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(Magnificent 7 fiction written by fans in which J.D. Dunne is either the main character, or has a substantial part in the story.)

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ADULT stories are not directly linked due to their mature content. Instructions for obtaining the URL are provided.
ATF stories take place in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.
AU stories take place in an alternate universe other than ATF or Little Britches
VS stories are "virtual season" episodes.


The S & D Incident - Sue M ATF

The Sacrificial Chicken by Quincy ATF

Saddle Bronc by Patricia

"Safecracker": Missing Scene by Katilian

Sanctuary - Helen Adams

Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Nancy W LB ATF

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town - Carole LB ATF

Save the First Dance for Me by Debbi K. ADULT

Say What? - JudyL ATF

Scariest of All - Kathy M AU

Scene in Need of a Fic: Buck by Penny

Scene in need of a fic: JD by Linda

Shades of Death Road - Tammy ATF (Crossover "Supernatural")

School's Out by Bunny AU

School Supplies - Jeanne LB

Sealed - Sue M AU

Seasons of Love - Mary Ann LB ATF

Secrets by Tiffiny ATF

Security by Shellie

Seeing the Other Side by Karin ATF

Seeking and Finding Wisdom - Anneack ATF

Self Sacrifice by Shellie

Set-up by Desperado's Daughter ATF

Settling a Score - SueM AU

Settling the Score - Brigitta B

Seven Deadly Hangovers by Sue Bartholomew

The Seven Meet . . . by The Inkslingers

Seven Years - Estee LB-AU (Future LB universe)

Shame by Tiffiny ADULT

Shaving Soap - Helen Adams LB ATF

She's Beautiful ATF- Luna Dey

Shield of Gelert - NotTasha

Shelter by Ange ADULT

Shenandoah Waltz by Sue Bartholomew

Shortcuts - JK

A Shoulder to Lean On - Ace

Sick Day - MMW LB ATF

Side by Side - JIN

Siege by Lady Angel ATF VS

Silence - LT and Niteowl LB ATF

The Silence Between by Shellie

Silent Discoveries - McKenna Lorazano

Silent Dreams by Maggie

Silent Gifts by Katilian

Silent Knight - Jody Revenson ATF

Silent Memories - Violette ATF

Silent Voices by Debby ATF

Sins of the Father by Cassie

Sins of the Father - Phox LB ATF

Six Reasons by Michele F.

Six Weeks - Sue M ATF

Skallen, One by Shellie

Skallen, Two by Shellie and Mary

Skeletons by Cassie Smith VS

Skill and Application - Sue M AU (Brothers Larabee)

Sleepy Hollow by Robyn

Slip of the Tongue - SoDak7

Slipping Away by Penny M.

Slow Descent into Hell - Angie ATF

Slow Down Time by Carol Pahl

Small Favors by Shellie

Small Refugees - Pat Merritt LB ATF

Small Treasures - Nancy W. LB D&D

Snow Day - Sue M Alternate Universe "Brothers Larabee"

Snowbound - Anneack LB AU

So Close - Sue M ATF

Someone Else's Son - Angie LB ATF

Something by Saaa and The Immortal ATF

Something by Ruby ATF

Something Old - Thalia AU (Street Gang)

Something to Prove - KellyA ATF

Something's Not Quite Right - Anneack AU

Sometimes - SMJ ATF

Somewhere Along the Road - Estee LB ATF

Sooner or Later - Ruby

Sorry Guys - Nellie ATF

The Sounds that Call the Young Sailors - GSister ATF

Sparklering - Kathy M LB ATF

A Special Day - The Neon Gang

Special Friends - Angie ATF LB

Speechless by Desperado's Daughter

Speed and Control - KT

Spirit - Ruby LB ATF

Spirit Bay - TexasAries AU

Spiritual Thoughts - The Neon Gang LB ATF

A Spot at the Keyhole by De Orakle ADULT

Spooky by Cindy Brewer ATF

Spring Cleaning - Sue M ATF

Spring is in the Air by Lofn ADULT

Stabat Frater Dolorosis by Darknyss

Stakeout and Take-Out - Sue M ATF

The Stallion - Sue M

Stand - Sue M ATF

Stand Off by sablecain ATF

Starting Over - Angie LB

Starting Over - Becky E ATF

Stick to Your Guns by Renee Novak

Still by Sue Kelley

Stockholm Syndrome - Angie ATF

Storm - Sue M AU

Stranded - Gunney LB ATF

Strange Day - Sue M  ATF

Strange Days - Kat Morgan AU

A Stumble in the Dark - Luna Dey ATF


Subterfuge - Carole LB ATF

Sugarplum by Kristi ADULT

Sugar Rush - Carole LB ATF

Sunday Dinner - Carol Pahl

Supremum Vale by Darknyss

Surfing - Sue M ATF

Survival by Winter ATF ADULT

A Survivor's Soul - Phyllis Davis AU (Seven Investigations universe)

Suspicions by Shellie

Sweet Secret - KT AU

Swooshed Away - KT LB ATF


Table Talk, Poker and Cunning Plans - Sue M ATF

Tables Turned by KRH ATF

Tainted Water by Shellie

Taken Away - Nancy W LB-AU

Taken for a Ride - Carol Pahl ATF

Taking the Blame - Jill ATF

Taking the Bull by the Horns by Luna Dey ATF

Taking Chances by Laura H. ADULT

Taking Flight by Cass LB

Taking It Like A Man by Tiffiny

A Tale at Chris's Expense! - Brenda Lee Jackson

A Tale for All Hallows' Eve - JD's Chat Group (round-robin)

The Tale of Cletus Bunt - Sue M AU

Talking to Her - Emerald ADULT

Tangled Web by Tidia ATF

A Taste for It - MMW LB ATF

Tears and Violets - Susan J. King

Tears of a Clown - Sue M

Tee-Time - Winter LB ATF

Ten Days - Carol Pahl ATF

Testimony by May Robinson ATF

Testing the Tie by Karin

Their Loss by Carol Pahl ATF

Then Came You - Sue M ATF

Then He Kissed Me ATF - Rikke

Therapy by Quincy ATF

There is No Answer - Midnight Profit ATF

There's a Bathroom on the Right - Ruby ATF

These Friends of Mine by Ronnie ATF

These Men - JD Dunne by Merle Link Inactive

THINGS WE LEARNED #3: Empty Faces - Phyllis LB ATF

THINGS WE LEARNED #5: Cowboys and Trolls- Gina D LB ATF

The Third Sunday in June - May Robinson ATF

Thirty-Five Minutes - Sue M AU

This Every Day Love - Phyllis Loafman ATF

This Man I Know - Sue M and Robijean ATF

This Was Really a Bad Idea - Anneack LB AU

Those We Leave Behind by Linda

Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon - LaraMee

Threats by Celeste

Three Long Hours - Sue M ATF

Through A Glass Darkly ATF by Shellie

'Thumbody' Special - LaraMee LB ATF

Tian Heping (Sweet Peace) - LaraMee AU

Tight Fit - Yolande (Part of the Lone Wolf Series)

Time and Again - BMP LB ATF

A Time for All Seasons - Marilyn Crawford ATF

Time Cards - Ruby

Time for the Little Things - Becky E ATF

Time Is Eternal by Maggie VS

'Tis the Season - Sue M  AU

Titusville - Kim & Joy K ATF

The Times That Try Men's Souls by Cindy Shannon

To Hear the Angels Sing - KT LB AU

Together Again: Epilogue to Fateful Day by Maggie

Together for Christmas - KT LB ATF

Tolerance - Sue M AU

Too Late to Say I'm Sorry - Carol Pahl ATF

Too Many Chefs - Tidia ATF

Too Many Chefs by Tidia ATF

Too Much Time on My Hands - Angie ATF

Top 10 Reasons by Tiffiny ATF ADULT

Torn by Stefanie

Tracking a Friend�s Footprints - Debra Noellert ATF

Trade Off at Bear Bluff - Sue M

Traffic School - The Neon Gang ATF

Traffic Stop by Winter ATF VS

Traffic Stop - Winter ATF

Tragedy - Angie LB ATF

The Trail To Tascosa by The Traveling Dimestore Novelist

Transgressions - Sevenstars

TRAVINER VARIANT: New Beginning - Q'Mar AU

Travis Family: What Three Little Brats Can Do - Demaris AU

Tree Fall - KT LB ATF

Treehouse of Terror - Joy K LB ATF

A Tree in the Hand - Dail

Trees - Ruby LB ATF (sequel to Mr. Mason)

Trick or Treat by Linda ATF

Tricks of the Trade - May Robinson and Sue M. ATF

The Trip by Cecilia Standish ADULT

A Trolling We Will Go by JK and Kerry  LB ATF

Trouble by Ruby ATF

The Trouble with Tatooine by Linda T. AU (Star Wars universe)

Troubled Waters - Beth Green ATF

Truce - Nancy W. LB ATF

True Grit - Sue M ATF

Trust by Linda ATF

Trust And Doubt byTiffiny ATF

Truth, Trust and a Handshake - SoDak7

Tumbling II - Angie LB ATF

Turn of Luck by NotTasha

Twas the Night Before Christmas by Cindy Brewer

T'was the Night Before Christmas - The Neon Gang ATF

Twice Around the Park - Sue M LB ATF

The Twilight Years - Patricia

Twin Fates by Maggie

Twisted Traditions - Estee LB AU

Two Hundred and Forty Nine Dollars and 95 Cents - Suzi ATF

Two Strong Men - Sue M ATF

Two Turtle Doves - Estee (Seven Brothers) AU

Two Weeks in April - Angie ATF

Two Weeks In May - Angie ATF


Ultimatum - Sue M

Unbreakable by Emsworth

Unca Josiah to the Rescue - Jeanne LB ATF

Uncle Ezra's Halloween - Helen Adams LB ATF

Uncommon Ground - K Hanna Korossy

Under Pressure by NotTasha

Understandings - Tammy ATF (Sequel to "Father?")

Unexpected - JudyL

Unexpected in Common Hours - Jody Revenson ATF

Unexpected Treasure - JK LB

Uninvited by Lady Chris

Uninvited Guest - KT

Unleashing the Past - Sue M AU

Unspoken - Kay ADULT

Untangling the Five-Year-Old Mind - Joy K LB ATF

Until Your Dreams Know - JK LB ATF

[Untitled] by Heather F. ATF

[Untitled] - Kat ADULT

[Untitled] by Nicki Ellsesser

Untitled - Darknyss (Deathfic)

Untitled - Strange Fic - Jenifer Davis  ATF

Up on the Rooftop - The Neon Gang ATF

Used - K Hanna Korossy


Vae Soli by Darknyss

Valley of the Shadows by The Dirty Dozen ADULT

Vendetta: The Blood of the Lamb by the Inkslingers

Vendetta: Missing Scene by Sarah B.

Vengeance by Linda VS

View of a Window - Sue M ATF

Vigil - Sue M AU

Visits With Dr. Will - LaraMee LB ATF


The Wages of War - Phyllis LB AU

Waitin' by Phyllis Loafman ATF

Waiting by Linda ATF

Waiting for a Friend by Mog

Waiting for Tonight by Cecilia Standish ADULT

The Waiting Game - Nancy W. LB ATF

The Waiting Game by the ATF RPG Group ATF In Progress

Walk on the Wild Side - Sue M ATF

Walls by Cassie (ATF VS)

Wallbee - Marian LB

The Way of the Jedi - Linda T. AU (Star Wars)


Wearing Sheepskin - Enola ATF

Weary by Linda

Weekend Plans - LaraMee LB ATF

Weeds - Ruby LB ATF


Welcome Home - Lyn LB ATF

Welcome to the Family - Anneack AU

Well-Connected - MMW ATF

Westerlings - RonneeM (Poem)

Westlander by Sarah B. AU (Highlander universe)

A Wet and Wild Time - Anneack AU

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? by JK LB ATF

What Breaks a Man? - Sue M AU

What If by J.C.

WHAT'S IN A KISS: First Kiss - Jenn

What Makes A Home - LaraMee LB ATF

What Makes a Man by Gina

What Makes a Man: Honor by Katilian

What Makes a Man: Faith by Katilian (sequel to "Honor")

What,Where, Who and Why by Marian

What Will They Say About You? - Carole Pahl

Wheels - Winter LB ATF

When Big Brothers are Away - Freespirit

When the Lights Go Down by Mog

When the Memory Disappears by K.

When a Stranger Calls - Angie and Marian ATF

When They Were Seven - Tess

Where Heroes Lie by C.V. Puerro ADULT

Where's JD? - Nellie ATF

While the Cat's Away - Anneack AU

Whistling Dixie by Gwin ADULT

White by Mog

White Raven - Kathy M LB

A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean - LittleAnne ATF

White Water Weekend by Linda ATF

Whiteout - Terri ATF

Who's Afraid of the Dark? - Lu ATF

Who's That Knocking ???????? - Pamiekae ATF

Who's the Kid? by Linda ATF

Who Needs a Plate? - Sue M AU

Why? - Ruby ATF

Why Mr. Chris Wants a New Housekeeper by Pat & Brenda LB ATF

Wide Awake - Gingerrozz LB ATF

Wild Cards - Carole

Window Shopping - Hombre ATF

Windows of the Soul by May Robinson

A Winter Night - Lori Anne

A Winter Wonderland by RonneeM ATF VS

A Winter Wonderland: Part 2 by RonneeM ATF

A Wire in the Blood by Ladysmiths ATF

A Witch's Gift - Heather F.

Without You - LT ATF

Witness Protection ATF - Heather F

Women - Wendymypooh

A Wonderfully Wet Weekend - Anneack Future LB

Words - Ruby ATF

Words For The Seven: Buck by Mog

Words For The Seven: JD by Mog

Wounds of a Friend - The Buffalo Gals

The Wrath of Nettie Wells - Steph


X-Magnificence - Rhicy AU (Evolution Series)


Ye Olde Costume Shoppe by Tiffiny ATF

A Year to be Thankful For - Robijean ATF

Yodeling - GSister

ou Belong to Me by Sassy

You Didn't Know What You Were Doing - Nellie ATF

You Drink This Stuff? - Dreamer ATF

You Had Me From Hello - Cindy Brewer

You Have to Trust Someone - Phyllis

Young Warriors - Yolande AU (Blood Brothers series)

You’re Not the Type - LaraMee Deux

You've Got a Way by Bunny

If you are looking for a specific story, click on the first
letter of the title (excluding the words "A" and "The")


Titles A - D
Titles E - L
Titles M - R
Titles S - Z
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