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ATF Universe Alone - Dawnsunrise (Vin)
Old West Clearer Vision - Dawnsunrise (Ezra, Vin)
ATF Universe Comfort and Joy - Dawnsunrise (Vin)
ATF Universe Echoes in the Dark - Dawnsunrise (Vin, Chris)
Old West Universe Lean On Me - Dawnsunrise (Vin)
Old West Mistaken Identity - Dawnsunrise (Ezra, Mary Travis)
ATF The Ties That Bind - Dawnsunrise (Chris, Vin)
ATF Universe O Holy Night - Dawnsunrise (Chris, Vin)
Old West Upon the Midnight Clear - Dawnsunrise (Chris, Vin)
ATF Universe Worth It - Dawnsunrise (Vin, Chris)

Jadzia Dawson

ATF Universe Miracles - Jadzia Dawson (Chris, Ezra, OFC)


ATF Universe Should Have Known Better - Deavon (Vin)
ATF Universe Tragic Miscommunication - Deavon (Vin)


Old West FACETS (Collection) - Deb
Old West That First Step (Casey, Vin)
Old West Doubts and Faith (Nathan, Vin)
Old West Kaleidoscope (Buck, Vin)
Old West Upon This Rock (Josiah, Vin)
Old West A Pride of Lions (Chris)
Old West The Mask Drops (JD, Vin)
Old West Very Funny, Mr. Tanner! (Ezra, Vin)
Old West Words By Heart (Mary, Vin)

Deb Hicks

Old West Universe Such Bold and Bloody Causes - Debra Hicks (Ezra)
Old West Universe To The Swiftest - Deb Hicks (Seven)

Debbi K.

Alternate Universe K-9 - Debbi K (Seven)
Old West with star 'Til Never - Debbi K. (Vin)
Old West Crossover The Man With No Name - Debbi K. (Vin, Chris, ?) (Fistful of Dollars)
Old West Crossover Men In Black - Debbi K. (JD) X-Files
Old West Seven - Debbi K. & Nancy W. (Seven)


ATF Silent Voices - Debby (Ezra, JD)

Debra M.

Old West Boys Will Be Boys - Debra M. (Ezra)
Old West Old Friends, New Enemies - Debra M. (Vin)
Alternate Universe REGENTS (Series) - Debra M. and Monica M.
Alternate Universe Seven Toy Soldiers - Monica M. & Debra M. (Seven)
Alternate Universe Fish Tales and Fathers - Monica M. and Debra M. (Seven)
Alternate Universe A Mother's Worst Fear - Monica M. & Debra M. (Buck)
Alternate Universe What I'm Thankful For - Debra M. & Monica M. (Seven)
Alternate Universe Tidings of Comfort and Joy - Monica M. & Debra M (Seven)
Alternate Universe Dates, Dares and Danger - Debra M. and Monica M. (Seven)
AU Crossover Guys Gone Wild - Debra M. and Monica M. (Seven)
Alternate Universe Bets and Brawling - Debra M. and Monica M. (Seven)

Debra Noellert

ATF Crossover Blood Ties - Debra Noellert (Vin, Martin Fitzgerald) xover "Without a Trace"
AU Crossover The Cub and The Kit - Debra Noellert (Vin, Ezra, JD, Chris, Rafe, Jim, Blair) [xover - The Sentinel]
Alternate Universe Chaos Rising - Debra Noellert (Seven)
ATF Crossover Finding Family - Debra Noellert (Chris, Blair) The Sentinel
Alternate Universe Just the Facts - Debra Noellert (Vin, Ezra, Jim, Blair) Cross over THE SENTINEL
Alternate Universe Losing Adam - Debra Noellert (Chris, JD, Adam)


ATF with Star After the Rain - Deirdre (Vin, JD)
ATF All Hallows' Eve - Deirdre (Seven)
Old West Aurora's Embrace - Deirdre (Vin, Chris, OCs)
Old West The Bad Element - Deirdre (Vin, Chris)
ATF with Star Black Widow - Deirdre (Vin, Ezra)
Old West Carnival of Souls - Deirdre (Vin, Chris, Buck)
Old West Dancing in the Dragon's Lair - Deirdre (Vin, Chris, Buck)
ATF Universe Eye of the Deceiver - Deidre (Vin, Chris, OCs)
Old West Faith - Deirdre (Vin, Chris)
ATF Universe For the Right Price - Deirdre (Vin, Buck)
ATF Universe Gift of the Dove - Deidre (Vin)
ATF Just Smile - Deirdre (Vin, Chris)
ATF Universe Of Mist and Moonlight - Deidre (Vin)
ATF Out of the Shadows - Deirdre (Vin, Chris)
Old West Reap a Bitter Harvest - Deirdre (Vin, Chris)
Old West Red, White and Blue - Deirdre (Vin, Ezra)
ATF Universe The Red Zone - Deidre (Vin, Chris)
Old West A Shining Place Called Hope - Deirdre (Vin, Chris, OC)
Old West Shining With Undying Light - Deidre (Nathan, Vin)
Old West Silent Night, Deadly Night - Deirdre (Vin, Chris)
ATF Universe Song for David - Deirdre (Vin, Josiah)
ATF Universe Through the River of Fire - Deirdre (Vin, Chris, OCs)
ATF Universe Twilight's Last Gleaming - Deidre (Vin)
Split Universe When My Heart Finds Christmas - Deirdre (Vin)
Old West With Eagles Wings - Deirdre (Vin, Chris)
Old West Word - Deidre (Vin, OC)


Alternate Universe Travis Family: Ezra - Demaris (Ezra)
Alternate Universe Travis Family: Getting Even - Demaris (Chris, Buck, Nathan)
Alternate Universe Travis Family: What Three Little Brats Can Do - Demaris (Ezra, Vin, JD)


ATF Angie - Derry (Ezra, OFC)
Old West Causes and Their Effects - Derry (Ezra, Nathan, Buck)
ATF Crossover Certain Sure - Derry (Vin, Archie) Horatio Hornblower
ATF The Darkest Betrayal - Derry (Ezra, OFC)
Old West Enough For Fifty Hopes And Fears - Derry (Ezra, Inez, Maude, OFC)
ATF Family Man - Derry (Ezra, Vin, OCs)
ATF Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Derry & the Immortal (Ezra)
ATF Innocent Blood - Derry (Ezra, OFC)
ATF Just One Punch - Derry (Buck, OFCs)
ATF Literary Woman - Derry (Ezra, OFC)
ATF My Friend is Better than Your Friend - Derry (Ezra, Vin, OCs)
Old West Penitence - Derry (Chris, Vin)
Old West Quit Doin' This! - Derry (Nathan, Ezra)
Alternate Universe Road To Damascus - Derry & TrishA (Seven)
ATF Crossover The Siege of South Park - Derry (Seven) South Park
Old West The Wages of Sin - Derry (Ezra, Inez, OFC)
ATF Why - Derry (Ezra, Chris)

Luna Dey

Old West As the Days Go By - Luna Dey and Lisa S. (Ezra)
Old West with a star Acceptance - Luna Dey (Ezra, Maude)
Old West with star The Bet - Luna Dey (Ezra, Buck)
Old West with star The Bet II - Luna Dey (Ezra, Buck, Chris)
Old West with star The Bet III - Luna Dey (JD, Nathan, Ezra)
Old West with star The Bet IV - Luna Dey (Buck, Vin, Ezra)
Old West with star The Bet VII - Luna Dey (Ezra, Chris, JD)
Old West with star The Bet VIII - Luna Dey (Josiah, Chris, Vin)
Old West with star Chivalry's End - Luna Dey (Ezra, OFC)
Old West A Dream Come True - Luna Dey (Ezra, OFC)
Little Britches ATF EVERYDAY HEROES (Series) - Joy K, et al
Little Britches ATF #8: Adventures in Babysitting - LunaDey (Nathan, Vin, JD)
Las Vegas Universe Fallen Angels - LunaDey and Lisa S (Seven, Inez, Mary, Orin)
ATF Fright Night - Luna Dey (Seven)
Old West with star Honorable Intentions - Luna Dey (JD, Buck, Ezra, Inez, OFC)
Multi Universe with Star JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT... (Collection) - Luna Dey, et. al.
ATF with Star In Sickness and in Health - with Suzy B. (Buck, Nathan)
Old West with star A First Time for Everything - with Suzy B. (Josiah, JD)
Old West with star In Too Deep - with Suzy B. (Nathan, Chris, Vin)
ATF with Star All Washed Up - with Midnight Profit (Buck, JD)
ATF with Star Size Does Matter - with Lady Viper (Casey, Seven)
ATF with Star Lustful Tastes - with Lady Viper (Seven)
ATF with Star Just a Little More - Steelknight (Buck, Ezra, Chris, Vin)
ATF with Star Mornin' Surprise - Lisa S. & Midnight Profit (JD, OFC, Chris)
Old West with star When Push Comes to Shove - Luna Dey & Glori (Mary, Ezra, Chris, Vin)
Old West with star It's All In the Hands - Luna Dey & Glori (Nathan, Buck, Mrs. Potter, Josiah, Ezra)
ATF with Star Dipping - KT (Buck, Nathan, Josiah)
ATF with Star It's All in the Wrist - Lisa (JD, OFC)
ATF with Star It's All in the Wrist (Part Deux) - Lisa & Mary (Ezra, Vin, Nathan)
ATF with Star Just Lick it - with Lisa S (Buck, Inez, Chris, Nathan)
ATF with Star Lunch Delights - Lady Viper & Lisa S (Buck, Ezra, Josiah, JD)
ATF with Star Stakeout - Lisa and Mary (Buck, JD, Chris)
ATF with Star Three-Way Virgin - Luna Dey, Midnight Profit & Lisa S (JD, Vin)
Las Vegas Chronicles AU The Montecito Seven - Luna Dey and Lisa S.
Las Vegas Chronicles AU House Rules - Luna Dey
Las Vegas Chronicles AU Natural Instincts - Luna Dey
Las Vegas Chronicles AU Chances Are - Luna Dey
Little Britches Old West MAGNIFICENT LITTLE BRITCHES (Series) - various authors (Vin, JD)
Little Britches Old West Chinatown - LunaDey
ATF with Star Mexican Sunscreen - Luna Dey (Chris, Ezra)
Las Vegas Universe Never a Dull Moment - Luna Dey and Lisa S (Seven)
ATF No Thinkin' Thing - Luna Dey (Buck, OFC)
ATF Office Politics - Luna Dey (Seven)
ATF She's Beautiful - Luna Dey (JD, OFC)
ATF Universe A Stumble in the Dark - Luna Dey (Chris, Buck, JD)
ATF with Star Taking the Bull by the Horns - Luna Dey (Buck, Ezra, JD)
Little Britches ATF THINGS WE LEARNED...(Series) - Joy K, et. al.
Little Britches ATF 8. Snow Days and Matchbox Cars - LunaDey (Vin, JD, Buck, Ezra, Chris)


ATF Vin on a Limb... o.k. a Ledge - deydeal (Vin)

The Dirty Dozen

ATF Fallen Angels - The Dirty Dozen (Ezra, Vin, JD)


ATF Bucklin Shot the Jukebox - Doc (Buck)
Old West Tragic Mistake - doc (Vin, Chris)

The Drabblin Vinburys

ATF Universe On Vacation - The Drabbling Vinburys (Vin)
ATF Universe Presently Surprised - The Drabbling Vinburys (Vin)
Old West Universe That's Our Vin - The Drabbling Vinburys (Vin)
Old West Universe The Train - The Drabbling Vinburys (Seven)


ATF Close One Door - Dreamer (Casey, Vin, JD)
Old West Heart and Soul - Dreamer (Vin, Casey)
Old West Universe Holding On to the Wind - Dreamer (Mary, Chris)
Old West A Kiss From the Soul - Dreamer (Vin, Casey)
ATF Universe Late Night Visitor - Dreamer (Vin, Casey)
Old West Soul Survivor - Dreamer (Vin, Casey, Ella Gaines)
Video Women of the Wild West - Dreamer (Women of M7) VIDEO
ATF Universe You Drink This Stuff? - Dreamer (Vin, Casey, JD)
Video You Got a Friend - Dreamer (Vin, Chris) VIDEO


Old West Cardsharp - Dreda (Chris, Ezra)
Old West A Friend Indeed - Dreda (Buck, Vin)


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