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Susan MacDonald
Old West universe Dirty Laundry - Susan Macdonald (Ezra / Vin)
ATF Crossover Family and Strangers - Susan MacDonald (Chris, Blair Sandburg) "The Sentinel"
Old West crossover Fireworks in Four Corners - Susan Macdonald (Chris, Ezra, Hannibal Heyes, Kid Curry) "Alias Smith and Jones"
Old West crossover Just a Friendly Game of Poker - Susan Macdonald (Ezra) Multiple OW series
Old West universe The Little Gentleman - Susan Macdonald (Buck, OC)
ATF crossover Neighbors - Susan Macdonald (Vin, Chris, John Peter McAllister) "The Master"
Old West Crossover Texas vs. Tanner - Susan Macdonald (Vin, Chris, Bronco Lane)
Old West Crossover Trouble Rides a Black Horse - Susan Macdonald (Chris, Ezra, Waco Kid, Black Bart) "Blazing Saddles"
Old West with a star Zilpah - Susan Macdonald (Ezra, Nathan, OC)

Kim Maddox
ATF By a Thread - Kim Maddox (Chris, Ezra)
ATF In Dreams - Kim Maddox (Chris, Adam)
Old West Only a Matter of Time - Kim Maddox (Chris)

Old West Month to Month - Madraf (Ezra, Inez, Buck)

Old West with a Star Dropped and Caught - Maeve (Vin)

Alternate Universe A Ranger's Code - Maggie (JD, Vin, Chris)
Alternate Universe Learning Experience - Maggie (JD)

Magnolia Belle
Old West Bad Influence - Magnolia Belle (Ezra, JD, Maude)
Old West Memories of Gangrene - Magnolia Belle (Ezra, Vin)
Old West Halloween Personal Ghosts - Magnolia Belle (Seven)

Las Vegas Universe An Angel's Kiss - Mallory (Buck, OFC)
Old West Universe Facing His Demons - Mallory (Josiah)
Las Vegas Universe Halloween Moments at the Montecito - Mallory (Seven)
Las Vegas Universe Heart Burn - Mallory (Josiah)
Old West Universe The Other Seven - Mallory (Josiah, OFC)
Las Vegas Universe The Reluctant Elves - Mallory (Seven)
Old West Universe Trouble Comes to Watsonville - Mallory & Linda A Murdock (Josiah, Vin, OFCs)
Las Vegas Universe What Am I Thankful For? - Mallory (Seven)

Old West A Birthday to Remember - Marian (Chris, Mary)
ATF Universe with a star Blast from the Past - Marian and Angie (JD)
Old West Buck and Inez - Marian (Buck, Inez)
Old West Butler's Revenge - Marian (Josiah, OMC)
Little Britches Old West Dear God... - Marian (Vin)
ATFt Universe The Evil Within - Marian and Sue M (JD, Buck)
Poem Ezra? Where Ever Did You Get That Dress? - Marian (Ezra)
Old West First Day - Marian (Ezra)
Old West Good-bye Love - Marian (JD)
Old West Her Beating Heart - Marian (Seven, OFC, OMC)
Old West It Started When - Marian and Linda B.
Old West JD to the Rescue - Marian and Angie (JD)
Old West Larabee's Prayer - Marian (Chris)
ATF Love Finds a Way - Marian (Nathan, Rain)
Old West Love Remembers - Marian (Chris, Mary)
ATF Missing - Marian (Nathan)
ATF A Mysterious Stranger - Marian (Rain)
ATF Nathan - Marian (Nathan)
Little Britches Old West Peaches Comes for a Visit - Marian (Vin, JD)
ATF Preparing for Life - Marian (Nathan)
Old West Remember - Marian (JD)
Old West Santa - Marian (Chris, Santa)
ATF Someday - Marian (Rain, Nathan)
Alternate Little Britches Universe Treeline Ranch: Journey's End - Phyllis and Marian (Seven)
Old West 2 am - Marian (Mary, Chris)
Little Britches Old West Wallbee - Marian (JD)
Old West What, Where, Who and Why - Marian (JD, Casey)
ATF Universe When a Stranger Calls - Angie and Marian (JD)

Old West A Helpful Shove - Marie (Chris, Buck, Sarah)

L. C. Martin
Old West Universe Description of a Gambler - L.C. Martin (Ezra)
Old West Universe Description of a Gunfighter - L.C. Martin (Chris)
Old West Universe Description of a Healer - L.C. Martin (Nathan)
Old West Universe Description of a Preacher - L.C. Martin (Josiah)
Old West Universe Description of a Scoundrel - L.C. Martin (Buck)
Old West Universe Description of a Tracker - L.C. Martin (Vin)
Alternate Universe with a star Finding Home - L.C. Martin (Seven)
Alternate Universe Settling In - L.C. Martin (Seven)
Alternate Universe Staying Hidden - L. C. Martin (Seven)
Poem Sunrise - L.C. Martin [Vin){POEM]

Barb Marx
ATF Universe Operation Halloween - Barb Marx (Ezra)

Multi Universe JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT... (Collection) - Luna Dey, et. al.
ATF with Star It's All in the Wrist (Part Deux) - Lisa & Mary (Ezra, Vin, Nathan)
ATF with Star Stakeout - Lisa and Mary (Buck, JD, Chris)

Mary Ann
Old West Arrested - Mary Ann (Chris)
ATF Universe At Least Until - Mary Ann (Vin, Chris)
Old West A Bad Day - Mary Ann (Vin)
ATF Universe Being Greedy Doesn't Pay - Mary Ann (Seven)
Old West Big Iron - Mary Ann (Vin, Chris, Buck)
Old West Brung Ya Spring - Mary Ann (Vin, Chris)
ATF Universe The Bust - Mary Ann (Seven)
Old West Chance Encounter - Mary Ann (Vin)
ATF Collecting - Mary Ann (Vin)
ATF Universe Deadline - Mary Ann (Seven)
ATF universe Family and More - Mary Ann (Vin)
ATFe Universe Family, It's What You Make it - Mary Ann (Seven)
ATF For Once - Mary Ann (Ezra)
ATF A Good Day? - Mary Ann (Vin, Chris)
ATF Universe Halloween Halloween Memories - Mary Ann (Vin)
ATF Universe A Halloween Nightmare - Mary Ann (Chris, Vin)
ATF Universe Happenings - Mary Ann (Seven)
ATF Universe A Holiday Gift - Mary Ann (Vin)
Alternate universe IN THE YEAR (Series) - Mary Ann (Seven)
Alternate universe In The Year - Mary Ann (Seven)
Alternate universe AU Information Sheet
Alternate universe Contents Fragile - Mary Ann, Kathy M. and Judy S. (Seven)
Alternate universe In The Year ... A Beginning - Mary Ann (Vin)
Alternate universe Fallen But Not Alone - Mary Ann (Chris, JD, Vin)
Alternate universe Total Trust - Mary Ann (Chris, Vin)
Alternate universe Is It Halloween? - Mary Ann (Seven)
Alternate universe Winter's Grip (Ezra)
Alternate universe A Little Lost (Vin, Chris, Buck)
Alternate universe Firestorm (Vin)
Alternate universe One Christmas (Seven, Rain)
Alternate universe Silk and Satin (Vin, Buck, Ezra)
Alternate universe Outlaws and Trainwrecks (Seven)
Alternate universe Race Home (Chris, Vin)
Alternate universe Just A Day (Vin, Ezra, Chris)
Alternate universe Challenge Answered (Chris, Vin)
Alternate universe Run for Life (Vin)
Alternate universe A Different Trust (Seven)
Alternate universe Rainy Ambush (Seven)
Alternate universe Homeward Bound (Vin, Ezra, Nathan, Josiah)
Alternate universe All's Well (Vin, Ezra, Chris)
Alternate universe Lost and Alone (Vin)
Alternate universe Snow Day Trap (Vin, Chris)
Alternate universe A Bit of Blah (Seven)
Alternate universe Little Matter of a Kidnapping (Vin, JD)
Alternate universe Friends Not Forgotten (Chris, Buck)
Alternate universe Outlaw's Cave (Chris, Vin, Josiah)
Old West Judgment Day - Mary Ann (Vin)
ATF Universe A Last Stand - Mary Ann (Seven, Ella Gaines)
ATF Crossover Little Bit of Revenge - Mary Ann (Vin, Martin, Chris, Danny) "Without a Trace"
ATF Crossover Lost 'n' Found - Mary Ann (Vin, Chris Martin Fitzgerald) WITHOUT A TRACE
ATF Universe Luck of the Draw - Mary Ann (Vin, Ezra)
Alternate Little Britches Universe Meant to Be - Mary Ann (Vin, JD)
ATF Midnight Hour - Mary Ann (Seven)
ATF Universe No Way! - Mary Ann (Buck)
ATF Universe Nowhere to Go - Mary Ann (Seven)
Old West A New Business in Four Corners - Mary Ann (Seven)
Alternate Universe ONE SOUL (Series) - Mary Ann
Alternate Universe One Soul (Chris, Vin)
Alternate Universe - Christmas The Gift (Vin, Buck, Chris)
Alternate Universe with star Captured (Vin, JD)
ATF Universe Only a Block - Mary Ann (Seven)
ATF Universe Regret - Mary Ann (Seven)
Little Britches Universe Seasons of Love - Mary Ann (Vin, JD)
Old West Silence is Golden - Mary Ann (Vin, Buck)
ATF Crossover Taken by Mistake - Mary Ann (Chris, Vin, Martin Fitzgerald) Without a Trace
ATF Universe Three Brothers Connected - Mary Ann (Vin, Chris)
ATF Universe The Tractor - Mary Ann (Chris)
Old West universe Unending Brotherhood - Mary Ann (Seven)
ATF What the Hell Happened? - Mary Ann (Seven)
Old West When Fishing is No Fun - Mary Ann (Seven)

Mary K

Alternate ATF Universe Something Wicked - Mary K (Ezra, Vin)


Old West Being There - mcat (Vin, Chris)
ATF Blind Faith - mcat (Vin, Buck)
Old West Blindsided - mcat (Vin, Buck)
ATF Bombshell - mcat (Vin)
ATF A Brush With Greatness - mcat (Nathan, Vin)
Old West Dependability - mcat (Chris, Vin)
ATF Dead or Alive - mcat (Buck, Vin, Chris)
ATF Father's Day - mcat (Vin, Chris)
ATF Fresh Air - mcat (Vin)
ATF Judgement Day - mcat (Vin)
Old West with Star Of Spirits and Visions - mcat (Vin)
Old West One Bullet - mcat (Vin, Chris)
ATF Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire - mcat (Vin)
ATF Someone He Knew - mcat (Nathan, Josiah)
Old West Soul Searching - mcat (Vin)
Old West Storms of the Past - mcat (Vin, Chris)
ATF Universe VIN Cloning and Motor Vehicle Title Fraud - mcat (Vin, Chris)
ATF Visions - mcat (Vin)
Old West Wallflower - mcat (Vin)
Old West When Butterflies Attack - mcat (Vin)
ATF Crossover Wrong Place, Wrong Time - mcat (Vin, Martin Fitzgerald) (Without A Trace)

Alternate Universe Generations: The Beginning - Meg (Vin, Chris, Ezra)
Alternate Universe The Chaos That is Family - Meg (Ezra, Chris, Buck, Vin and Nettie)

ATF Universe Backlash - Megan (Buck)
ATF Christmas Eve - Megan (Seven)
Alternate Universe Fire Control - Megan (Seven)
ATF universe Ghost Bullet - Megan (Seven)
Alternate Universe Helper 2.2 - Megan (JD, Buck, Chris)
Star Trek universes How Not to Get to a Vacation - Megan (Ezra, Buck, Chris)
ATF universes How to Get Rid of a Mole - Megan (Seven)
Old West 15th Anniversary A Night in the Saloon - Megan (Seven)
Old West Universe Polished Wood - Megan (Josiah)
Stargate Atlantis Universe SK Stalker - Megan (Buck)
ATF Two Shaken Agents - Megan (Seven)
Old West Universe When It Rains, It Pours - Megan (Buck, Chris)
Alternate Universe Wild Fire - Megan (Seven)

ATF Cigarette and Ash - Mel (Ezra, Vin)

Old West Universe Deadline - Michelle and Amanda (Ezra, Mary, OFC)
ATF Universe Taken to the Grave - Michelle and Amanda (Ezra, Chris)
VICTIM/VILLAIN (Series) Amanda & Michelle (Seven, OFCs)
1. Pleasure Doing Business
2. Conflict of Interest
3. Victim
4. Villain

Michelle 2
Old West A Matter of Family - Michelle (Ezra)

ATF Universe Soundtrack - Mimi (Vin, Ezra)
Old West Universe With Dreams Come More than Responsibilities - Mimi (Claire, Chanu)

Old West crossover Blurred Lines - Mitzi (Seven, Cannons, Montoyas) High Chaparral
Old West Crossroads - Mitzi (Seven)
Old West Universe Fool's Gold and Ashes - Mitzi (Seven)
Old West A Friend To Me - Mitzi (Seven)
Old West crossover I Will Help You - Mitzi (Seven, Kwai Chang Caine) Kung Fu
Old West Like Cats and Dogs - Mitzi (Buck, Chris)
Old West Perspective - Mitzi (Buck, JD, Chris)
Old West Pyrite and Candlelight - Mitzi (Seven)
Old West The Spirit of a Hero - Mitzi (Seven)
ATF Universe Texas Hold 'Em - Mitzi (Seven)
Old West To Walk a Mile - Mitzi (Chris)
ATF Alter Ego - Mitzi (Buck, Ezra)

Miz Nettie
Little Britches ATF He Needed Me - Miz Nettie

Alternate Old West Universe Live to Fight On - mmrrph (Seven, OFC)

ATF Adding a Little Color - MMW (Seven)
ATF Universe Ailments of the Undead - MMW (Josiah, Vin)
ATF ANGEL GIRL (Series) - Purple Lacey
ATF When Did I Lose Control? - MMW (Vin)
ATF Universe The Bonds of Brotherhood - MMW (Seven)
Old West Universe Cat and Mouse - MMW (Vin)
ATF Computer Solutions - MMW (Buck, JD)
Little Britches ATF Universe The Date - Estee & MMW (Chris, Buck, Vin, JD)
Old West Ella's Trail - MMW (Vin)
Little Britches ATF EVERYDAY HEROES (Series) - Joy K, et al
Little Britches ATF #9: School's Out - MMW (Vin, JD, Chris, Buck, OMC)
Little Britches Old West Ezra Claus - MMW (Ezra, Vin, JD)
Little Britches Old West Ezra Claus 2: Santa's Secret - MMW (Ezra, Vin, JD)
Old West Fast Enough - MMW (Chris, Vin, OMCs)
Various universes FRIENDSHIP (Collection) - MMW
Old West The Nesting Instinct (Ezra, Josiah)
Old West Stay (Buck, Chris)
ATF Universe Night (Chris)
ATF Universe A Strong Foundation (Chris, Josiah)
Old West Forgiveness (JD, Vin)
ATF Universe Priceless (Ezra, Maude)
ATF Explanation (Seven)
Old West A Mother's Wisdom (Ezra, Maude)
Old West Valuables (Vin, Ezra)
Old West with a star Friends and Family (Josiah, Vin)
ATF Universe An Important Lesson (Josiah, Ezra)
ATF Universe Coffee with Bear Milk and Friendship (Chris, Vin)
Little Britches Old West Glass, Frog, Shoes: A Typical Morning - MMW (Seven)
Old West Universe Glint of Steel, Flash of Blade - MMW (Vin, Chris)
Old West Good Enough - MMW (Chris, Vin, OMC)
ATF Universe Graduation Day - MMW (Buck)
Old West Harmless Secret - MMW (Vin, Chris)
ATF The Hideout - MMW (Chris, Vin)
ATF A Holiday Curse - MMW (Seven)
Multi Universe JOY'S BIRTHDAY 'ZINE... (Collection)
Little Britches Old West Retribution - MMW (Chris, Vin)
Little Britches Old West MAGNIFICENT LITTLE BRITCHES (Series) - various authors (Vin, JD)
Little Britches Old West Safecracker - MMW
Little Britches Old West The New Law - MMW
Little Britches Old West Penance - MMW
Little Britches Old West Serpents - MMW
ATF Meditation on Hope - 1 - MMW (Josiah)
ATF Meditation on Hope 2 - MMW (Josiah)
Old West Universe Nothing More Than Men - MMW (Buck)
Old West with a star The Other Cheek - MMW (Josiah, Vin, Buck)
Old West Peeping Everyone - MMW (Seven)
LB Alternate Old West Universe Ponderings - MMW (Vin, JD, Buck, Chris)
Little Britches ATF PUZZLING OUT LIFE'S LITTLE LESSONS (Series) - Joy K, et al
Little Britches ATF #4: Skunked - MMW (Vin, JD, Chris, Buck)
Alternate Universe Reflections Over Morning Coffee - MMW (Seven, Orrin Travis)
Old West The Right Path - MMW (Chris)
Little Britches Old West Shared Tradition - MMW (Nathan, Vin)
LB Alternate Old West Universe Sick Day - MMW (JD)
ATF Universe The Silent Father - MMW (Buck)
Old West Universe Someone to Ride the River With - MMW (Buck, Ezra)
Alternate Universe of Little Britches Stolen Moment - MMW (Vin, Chris)
ATF Stress Relief - MMW (Seven)
Old West Universe There When You Need Them - MMW (Vin)
ATF Well-Connected - MMW (JD, Vin)
Old West 15th Anniversary Where I Belong - MMW (Vin)
Alternate Universe Whispers of History - MMW (Vin, Chris, Buck)
Little Britches ATF Words Once Spoken Can't Be Taken Back - MMW (Vin, Chris)

ATF Universe Atlanta to Denver - Mog (Ezra)
ATF Black Magic - Mog and Tidia (JD, Buck)
Old West The Devil's Night - Mog (Ezra)
ATF Hillbillies and Geeks - Tidia and Mog (Vin, Ezra)
ATF Santa and the Devil - Mog (Seven)
ATF Universe Secret Vices - Tidia & Mog (Seven)
ATF Universe Tangled Web - Tidia & Mog (Seven)

Little Britches ATF universe Mending Fences - Monardia (Ezra, Chris, Vin)

Old West How the Seven Eat Their Reese's - Monica (Seven)

Monica M.
Alternate Universe Desert Run - Monica M. (Ezra, Chris)
Alernate Universe Finding Trust - Monica M. (Ezra, Buck)
Old West Heart of Gold - Monica M. (Ezra)
Old West Crossover Maverick Men - Monica M. (Ezra, Bret Maverick) Maverick
Alternate Universe REGENTS (Series) - Debra M. and Monica M.
Alternate Universe Seven Toy Soldiers - Monica M. & Debra M. (Seven)
Alternate Universe Fish Tales and Fathers - Monica M. and Debra M. (Seven)
Alternate Universe A Mother's Worst Fear - Monica M. & Debra M. (Buck)
Alternate Universe What I'm Thankful For - Debra M. & Monica M. (Seven)
Alternate Universe Tidings of Comfort and Joy - Monica M. & Debra M (Seven)
Alternate Universe Dates, Dares and Danger - Debra M. and Monica M. (Seven)
AU Crossover Guys Gone Wild - Debra M. and Monica M. (Seven)
Alternate Universe Bets and Brawling - Debra M. and Monica M. (Seven)
Alternate Universe Making the Team - Monica M. (Ezra)
Alternate Universe Pickoff Moves - Monica M. (Chris, Ezra)

Clara Moore
Little Britches ATF universe Hiding (A Reflection) - Clara Moore (Vin)
Little Britches ATF universe Hiding Too - Clara Moore (Vin, Chris, Brick McKenna)

Robin Moore
Old West with a star Thunder Road - Robin Moore (Chris, Vin)

Ms Bagels
ATF He Gets That From Me -Ms Bagels (Maude, Ezra)
ATF Ezra's Final Words - Ms Bagels (Seven)

Linda A. Murdock
Old West Old Friends Return - Linda (Seven, OFCs)
Old West Universe Trouble Comes to Watsonville - Mallory & Linda A Murdock (Josiah, Vin, OFCs)

Muse 7
ATF Universe Could This Date Get Any Worse? - Muse 7 (Seven)
Old West Scars that Bind - LaraMee and The Muse (Chris, Nathan)

Wendy Myers
ATF I Hope You Dance - Wendy Myers (Chris, Buck)

ATF universe Forwarded - Mystdogs (Ezra)
ATF universe A Weak Christmas - Mystdogs (Ezra, Chris)


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