LB

Offer of a Lifetime - SueM AU

Offspring: Andolian's Second by ~~~§ara~~{%40

Oh, What a Party! - Anneack AU

Old Friends and Enemies by Karin

Old Piano by Lori Anne

OLD WEST CHRISTMAS (Collection) - Wendymypooh

On a Winter's Night - KT LB ATF

Once Upon a Time in the Wild, Wild West

One Dark and Stormy Night by Tiffiny ATF ADULT

One Day in the Forest by Merle AU

One Little Word - KT LB

One Quiet Morning - LaraMee LB

The One that Got Away - Helen Adams

One Man's Treasure - Nomooretears LB ATF

One Soul (Series) - Mary Ann AU
    Captured (Contains material that may be unsuitable for sensitive readers)

One of Their Own -Sue M AU

One of Us - Brigitta B

One Wrong Step by Cindy Brewer ATF

One Year by Maggie VS

Only Wanted to Help by Phyllis Loafman

The Other Side of the Door - Amber F. Drabble

Ours To Defend - Sue M. AU

Out of the Darkness by Alanna

Out of the Light by Lissa Grinstead ADULT

Out of Our Hands - Sue M AU

Out of the Past by Bunny ATF

Outflanked - Pat LB ATF

The Outlaws by Desperado's Daughter VS

Outrageous Fortune by Kathy B. VS


Pack Your Dinner - Zentry

Pageant - WendyW LB

The Pain of Remembering by Shellie

A Pair of Shoes - Carol Pahl AU

Paradox - Sue M AU

Parallels: A "Lady Killers" Epilogue by May Robinson

Parent Trap? - SilverWolf LB

Parkstown by Gina

The Party by LaraMee

Pascua and Cascarones Too - Kathy M ATF

Passing Sentence by Margarett Cassidy ATF VS

Peaches Comes for a Visit - Marian LB

Pen in Trouble by Maggie

Pen in Trouble, a Continuation by Mog

Penalties - Tracy P. ATF

Penance - Helen Adams ATF

Penance by Desperado's Daughter

Penance: Missing Scene - KT

Perchance To Dream: JD by Tiffiny ATF

The Perfect Place - Estee LB ATF

Persona Non Grata by Desperado's Daughter ATF

The Personal Journal of John Dunne

Perspective - Mitzi

Phoenix Sage (Series) - Jen R LB AU

Pieces - Tammy ATF (xover "Law and Order: SVU")

Pieces of Me by Hilary Fox

The Pit by Heather

Plan B by Ruby ATF

Playing Around with Numb3rs - Beth Green ATF

Playing Hookie by Cassie ATF

Playing Hooky - KT LB ATF

Poison by Heather F.

The Poker Game by Cecilia Standish ADULT

Pollywogs - Jeanne LB ATF

Ponderings - MMW LB OW/AU

Ponderings of a Fictional Character - Heather M.

Pop Tarts - Sue M AU

Posting the Male by Firefox ATF

The Potter's Field by Desperado's Daughter

The Power of Friendship - Sue M ATF

The Power of Love - Phyllis Loafman LB ATF

A Pox Upon Thee by Hilary Fox ATF

Practical Joke - Tonny ATF

PRECIOUS GEMS: A Precious Discovery - Knoteach AU (Little JD)

PRECIOUS GEMS: A Birthday Unforgotten - Knoteach AU (Little JD)

PRECIOUS GEMS: I Sing Noel - Knoteach AU (Little JD)

PRECIOUS GEMS: Coming Full Circle - Knoteach AU (Little JD)

Presents and Promises - Barbretta Hayden LB

Pressure - Tapestri AU

The Price of Fame - SueM AU

Price of Revenge VS by Penny

Priceless - Stefanie ATF

The Prodigal by The Scribe

Proficiency - Sue M ATF

The Promise - Shellie

Promises To Keep - Raven LB ATF

A Promise Kept by Carol Pahl

Promises - Sarah B. (deathfic)

Protecting Their Own - Sue M AU

Providence - Sue M AU

Pulling Together - Sue M AU

Pun Stories (Collection) - Beth Green

Pun Wars by Hilary Fox ATF

Pups on Vacation - LaraMee LB ATF

Pure Luck - Sue M AU (Las Vegas)

The Purple Ocean by Bunny AU

Pursuit by Bonnie Pardoe

The Pussy Files by The Muse ATF

Putting Faces With the Names (Not a direct link)

Pyromania Sue M ATF


The Quandary - Phyllis ATF

Questionable Answers - Estee LB ATF

The Quilt - LaraMee Deux


Race - Katie

Race For Life - Sue M ATF

Rage - LaraMee sensitive reader warning

The Raid - Jeanne LB

Rainy Day by Shellie

The Ranch by Karin AU

The Ranch: Pressure by Linda AU

A Ranger's Code by Maggie AU

Reading Between the Lines - Sue M LB ATF

Reality Check - The Cohorts AU/ATF

Reality Crosscheck - The Cohorts AU/ATF

Rear Window - J. Brooks

Reclamations - Sarah B. AU

Red by Linda B.

Red Cross ATF - Oann

Red Cross 2 ATF - Oann

Redbridge's Hostage by Wyvern

Redemption: An "Achilles" Epilogue by May Robinson

Redemption Sevenstars

Redirection by Ladysmiths ATF

Reflection of Deceit - Phyllis and Kay AU (xover SG-1, SG-A)

Reflections by Gwin ADULT

Reflections - Sue M ATF

Refuge - Joy LB AU

Reign of Terror - Sue M ATF

Remember - Marian

Repercussions - Sue M AU

Requiem - Katie

Resemblance - SN ATF

Resolution: Epilogue to "Achilles" by Shellie

Respect - Sue M ATF

Rest and Relaxation - Sue M AU

Reticent Romantic Ramblings by Kat AU

Retribution by Wyvern

Return Journey - WendyW LB

Return of the Remembered by Desperado's Daughter

Revelations (Series) - anonymous a.k.a. nobody ADULT

Revenge by Katie

Revenge is Sweet - Hombre

Revenge of the Seven by Mog

The Ride by Stachy ATF

Ride Forever - GSister

Ride the River - Armaita ATF Crossover Walker Texas Ranger

Ridin'- Raven LB ATF

Right Place at the Right Time by Wyvern

Right Place - Wrong Time - Angie ATF

A Rite of Passage - Sue M

The River Styx by Estevana Rey

Road to Hell - Sue M AU

Rodeo Daze by Twyla Jane ATF

Rockin' by Phyllis Loafman LB ATF

Roommates by Sablecain AU (Federal Air Marshals Universe)

A Rubber By Any Other Name by The Muse ATF ADULT

Rule of Thumb - NotTasha

Running - NotTasha

Running on Empty - Joy K, Winter, Nancy W AU

If you are looking for a specific story, click on the first
letter of the title (excluding the words "A" and "The")


Titles A - D
Titles E - L
Titles M - R
Titles S - Z
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