Magnificent Seven fiction written by fans which feature all of the Seven

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Josiah's Boys Chapter 8: Snowed In - Freespirit ; AU

Josiah's Boys Chapter 7: Home is Where the Heart Is - Freespirit ; AU

And Fifteen Years Later - LaraMee ATF

Josiah's Boys Chapter 6: The New Girls - Freespirit ; AU

Train Ride to Nowhere - Kathy M

Get a Hat - KT ATF

Operation Corndog - KT AU(WWII)

Daemonis Sua - Barb ATF (Sensitive reader warning - violent content)

Ride Forever - GSister

The Town of Lost Souls - Sue M

Fractured - Sue M ATF

I Will Help You - Mitzi (crossover "Kung Fu")

Uninvited Guests - Sue M AU ;

Regret - Mary Ann ATF

; ; ; ; Introduction
; ; ; ; A Warriors Work is Never Done

Deadline - Mary Ann ATF

IN THE YEAR (Series) - Mary Ann AU

Easy as… - Carole

Memories of Christmas Past - Carole

Patrol - Carole

Unanswered Questions - Carole

ATF - set in the present day, where the Seven are agents of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

VS - "virtual season" episode

AU Alternate Universes other than ATF


Accidents Will Happen - JudyL ATF

Acronymity - Judy L

Adding a Little Color - MMW ATF

Advances in Modern Technology - Q'Mar AU

The Adventures of Johnny Castaway - Ruby ATF

Adversaries - Armaita ATF

After Image - KT AU

Afterthoughts - BMP ATF

All Aboard the Seaquest - Tarlan AU ("Seaquest")

All For One - JJJunky

All For One - Suzy B. ATF

All Hallows' Eve - Deirdre ATF

All Hallows Eve - The Neon Gang ATF

All I Want For Christmas... - Silvia and Laurel ATF

All in a Day's Work - Angela B AU (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Universe)

All That Glitters - Deirdre

All Through the Night - Amelia ATF

Allies - Hilary Fox AU ("WWII")

Alone - Jan (POEM)

ALPHAS (Collection) - Nancy W. AU

  1. Found
  2. Incursion
  3. Detained
  4. Journey
  5. Templars
  6. Aztecs
  7. Gunslingers

And a Dollar Short - Saga

And Fifteen Years Later - LaraMee ATF

And Justice for All - Kathy B.

And So This is Christmas - Beth Green AU

An Angel to Watch Over Me (Series) - Texas Aries (Crossover Touched by an Angel)

An Angel's Touch - Linda AU

ANGEL GIRL (Series) - Purple Lacey ATF

Angels Bending Near - Joan Curtin

Anniversary - Sharmini ATF

Another Era's Season - Amelia

Antithesis - Eve

Apollyon - Heather F. ATF

April Fools - CGSL ATF

Are Your Cases Always This Eerie? - Kris (ATF Crossover X-Files)

Astounded - JudyL

ATLANTAN LEGACY (Collection) - Squeakypeep ATF

Aurora's Embrace - Deirdre

Autumn Leaves - Helen Adams AU

Away in the Old West - Sue M


Back Then - Ruby ATF

A Bad Day - Twyla Jane AU (Land of the Lost)

The Bad, the Good and the Ugly - Rowdy Tanner

Bad Moon Rising - Heather F.

This Balance of Time - JIN

Bane - Armaita ATF

The Bare Facts - Sue M AU

Be Thankful for Your Friends - Kari

Bearing the Pain - Angela B AU Crossover Big Valley

Bedeviled! - NotTasha

Before They Were Seven - Sevenstars

Before We Sleep - Raven LB ATF

Beginnings - Kayim AU

BEGINNINGS (Collection) - Wendymypooh AU

Belonging - KT AU

Best Laid Plans - MMW

Best Laid Plans - Strangevisitor (Crossover Supernatural, Smallville)

Best Laid Plans - Sue M AU

Betrayal - Just Kris

Bets and Brawling - Debra M. and Monica M. AU

Better Reading Skills - WahKeetcha

Between Heartbeats - Phyllis

Bicycles - Hombre

The Big Blow - Beth Green AU

The Big Red Bird - Melissa Clegg ATF

Blessings and Gratitude - ReaperWriter ATF

Blind Justice - LaraMee Deux

Blood on Blood - Deirdre

BLOOD BROTHERS (Series) - Yolande AU


Blurred Lines - Mitzi Crossover with "High Chaparral"

Bowling for Dullards - Brate ATF

Bombs and Simple Pleasures - Ace ATF

The Bonds of Brotherhood - MMW ATF

The Box Series - Angela B AU

Braaaains - Helen Adams ATF

The Breakfast Club: M7 Style - Pepper AU (sensitive reader warning due to implied slash)

Breakout - Sasha ATF

Bright Christmas - Beth Green

A Brotherhood is Formed - Wendymypooh (Old West Alternate Universe)

Brothers - Heather F.

Brothers Larabee - Phyllis AU

Bureau 13: Team Larabee (series) - De Engi
1. Comes the Night

By Their Words Shall You Know Them - Beth Green


Call Me Katie - Sue ATF

Calling Sheriff Dolittle - GinaD LB AU

Candied Corn Nightmares - Kerry ATF

Candles of the Wicked - G M Atwater

Candy from Strangers - Hilary Fox ATF

Carnival of Souls - Deirdre

Carpe Diem - Tidia

CASTAWAYS (Series) - Yolande AU

Cataclysm - Brate

Catch Manny - Tipper AU

Cause to Celebrate - Sue M ATF

Celebration - Jeanne

Celebrations Remembered - Jen aka Fastdancr

; ; ; ; Introduction
; ; ; ; A Warriors Work is Never Done

Chain of Seven: How It Began - tannertexaslady

Chaos Rising - Debra Noellert AU

The Chaos That is Family - Meg AU

The Changlings II - Angie AU

The Changlings III - Angie AU

THE CHARMED SEVEN (series) - Lu AU (in progress)


Christmas Delay - LT ATF

Christmas Eve - Megan ATF

Christmas Eve Surprises - Kris

Christmas Lights - Anneack

Christmas Memories - Jan

Christmas Pictures - Wendymypooh AU

Christmas Then, Now and Someday - Jeanne OW / ATF

Christmas Spirit - Beth Green ATF

Christmas Story - Wendymypooh AU

A Christmas Tale - Nadine ATF

Christmas Trappings - Angela B AU

A Christmas Tree - Linda

Christmas With St Thomas - KT ATF

The Citadel - Scribe

A Civil War - Kathi Holmes ATF

The Collector: 7 Parts 7 Thoughts - Amelia

Commandments - Tidia VS

Come From the Heart - Amber F.

Comic Cowboys - Janice

Coming Events Cast Their Shadow Before - Hombre ATF

Coming Home Finally - Angie LB

Coming Together - KT AU

Common Enemy - Xaneth ATF

A Community Service - The Neon Gang ATF

Connected to You - Susie Burton

Connections - Laurel ATF

Conscience - Jenn

Could This Date Get Any Worse? - Muse 7 ATF

Countin' on a Miracle - Chris & rosyvin

Cowboys - Nancy W. ATF

Cowboys and Indians - Xaneth


Cranberries and Biscuits - GinaD. ATF

Criminal Weakness - Armaita ATF

Crosses to Bear - SoDak7

Crossroads - Mitzi

The Crystal City - The Neon Gang (Crossover Stargate SG-1)

The Cure - J. Brooks

Curse of Salem - Robyn

Curse of the Red Nose - Mods ATF

Custos Venatio - JudyL ATF (crossover "The Sentinel", "Stargate SG-1")


Daemonis Sua - Barb ATF (sensitive reader warning - violent content)

Dakota for the Holidays - Kris

Darcy - Sevenstars

Dark Knight in Denver - Jenn ATF Crossover Batman

Dark Times and Broken Friendships - Jackie and Lanna

Darlin' Baby Girl - Ruby ATF

Dates, Dares & Danger - Debra M. and Monica M. AU

Day of the Dead - Lady Chal [Death Fic]

Dead Gray Squirrels - Annie ATF

Dead Man's Hand - Lisa S AU

Deadline - Mary Ann ATF

Death's Letter S - Helen Adams

Decisions - Kim AU

Deck the Loft - Sue M ATF

Definition of Family - Anneack

Deliverance - TJ

The Delivery - Squeakypeep

Deluge - Heather F.

Derailed - KlingonCat ATF

Desolation - Phyllis AU (Seven Investigations)

Destiny - Cin

Destiny's Fire - TexasAries ATF

The Devil Made Me Do It - Tidia ATF

Dictionary Definition - KT ATF

Dig Two Graves - Big Ham ATF

Dinner and a Show - Brate ATF

Dirt and Worms For Dessert - Angela B AU

Discourse on the Sober Life - Hilary Fox ATF

Dog Day Afternoon - KT ATF

A Dollar a Day - Niles Poem

A Dollar a Day - Sue M

A Dollar a Day, Room and Board - Rhiannon

Doom - Tidia ATF

Down Time - Helen

Downtime - Yolande ATF

Downtime - Yolande

Drabbles - Loui ATF

Dramatic License - The Neon Gang ATF

Dropped and Caught - Maeve

Due Seven - GinaD ATF (crossover)

Dulce et Decorum est - Rhicy AU


EARLY DAYS: One Day... - Sue M

The Easter Bunny Cometh - Helen Adams ATF

Easy as… - Carole ;

Editorial Comment - Pat M

ELITE 7 (Series) - SassySouix &Dorkjunkie AU (Presidential Task Force)

EM7 (Series) - Brigitta B. AU
Episode 1 - Blast from the Past
Episode 2
Episode 3 - Fight For Survival
Episode 4 - Give them Hell Boys
Episode 5 - Power is in the Eye of the Beholder
Episode 6 - My Brother's Keeper

EM7: Oh, What a Sport! - Brigitta B. AU

Enter Mary Into the Fold - Tidia ATF

Epidemic - Tarlan

ER - Ice Hunter ATF

ER Saturday - KT AU

Eternal - Rhicy AU

Evolutions - Wendymypooh ; Young Riders crossover AU

Exiled - Jenifer Davis AU

Expense Report - Indra Leigh ATF

The Explorer - J. Brooks

Explosion - Amelia

Everyday Heroes #3: Shields of Honor - KT LB ATF

Ezra's Game - Suzie Starke

Ezra's Final Words - Ms Bagels

Ezra's Missing - Phyllis Loafman AU

Ezra's Secret - Beth Green ATF (crossover)

Ezra's Secret Tapes - Angela B. ATF


Face Value - KT

THE FAIR (Series) - Angie ATF

Fair Days - Angela B AU

Faire Play - Winter ATF VS

Fairy Godfathers - Texas Aries AU

Faith - Sablecain AU (Twister Universe) Sequel to Storm Chasing

Fallen Angels - LunaDey and Lisa S AU

Familiar Faces - Twyla Jane AU

A Family Affair - Kati AU/ATF

FANTASTIC DREAMS (Series) - Lu LB ATF [in progress]

Favorite Things - Helen Adams ATF

Fazers Favors - Beth Green ATF

15 Years Later: When Ella Was Caught - Little Anne ATF

15 Years Older Does NOT Make One Old! - Little Anne ATF

The Fight Goes On - KT ATF

Fight Night - Angela B AU

Find Out Who Your Friends Are - Amber F. ATF (xover "Walker, Texas Ranger" "Dallas")

Finding Home - L C Martin AU

Finding Home - KT LB AU

Finding Wisdom - KT

A "Fine" Bust? – JudyL, Rhiannon, Mariah, Amelia and Mary Ann ATF

Fire Control - Megan AU

Firestorm - Wendymypooh (Old West Alternate Universe)

First Kiss - Scotty Scott

First Meetings - Jenn AU

Fishbait - J Brooks

Fish Tales and Fathers - Monica M. and Debra M. AU

Fishing - Winter ATF

Floods, Mama Cows, and Crocodiles - Heather F. ATF

Fool's Gold and Ashes - Mitzi

For a Good Cause - Heather M ATF

For No Man - LaraMee

Force Protection - Brate AU

Fork in the Road - Beth

Fortune's Expensive Smile - Farad

Founders Day Findings - K Hanna Korossy

Foundlings - Jaye B AU

Four Corners Academy - Meg Tipper AU

Four Coroners - Ice Hunter AU

Fractured - Sue M ATF

French Gold - Amelia ATF

A Friend To Me - Mitzi

Friendship and Anemic Turkeys - Sue M AU


Fright Night - Luna Dey ATF

From Chicago to Four Corners, And Everything in Between - Jen aka Fastdancr

From New Moon To New Moon - MMW

Frontier Fleet - Gil AU


Furies - Hilary Fox


A Game of Chance - Helen Adams

The Games People Play - By Beth aka Midge AU (FBI Files)

Gathering the Flock - KT AU (Lost Lambs Universe)

A Gathering of Lions - G. M. Atwater ATF

Get a Hat - KT ATF

Getting a Piece - C.V. Puerro AU (Blue Ribbon)

Getting There is Half the Fun - Brate ATF

Ghost Bullet - Megan ATF

Ghost Town - LaraMee

Ghost Town - Strangevisitor [Crossover SUPERNATURAL]

Ghosts - Englishspirit

Give 'Til It Hurts - Winter & Nancy ATF

Giving and Receiving - Helen Adams

Giving Thanks - Amelia ATF

Glimpses of Life - Mods (Companion story to Coyote Chronicles)

Going Home - Grey AU

The Good, The Bad, The Soaking-Wet - poyznelf

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly - Sue M (poem)

A Good Secretary is Hard to Find - Gina ATF

Good to Be Home - Sue M AU (MCAT)

Grand Theft Auto - Hombre ATF

Green Eggs and What?? - Cin ATF

Guys Gone Wild - Debra M. and Monica M. AU


Haiku - Antionette (Multiple Universes) [POETRY]

Haiku - Antionette [Poem]

Hair Today - Marian ATF

Halloween Ghost Town - Melissa Clegg ATF

Halloween Memories at the Montecito - Mallory AU

A Handmaiden's Story - Linda T. AU(Star Wars)

Harmony House: Happenings - Twyla Jane AU

The Harvester - Happy Psycho Bunny

Hatchback Hell - JK ATF

Haven - Brate AU

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - Lisa S AU

Hearing Things - Tiffiny ATF

Heaven Sent - Sue M AU

Hell, Hams, Milkshakes, and Mayhem - Heidi ATF

Hellfighters - Lynda AU

Her Beating Heart - Marian Schramm

The Hero of Jofa - Linda T. AU(Star Wars)

The Hero With Seven Faces - Niles Poem

Hiccups - Hombre ATF


His Hero - Lady Standish AU/ATF

Hole in the Wall Gang - Nadine ATF (Sequel to A Home of My Own)

A Holiday Curse - MMW ATF

Home for Christmas - Kati_bugie AU

Home for the Holidays - LaraMee LB

Home from Home - Sue M AU

Home From the Wars - The Neon Gang

Home to Four Corners - atolar

Homecoming - Mods (Companion story to Coyote Chronicles)

Homecoming - Ice Hunter

Home Search - Kati_bugie AU

Hooked - KT ATF

Hope, and Angels' Wings - G.M. Atwater

Horsing Around - Beth Green ATF

Hospitality - Heidi ATF

Hostages of the Heart - LaraMee Deux [In Progress]

Hotel California - Angie ATF

How Four Idjiots Got Baptized - Pat

How the Magnificent Seven Saved Christmas - KT

How the Seven Eat Their Reese's - Monica

How to Get Rid of a Mole - Megan ATF

The Hound of Standishs - Sammy Girl AU

Hypothetical Question - Helen Adams


I Am a Rock - Heidi AU (Dungeons & Dragons universe)

I Will Help You - Mitzi (crossover "Kung Fu")

The Ideal Man - Janice

I HATE (Series) - Lu [in progress]

I Hear Ya Knockin', But'cha Can't Come In - Ruby

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day - Amelia

I'm Game - Amelia ATF

If It Weren't For Bad Luck - Sablecain ATF

If Memory Serves - Heather Hillsden

If You Can't Beat 'em - Winter ATF

Illuminating the Darkness - KT ATF

THE IMMORTAL SEVEN (Collection) - Katherine Highlander

In the Eyes of the Beholder - Peta Collins and Leigh Richards ATF (crossover "Stargate SG-1")

In the Firelight - GSister ATF

Incidental Contact - Carole

Independence Day - Cin ATF

Inkslingers - J. Brooks

Instructions of Life - Candice AU

Insults and Injuries - Beth Green ATF

In the Line of Duty - SoDak7

IN THE YEAR (Series) - Mary Ann AU

The Invasion - Stubby

I Say, There's Seven Men Coming to Town - Calliope Foster

I Will Help You - Mitzi

It All Comes Down To - Tidia

It All Started When - K Hanna Korossy

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear - Amelia ATF

It's How You Ask - JudyL - ATF

It's How You Play the Game - JudyL

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Kim AU

It's Not Easy - KT AU

It’s Raining Men - Alleluia - Squeakypeep ATF

It Was Time - Amelia


Jack's Revenge - A. A. May ATF

Jamestown: Convergence - Sevenstars AU

Jamestown: Horse Thieves - Sevenstars AU

The Jar - Heidi ATF

JD's Diary Trilogy (Series) - Lu ATF

Jingle Seven - Sue M ATF (poem)

JOSIAH'S BOYS - Freespirit AU

  1. The Making of a Family - Freespirit
  2. Coming Together
  3. Founder's Day
  4. Gaining Custody
  5. The Game
  6. The New Girls
  7. Home is Where the Heart Is
  8. Snowed In

Jubal Sanchez - Angie

Jumping Hurdles - Angela B. AU (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Universe)


Jurassic Park IV: Extinction - Jediya AU (in progress)

Just Another Morning - KT AU

Just a Piece in a Jigsaw Puzzle - Julia Verinder

Just Desserts - Wildcard ATF

Just What's Going On Here?? - Cin ATF

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT... (Collection) - Luna Dey, et. al. (Multi-Universe)


K-9 - Debbi K AU

Keeping Things in Perspective - KT ATF

Kidnapped - Armaita ATF

Kidnapped - Lisa S. AU

Killing Time - Joan Curtin

Kiss and Tell - Brenda Lee Jackson (not suitable for all readers)

The Kissing Booth - Marilyn Crawford ATF


La Corrido del Coyote - G.M. Atwater

Land of the Lost - Twyla Jane AU

Lara - Jenn

Larabee's Lepers - LaraMee AU

Larabee's Unit: Winter's End - Kris AU(Search & Rescue)

Last Man Standing - Squeakypeep ATF

Last of the Mohicans: M7 Style - Pepper AU(sensitive reader warning due to violence)

Late Night Visitors - IndigoCat AU

LEGACY (Collection) - Ace ATF

The Legacy: Bad Karma - Leslie AU

Legends - Zentry

Legends Never Die... They Just Mature Like a Fine Wine - Brigitta B

THE LEGEND'S BORN (Series) - Joan Curtin

Lessons Taught - Brate AU

Let the Game Begin - Tiffiny ATF

A Life Less Ordinary - Sue M. AU

Life, Ten Years Later - Tammy

Life's Changes - S. Larabee Tanner ATF

Limp Noodle - Midnight Profit

Little Buck - Angie

LITTLE EZRA (Collection) - Angela B AU

A Little Help From My Friends - Vinsmouse AU

Live to Fight On - mmrrph AU/OW

Livin' La Vida Loca - Willow VIDEO

The Long Journey - KT AU

The Long Walk Home - Sherry, Wendy and Jan AU

Looking Up an Old Friend - Amelia ATF (Crossover "Sons of Anarchy")

Looks Can Be Deceiving - Lisa S AU

Loose Ends - Sue M AU

The Lost Boys - Angie AU

Lost Boys II: A New Beginning - Angie AU

Lost Boys III: Building Slowly - Angie AU

Lost Boys IV: Seven Men Alone - Angie AU

Lost Boys V: Seven Men Alone II - Angie AU

Lost Boys VI: Their First Travis Christmas - Angie AU

Loyalty - Celeste ATF

Loyalty: The Bust - Celeste ATF


M7 T-Shirts - Amber F. Drabble ATF

Magical Cats and Sewer Rats, Part 1 - Mods ATF

Magical Cats and Sewer Rats, Part 2 - Mods ATF

Magnificent - Englishspirit

A Magnificent Fourth - LaraMee ATF

A Magificent Holiday - LaraMee

MAGNIFICENT LITTLE BRITCHES: Ghosts of the Confederacy - LaraMee LB

The Magnificent Pimpernel - Sue D. AU (Scarlet Pimpernel Universe)

The Magnificent Quest - Nettie Roe AU(Dungeons & Dragons)

The Magnificent Seven Characters' Lament - Ruby

The Magnificent Seven Save the Day - Kathy M

Magnificent 7 - Special Response Team - Brate AU

Magnificent 12 Days of Christmas - Sue M (POEM)

Making Their Mark - Sue M AU

The Malevolent Seven - Armaita AU

Mano a Mano - Tidia ATF

Man for Man - Brigitta B

A Man Walks Into a Bar... - BMP ATF

Manifest Destiny - JJJunky

The Marker - Brigitta B

Massacre at Turtle Creek - Sue M

MCAT II: Shades of Gray - Tannertexaslady and Wendymypooh AU

MCAT II: 2. Vision Quest - Tannertexaslady and Wendymypooh AU

MCAT II: 2. Turn The Page - TannerTexasLady AU

MCAT II: 5. Code of Honor - Tannertexaslady with SueM AU

MCAT II: Strength in Solidarity (Series) 6. Purgatory AU

MCAT: Fire and Rain - TannerTexasLady S AU

Measure of a Man - LaraMee Deux

Memories of Christmas Past - Carole ;

Memos - JudyL ATF

Men in Kilts - Squeakypeep

Merry Christmas - Brigitta B

Merry F'ing Christmas - Brate AU

The Messenger - TrishA (Alternate Universe)

Mewwy Chwistmas - Helen Adams

Middle of Nowhere - Amelia

Midnight Hour - Mary Ann ATF

The Mile High City Affair - Sammie ATF Crossover

Miles to Go - Raven LB ATF

Miranda/Starr - Leslie

Misperceptions of Justice and Vindication - Silvia and Laurel ATF

Montezuma's Revenge - J. Brooks ATF

Monthly Rates - K Hanna Korossy

The Morning After: The River continued - Twyla Jane AU (Land of the Lost)

The Move - Lu AU (Police Sons)

Music Hath Charms - Ruby J ATF

Music, Management, and Mayhem - Ace ATF

My Rules - JudyL


Nathan's Benediction - Angela B AU

Needed - Sue M (Poem)

NEGOTIATIONS (Collection) - Sasha AU

Negotiations - Xaneth ATF

Never a Dull Moment - Luna Dey and Lisa S. AU

The New Adventures of Crash and Burn - Heidi AU (FCPD)

THE NEW AGENT (Series) - Kati ATF

New Beginnings - The Neon Gang AU (SG-1 crossover)

New Beginnings - Raul Sanchez AU

A New Beginning - Kim AU

New Crew AU - KT

A New Promise - Grey AU

The Night Before Christmas - Mag 7 Style - Jade Poem

Night Lights - Ace ATF

A Night in the Saloon - Megan

No Longer WANTED - Jenn

No Place For A Lady - Ithildyn

North Pass Ranch: Running Blind - Joy K LB AU

Not Enough - Heidi ATF

Not a Game - Kathy M ATF

Not Just Us - Tidia ATF

Not Much To Do - Estee

Not as They Seem - Yolande

Not on Our Watch - Loui ATF

Nothing Sweeter - Purple Lacey AU

The Nutcracker - AJB ATF


Obsession - Helen Adams ATF

Of Demons and Slayers - Sharmini AU

Of Demons and Slayers: Part 3 - Sharmini AU

Of Fluff and Yoga - Rhicy ATF

Of Mist and Moonlight - Deirdre AU

Office Politics - Luna Dey ATF

Old Foes - KT AU

Old Friends and Enemies - Xaneth Sequel to Common Enemy

Old Friends Return - Linda

On the Eve of St. Valentine - Tiffiny ATF

On Halloween - Sue B.

On the Shoulders of Giants - Julia Verinder

Once Upon a Christmas - Nancy W. ATF

One Big Happy Family? - Purple Lacey AU

One Day in Sector Seven - Nancy W. AU (Star Trek)

One Fine Day - Anneack AU

One Fine Day - Angela B ATF

One of Seven - K Hanna Korossy

Once It's Broken - Sharmini ATF [DEATHFIC]

Open House - Nadine ATF

Operation Corndog - KT AU(WWII)

Other People's Babies - Julia Verinder


"P" is for... - Helen Adams ATF

Par Seven - Winter ATF

Pards - Helen Chavez

Parables - Hilary Fox

The Past is Never Forgotten - Kit

Patrol - Carole ;

Payback - Ace ATF

Peeping Everyone - MMW

The Perfect Place - Estee LB ATF

Personal Ghosts - Magnolia Belle

Peter, Paul and U - Angela B ATF

The Phantom Stallion - Rose

Picnic - LaraMee

Pick a Card, Any Card - JudyL

Pick-Up Man - Hawk50 AU

A Place to Start Over - Angie (AU of Old West)

Point of View - JIN ATF

Positively Beaming - Firefox ATF

The Pot Roast Incident - Amber F. Drabble ATF/AU

Power Ranger Team Seven - MMW AU

A Prayer for the Seven - Atolar

Predators - Armaita ATF

Pre-History - Ryainelf AU

Prey: Evolution - Beth AU

Price of Valor - Winter AU (Soldier of Fortune)

Price Would be Paid - Amelia

The Prisoner - Ace

Prisoner Transport - Heather F

Pro Patria Mori - Rhicy AU

Profiles in Chaos - BMP ATF

Pulling Together - Sue M AU

Pumpkin Tales - MMW LB ATF

Pun Stories (Collection) - Beth Green

Pushing and Pulling - Anneack ATF

Pyrite and Candlelight - Mitzi


Quarantine a la Seven - Judy Seils ATF

Questionable Answers - Estee LB ATF

Questions - SoDak7


Rain - atolar

Rainy Day - Stubby

Raising Funds - KT AU

Ransom, Rum and Rudolph - Lisa S. AU

Reactions - Kim and Joy K AU

Rear Window - J. Brooks

Rebel Dawn - Linda T. AU (Star Wars)

The Rebuilding - Vinsmouse AU

Recertification - Heidi ATF

Reciprocity - Heidi ATF

THE RED GLOVE: Luck of the Irish - Kati AU

THE RED GLOVE: Making a Statement - Kati AU

RED GLOVE: The Price of Mistrust - Kati AU

RED GLOVE: Family Ties - Kati AU

Red Lights and Specials - Heidi ATF

Red, White and Blue - Deirdre

Reflections of a Hostess - Phyllis ATF

Reflections Over Morning Coffee - MMW AU

Regret - Mary Ann ATF

THE REGULATORS: A Group Effort - Sue M AU

Relaxation - Marilyn Crawford ATF

The Reluctant Elves - Mallory AU

Resolutions - Kari

Results and Roses - By Beth ATF

Retaliation - Heidi ATF

Retribution: Seven Style - Heidi ATF

Returning Kitty - Angie AU (Two Blood)

Reunion - KT ATF/AU

Reunion - LT

Reunion - Lyn (15th Anniversary Challenge)

Ride Forever - GSister

Ridin' for the Brand - SoDak7

The Right Choice - Kati ATF

Ripples - Angie ATF

Rising to a Challenge - KT ATF

The River: A Bad Day continues - Twyla Jane AU (Land of the Lost)

Road to Damascus - Derry & TrishA AU

The Road to Galilee - The Neon Gang

Road to Hell - Yolande

Rock and Growl - Amelia ATF

Rockets - ReaperWriter ATF

Rockin' the M7 Christmas Tree - Sue M ATF

Rodeo Daze - Twyla Jane ATF

Roundup at the Lazy L - Sue M ; (Old West Brothers Larabee Universe)

Ruling Day - Angela B. AU (Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Universe)

Rumors - atolar

Running From the Devil - Aislinn Graves



Sanctuary - Anneack AU

Santa Baby - Happy Psycho Bunny

Santa and the Devil - Mog ATF

Santa's Helper - Sharon Hepner ATF

Santa's Seven Elves - Amelia

A Saturday in December - Amber F. Drabble ATF

Say That Again - Limlaith ATF

Scars That Bind - LaraMee Deux & the Muse

A Second Chance - Luckystars

Secret Vices - Tidia ATF

The Sentinel - Aislinn Graves ATF

Settling In - L.C. Martin AU

Seven - Debbi K. & Nancy W.

Seven - Heather F. ATF

Seven - TrishA ATF

7even - Xaneth ATF

SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS (Collection) - Squeakypeep

Seven Dragons - JudyL AU ("Dragonriders of Pern" universe)

The Seven Go Seussical - Lisa (Poem)

The Seven Go to Lunch - LaraMee ATF

Seven Little Peacekeepers - Ness Ayton (Poem)

Seven Men And A Teenage Girl - Ace ATF

Seven Men are Comin' to Town - Sue M Poem

Seven Men - Seven Limericks - KT (Poem)

Seven Orders of Magic: Book of Spells - Candice AU

Seven Orders of Magic: New Enemy - Candice AU

Seven Smooth Stones (Vin's Poem) - SoDak7 (POEM)

Seven Squared - Sharmini ATF

The Seven Tales of Christmas - Robyn

The Seven's Sentinel - JudyL ATF (crossover "The Sentinel")

Seven Toy Soldiers - Monica M. & Debra M. AU

Seven Who Shined - Amelia ATF

The Seventh Stone - Xaneth AU

Shadow - Kathy Teresa (Poem)

Shadow's Grasp - MMW (Poem)

A Shared Past - Bunny AU

The Sharpshooter - Zentry ATF


A Shining Place Called Hope - Deirdre

Showdown - MMW (crossover)

The Siege of South Park - Derry (ATF xover South Park)

Sigh-lent Night - Helen Adams

Silent Night - Amelia (poem)

Silly Little Secret - Turtle ATF

Simple is Best - Cin

Simple Pleasures - Helen Adams ATF

Skating and Beer - Jaye B. ATF

Sky Marshals: Flight 1412 - Sablecain AU (Federal Air Marshalls)

Sleepy Hollow - Robyn

Slayer - Linda T. (Crossover Buffy, The Vampire Slayer)

Slick and Quick - Amelia ATF

Sling - Cobalt (sensitive reader warning)

Slingshot Man - SoDak7

Snapshots (Collection) - Firefox AU

Sneaking Around - Tiffiny ATF

Snow Biehnie and the Seven Whatsis - Sasha ATF

Snowball Fight! - Wolf and Boar (not suitable for all readers)

So Easy to Kill - Midnight Blue

So Easy to Kill - The Cohorts

Solomon's Choice - Marilyn Crawford

Sometimes A Man's Got to Do What a Man's Got To Do - Brigitta B

Song of Chiara - Tidia

Sound and Fury - Doggy ATF

Speak No Evil - Alex K.

Spirit Bay - TexasAries AU

The Spirit of Giving - Andi & Charli AU

The Spirit of a Hero - Mitzi

Spokes in the Wheel - G.M. Atwater

The Sport - JJJunky ATF

Staying Hidden - L C Martin AU

Step Right Up - Greta C. ATF

Still Still Still - Amelia

Stop the Press - Sammie ATF (xover "Without A Trace")

Storm Chasing - Sablecain AU (Twister Universe)

The Stranger - Leslie

The Strangers - Angie Crossover "The Sentinel"

THE STRAYS: - The Neon Gang AU

  1. Expanding the Family
  2. Truth Unfurling
  3. An Unexpected Gift

Street Gang - Thalia AU

Strength of Seven - GinaD AU

Stress Relief - MMW ATF

A Stubby, Furry Tale - Angela Penfold ATF


Subterfuge - Sue M

Sunday Lunch - KT AU

Sunrise - Limlaith

The Supernatural Adventures of Cuervo and the Seven (series) - De Engi
1. The Real Story
2. A Little Help From My Friends
3. A Helping Hand
4. Tuesday in the Office with Gremlins

SURPRISE! - LaraMee Deux ATF

Surviving the First Few Days, Means Answering the Call - Heather M ATF

Sweet Memories - Ace


Take Me Out to the Ballgame - Angie

Take Your Daughter to Work Day - Angie ATF

Tangled Web - Tidia ATF

Team Seven Instructions - KT ATF

Teamwork - Jenn ATF

Teamwork - Sue M AU

Telegrams - Heather F.

Tell Me All Your Thoughts on God - JIN ATF

The Tender Murderer - Julia Verinder

Texas Hold 'Em - Mitzi ATF

Texas Jackalope - Wendymypooh

That Was Then, This is Now - Just Kris (OW-xover "Andromeda")

That's One Way to Get a Date - Anneack AU

That's What Friends are For - Lisa S and Sue M AU

The Telling: Slaughter of the Innocents - TrishA

Thems Are Demons - Heather

There's No Sense in Revenge - Silvia and Laurel ATF

Things that Go Bump in the Night - Jan AU

Things To Be Thankful For - S. Larabee Tanner ATF

This Day - JIN

Three of a Kind - Carole

Three Questions - Helen Adams ATF

Thrills and Spills - Heidi AU Four Corners Police Dept

Through the River of Fire - Deirdre ATF

Thwart and Amend - Kris ATF VS

Tidings of Comfort and Joy - Monica M. & Debra M. AU

Til Dawn - Alex K.

Time After Time - Happy Psycho Bunny ATF

To Better Days Ahead - Helen Adams ATF

To See Ourselves as Others See Us... - Firefox ATF

To The Swiftest - Deb Hicks

To The Very End - Angela B ATF

Tokens of Affection - Sue M ATF

Tom 'Scat' Logan's Story - Heather F.

Tomorrow - Estee ATF/OW

Tour of Duty Seven Style - TexasAries (M7/Tour of Duty Crossover)

Touring Vegas, Seven Style - Angela B ATF

A Town Called Freedom - Sue M

The Town of Lost Souls - Sue M

A Tradition Shared - Sablecain ATF

Traffic Jam - Rhicy ATF

The Train - Heather

The Train - Kris VS

The Train - The Drabbling Vinburys

Train Ride to Nowhere - Kathy M

Transitions - Grey AU (sequel to "A New Promise")

Travails - Joan Curtin

Travelling Companions - LaraMee

Travis Family: Getting Even - Demaris AU

Travis Family: What Three Little Brats Can Do - Demaris AU

Travis' Seven - Sammie AU

Treeline Ranch: Journey's End - Phyllis and Marian LB AU

Tremors: The M7 Version - Setcheti AU

The Trial: A Day in Court - KT ATF

Trials - Heather F.

THE TRIBE (Series) - Ryainelf AU

Trick Or Treat - The Neon Gang ATF

Tricks and Treats - Helen Adams ATF

Trouble A’brewin’ - LT (xover "The Outcasts")

Troubled Times - Daniela Signor AU

Trust - Ace

Twelve Magnificent Days of Christmas - KT (Multi-universe)

Two Shaken Agents - Megan ATF

Typical Friday - Ace ATF

A Typical Saturday - Jan AU


UGCS Rebus Prime-Destination Huine - Twyla Jane AU

UGCS Rebus Prime: Zerks - Twyla Jane AU

Uh Oh! Here Comes Trouble - Karen Shannon Unarmed (Series) - Alex K. ATF

Unanswered Questions - Carole ;

Uncle Darice - Karen Shannon

Unending Brotherhood - Mary Ann

Unexpected Company - Helen Adams ATF

The Unexplained - Ace ATF

Unintentional Trespass - KT AU

Uninvited Guests - Sue M AU

The Union Delegate - KT AU

Us & Them AU - Beth

The Usual Suspects - Seagray


A Valentine's Day Explosion - Ace ATF

Vengeance! - LaraMee Deux

VICTIM/VILLAIN (Series) Pleasure Doing Business - Amanda & Michelle ATF

VICTIM/VILLIAN SERIES: 2 Conflict of Interest - Amanda & Michelle ATF

Village Assignment - KT ATF Sensitive Reader Warning

Vision in Pink - MMW ATF

Visions - K AU [in progress]

A Visit From Saint Buck - Beth Green AU

The Visitors - Melody Byard

Volatile Situations - SoDak7

A Vow Made - Loui ATF


Warlock Blade - TexasAries (AU/Witchblade crossover)

War's a Bloody Game - Julia Verinder AU


Warriors - Angela B AU

Watermarks - Estee AU

We Have Ways of Making You Talk - Heidi ATF

We Were Brothers All - Helen Chavez ATF

A WEIGHT TO BEAR: Buck - Yolande

The Weight of Guilt - Phyllis

Welcome to the Henhouse - Greta C ATF

Western Medicine - Kati

What Could Go Wrong? - Angela B. AU

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas - J. Brooks ATF

What I Did On Summer Vacation - Angie ATF

What Am I Thankful For? - Mallory LV

What Happens in Vegas... - Lisa S. AU

What If? - JudyL

What I'm Thankful For - Debra M & Monica M AU

What We Are - Amelia (Poem)

Whatever Can, Will - Heidi ATF

What's in a Name? - Anneack ATF

When Life Gives You Oranges - NotTasha

What the Hell Happened? - Mary Ann ATF

When the Past Bites - Yolande ATF

When The Rangers Came to Town - K Hanna Korossy (Crossover Bordertown)

Where the Buffalo Roam - Kris VS

Where The Wind Blows (Series) - Beth AKA Midge ATF

Where There's a Will, There's a Dinner - Gina ATF (A Thanksgiving holiday story)

Where Were You? - Deb ATF (deals with the events of 9-11)

Whispers in the Darkness - LaraMee Deux

Whispers of the Wind - Yolande

Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings? - Winnie

Who You Gonna Call? - Brate AU

Why the Janitor Quit - Pat ATF

Why JD Shouldn't Self Medicate - Negolith ATF

Wild Cards - Mods ATF

Wild Fire - Megan AU

WILD THINGS (Series) - Dorkjunkie

Will the Real Vin Tanner... - Carole

Windows of the Soul - Helen Chavez ATF

Withdrawal - KT WWII AU

Witness Enhanced - Jan

Wolf vs. The Seven - Angela B. AU

Wooden Horses - J Brooks AU

A Work of Fiction - Firefox ATF

Work Smart, Not Hard - Lisa S. AU

The World As We Know It - Estee LB AU

Worse than Mary Sue - Tidia



Yankee Blue - Jo Ann

A Year to be Thankful For - Robijean ATF

Yellowstone Park Foundation - Sara AU

You Never Can Tell - Nancy W.

You Only Hurt the One You Love - Judy Freudenthal

Your Home House - LaraMee AU


ZELDA'S SEVEN (Series) - Lu AU (in progress) (Crossover Zelda)

The Zoo - Heather F. ATF

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